Question about spell messages range in logs.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nadisia, Jun 1, 2020.

  1. Nadisia Augur

    Hi all. ;)
    I've done some research here and there, but haven't found any really positive answer.

    I'm talking about the messages generated by spells or procs (Soandso is consumed by thoughts of terror. , Soandso 's detrimental magic splits with Twincast., etc), and not about the casting messages by PCs (Soandso begins casting XXX) which seem to have a way larger range than the previous ones.

    At this moment, I'm trying to consolidate my boxed teams triggers, but it's frustrating because some of these messages have a really short range, so I'm missing procs and messages pretty often (twincast messages for instance, as they seem to be generated around the caster).

    If I run my log and triggers from my SK, even when she's covered by casters auras (ENC twincast & reiterate auras for instance, or CLR auras) but at max aura range, sometimes, I do miss MAG & WIZ twincast procs messages (procs from claws and chaotic pyroclasm).
    But if I'm running my logs from a caster character, I miss some messages from the melee ones :confused:

    So 2nd question, to boxers : how do you set up your triggers and logs to get everything you want or you need.
    Running 2 or more logs ? (1 from melee + 1 from range).
    It can be really annoying.
    One log on each character? Even more ...

    Side note to devs : can we get a little bit more range for these messages, pretty please? :p
    Even better, a setup value in our confg files to twink this a little bit?

    It's already annoying in the group game, so it's probably worse in raids where people need some sync, even more nowadays with the covenants.

    Thanks in advance for any help, or ninja trick hehe :D