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  1. bral New Member

    Now for ROF anyone have a simple guild on how make new armor. Im lvl 99 and max smithy skill.
    OK a friend made my armor sense moved away, to make the new regal stuff what did i need to do.

    I have the templates from glorious armor are they usable or do i need run quest for new ones?

    OK im a troll
    I have my cultural hammer
    what is the steps in making the armor ?
  2. Crystilla Augur

    There's a few things going on.

    1. You need to be 300 smithing skill (unmodified)
    2. You need to mem all of the books related to RoF smithing which would be found both in Shard's Landing as well as the normal Plane of Knowledge outside-library set of vendors.
    3. Once you have all the right books memmed, go to your cultural forge in your home town and you can actually type in the item and see the recipe in the forge. (Note, if someone has a list of the exact books/scrolls that need to be memmed, please post them to help with this guilde.)
      1. If you do NOT see the recipe, do not go any further. Go back and check point #1 and point #2.
      2. Once you do see the "regal" recipes in the forge, continue to step 4.
    4. You need to make the template first. You can get the name of the item from the components needed in the regal armor lookup - then type in that template name and you'll see which ingredients you need. Most likely corrupted loam will be the more challenging piece to get (scorched ore possibly as well). Rest are basically vendor items. Be prepared for failures at this step (step 4) and the final step (step 6).
    5. Make the template.
    6. Make the armor. You do need to still have "mold for (race) (slot)" like mine might say "mold for dwarven greaves". If you don't have that, you'll have to go back and redo the very early quest at your home town (was this the dreadspire geode one?).

    Symbol Augment
    1. The symbol augs (are tradable so you can buy them from any tradeskiller) DO require the person making them to do an expansion specific quest. This particular quest was killing 40 grendlaens + 6 impressions in Shard's Landing and killing 20 dragons + 6 impressions in Breeding Grounds.
      1. You must have the book on you at all times (it's the only way you'll get the random impression updates).
    2. Finish the quest which will give you a book. Follow instructions to turn the book into the actual patterns you'll need for the symbol combines. You can do 1 set of combines or use up the entire book (which will give you 400 patterns for wrists/200 patterns for all other slots).
    3. If you're planning to use smithing, you can ignore this step ... however symbols can also be made via tailoring by anyone with the skill (300 unmodified) so it's worth also memming all the tailoring books when you do point #2 above under armor section. Sometimes ingredients for one method are more plentiful or cheaper than the other.
    4. Buy the vendor specific items. Note, corrupted loam and the ore do make an appearance again with this piece.
    5. Do the combines. This can be done in any forge (does NOT have to be cultural forge like the armor does).
    Purity/Focus Augment
    This one is more complicated so will leave this one for now. Suffice it to say there is a raid version and a group version and very different combines/ingredients needed based on the slot, the focus you want, etc.
  3. Tegila Augur

    the darkhollow geode is for the purity/focus aug not hte armor. the dude in your hometown taht gives the transcendent task also gives the cultural armor task, takes 20minutes if that all low level mobs. the armor task is good forever, the aug tasks (transcendent) must be repeated each year for the newer level augs, and the large darkhollow geode (seal patterns) lasts until you run out then jsut repeat.
  4. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Books to Scribe
    Smithing Armor Step XVII
    Regal Troll Cultural Smithing
    Regal Charms
    Smithing Transcendent Cultural Symbols

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