Question about Lull spell lines

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  1. Aziuno Augur

    I know Frenzy Radius is proximity aggro distance
    I know Reaction Radius is social aggro distance
    I know that the numerator is the new distance set, and the denominator is the max level for the spells to affect.

    1: Frenzy Radius (10/40)
    2: Reaction Radius (10/40)
    3: Pacify

    It seems that Omens of War spells and beyond, they dropped the Pacify and Frenzy (proximity) off of all lull lines.

    But what does the pacify function of these spells do?
  2. mackal Augur

    Let's look at official names

    SPA 30 is NPC-ReactRange
    SPA 86 is NPC-Help-Radius
    SPA 18 is NPC Aggro

    That didn't help :p
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  3. Bigstomp Augur

    It lowers the assist range temporarily.

    2 mobs standing in proximity to each other. Normally aggro would get both of them. Lull one, tag the other, and it comes alone.
  4. roth Augur

    WAY back when, during PoP, people were using the Harmony spell that Druids and Rangers got to run past a bunch of trash that devs wanted killed during certain PoP raids. Harmony was fairly unique at the time, given that it was an AE, not just a single target spell.

    So they nerfed Harmony (which is what it looks like TC got the spell data from, at a guess) to have a level limit of 40, and introduced a single target spell Harmony of Nature. HoN, and all further spells of that type, were no longer reducing a mob’s aggro radius, only its assist radius. And while I could be mistaken, I don’t think any AE versions were introduced other than Harmonious Arrow a long time later (HA has a slightly different use though).

    So, now, the caster has to stand outside aggro radius, lull/paci (either one is a generally accepted term for casting one of these spells) mobs and pull one out of the pack.

    But who bothers with that anyway? Pull big, pull often, if the tank’s not tanking 8 mobs at a time, puller’s not working hard enough!
  5. Scorrpio Augur

    I remember in days of yore, doing the revamped Cazic-Thule, mob aggro radius was huge, and many places had a mix of undead and live, so just setting foot in a room would bring the whole room running. I discovered that Pacify did not actually need line of sight. I would Bind Sight a rogue and he would go in stealthed and I was able to pacify a couple mobs, so that when rogue drop stealth, he only brought 2-3 instead of 8+...
  6. Wulfhere Augur

    SPA 30 is how close (proximity) you can get to a KOS mob without it attacking you first.

    SPA 86 is how close a mob (B) needs to be to a mob (A) for it to assist mob (A) as it normally would. This is the only effect that remains for most higher level pacify spells after the changes Roth mentions. There is one notable exception (see below).

    SPA 18 prevents a KOS mob from attacking you first, even at point blank distance.

    The only classes that have an ability with all three SPA that works past level 65 are Necromancer and Shadowknight with their Rest the Dead AA lines. Rest the Dead VII works up to level 110 and isn't that ironic?

    [51169/38110] Rest the Dead VII
    Classes: SHD/254 NEC/254
    Skill: Abjuration
    Target: Undead
    Range: 200'
    Resist: Beneficial, Blockable: Yes
    Focusable: Yes
    Casting: 0s
    Duration: 3m+ (30 ticks), Dispelable: Yes
    1: Decrease Aggro Radius to 1 up to level 110
    2: Decrease Social Radius to 1 up to level 110
    3: Pacify
    4: Memory Blur (41% Chance)
    This ability, when activated, reduces the radius that a level 110 or lower undead target will react or attempt to assist its allies down to 1 foot for 3 minutes.
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  7. shiftie Augur

    I miss the old version :/ it made not having self invisi tolerable
  8. snailish Augur

    Can't blame the players for doing what they can, but this is a part of the move away from tactical/thoughtful EQ play vs. "modern" burst/smash combat that pretty much any game has. Burst/smash negates much of the utility toolkit, and then some of us wonder why certain classes "have no role".

    Many little steps. It's really obvious on progression when you have zones that used to support multiple groups now being held perma-dead by a single group that isn't even that elite of players/gear.
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  9. Aziuno Augur

    This is the part I am inquiring about, SPA 18.

    What is the difference between SPA 30 and 18?

    One lowers the proximity for aggro to KOS, and the other just nullifies the proximity for aggro completely?

    I guess I don't see why they would even have a SPA 30 if you have SPA 18 which does the same thing but better.
  10. Wulfhere Augur

    Just the evolution of the usage of the SPA list by the devs I guess. The first Lull spell in the line does not have SPA 18. It seems to be an enable/disable flag vs a distance check. The observable difference is that with SPA 30 you can get too close and still be attacked (range > 0).
  11. McDougal Augur

    Rest The Dead is a great AA.
  12. Wulfhere Augur

    So I just tested Pacify spell in Veksar and SPA 18 doesn't prevent a mob from attacking. I walked up to both live and undead mobs and they attacked when range <=1. I remember long ago being able to walk right over a mob, but not anymore. Never mind.