Question on augments that are Lore Group, Lore Equip, Lore

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  1. Chuvia New Member

    Return player and need some help on understanding these.

    Lore - this one I understand, if an augment is Lore, it means I can only have one.
    Lore Group - there are augments with different names in the same group, does it mean I can have all of them in my inventory, but can only put one in my gear?
    Lore Equip - there are augments with the same name, so it is kind of like the Lore ones, I can only have one in my gear, but I can have multiple ones in my inventory?

    Thank you.
  2. NameAlreadyInUse #CactusGate

    I think your definitions for Lore and Lore Equip are accurate.

    Lore Group is an optional property that can apply to both Lore and Lore Equip items. Lore Group is used when there are different items that are still mutually exlusive:
    • You can not have more than one "Lore" item of the same Lore Group in your inventory.
    • You can not equip more than one "Lore Equip" item of the same Lore Group, but you can have more than one "Lore Equip" item of the same Lore Group in your inventory.
    Note: Some (many/most) "Lore" and "Lore Equip" items may not have a Lore Group, because they are unique. Lore Group allows the devs to make different but similar items available, which the players must choose from (usually intended for different class roles).
    Lore Equip was recently added, I think, to allow players to craft and trade items that were only intended to be equiped once. It also allows players to keep multiple augs/items in their inventory and to swap them out based on the content they are playing (e.g., to gain different resists). The relevant augs are rare enough that this swapping probably isn't achievable except by the most dedicated farmers.
  3. Chuvia New Member

    Thank you for the answer, so it seems to me as a player, I can have all the items in the same Lore Group in my inventory, and I can equip them all the same time. It may not make sense but it is not prevented by the game.
  4. CrazyLarth Augur

    well maybe the Lore Equip changed it but I expect its a bug