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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Poote, May 21, 2020.

  1. Poote Lorekeeper

    Now this is a serious question i have for Day"Insertnamehere"

    - Do ya'll have an inner office pool similar to i dunno lets call it the Dead Pool. Where ya'll try to out do eachother to see whose patch can cause the most damage per line of code?
    - Is it a 8' x 6' sheet of plywood with post-it notes scattered around with all the various aspects of game, ya'll take turns throwing darts at?
    - Maybe something like the Hunger Games where you pull one male office staffer and one female office staffer and Nerf battle it out between other departments? The victor gets an office trophy and the right to chose what gets patched next?
    - How bout a logistics crew that does nothing but analyze (HAHA said ) excel spreadsheets and collate pie charts.

    And for Dreamweaver specifically.
    - Are you the Adrian Cronauer of the office. The guy that cares about the well being of the players in the trenches but when you pull all the breaking news sheets from the dot-matrix teletypes, have to submit it to 2 twins and they go thru with a red grease pencil and redact all the important stuff only to leave you with stuff you have to improve around?
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  2. dreamweaver Community Manager

    It's such a good thing to see a Good Morning, Vietnam reference.
  3. Drencrom Journeyman

    Is the current patch step something like waiting on a long file copy? Is that why you can funpost during downtime?

    I know, I deserve 9 warnings and a ban. So be it.

    Re-elect Dreamweaver 2020
  4. Poote Lorekeeper

    i hope you approve, because you've done a great job with keeping us informed as best you can. Coming from a 16 yr bitter vet of the game, it's a rare for me to compliment tho sarcastically on the forums.
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  5. dreamweaver Community Manager

    I'm the community manager that's why I can post all the time.
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  6. cadres Elder

    It would be *really* useful to have some vague hint of an ETA
    eg - "at least 3 hours" or "not less than one hour" . That would at least mean we could go and sleep/annoy the cat for an hour or whatever before returning to see what's happening.
    Even if you can't say how long it will be fixed, there's pretty much no job you can't say for sure will take at least x amount of time
  7. dreamweaver Community Manager

    In this case unfortunately I don't even have a vague ETA unfortunately. If I did I would share it. I'm aware that it's frustrating. I/the engineering and ops team are frustrated too.
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  8. Poote Lorekeeper

    So apparently ya'll answered my question, without actually answering this post. i go to load my group to run a mission and by the time i pass the login screen i see "LOCKED" on server select. PROVING THAT Day"insertnamehere" uses the "inner office dead pool" Method.

    Much resepect dreamweaver but yer crew over there needs to work on that server patching tradeskill. Maybe get Ngreth to make a trophy to increase their skill? Getting kinda ridiculous.
  9. Vex32680 New Member

    Dreamweaver it would make me so happy knowing that the hamsters powering the server(s) get rotated every once and a while and only 1 grilled cheese sandwich is cooked on top a month.
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  10. Magneress Elder

    i'd be ok with being a hamster fed grilled cheese, but i would want it more than once a month
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  11. Thundastruk Lorekeeper

  12. Questoften32 Augur

    He's here to help you make it through the proverbial night, I think.
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  13. Vumad Augur

    You do realize that not every employee in a company does the same jobs?

    It's like yelling at the book keeper for being at lunch while your roof is leaking.
  14. Ninelder Augur

    I don't want to add to your frustration, but...

    I cannot think of a worse response to all the returning players(that have come back due to quarantine)than the mess of repeated patches and downtime we have experienced in the last month. This would of been a good chance to get them hooked on EQ again. Instead, you crapped the bed and then set it on fire.

    We have patched once a month for years, why are you all of a sudden so bad at it?

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