Question about kunark start

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Lamberduim, Apr 14, 2024.

  1. Lamberduim Elder

    I love making druids and porting and buffing newbs at the start of every TLP. Call me crazy. I usually last a month or two before I quit. Usually right before kunark.

    MY question is. Will people and newbs still want druid buffs and ports during kunark? I'm not sure when traveling gets easier and people don't want druid ports anymore.

    Sorry for the newb question.
  2. xxar Augur

    Yes, ports are still needed and valued during Kunark.
  3. Fizon Augur

    All the way up till pop and wizards become obsolete with the books
  4. Zansobar Augur

    PoP is when the portal books get placed and all demand for ports is gone. But at Luclin you can also port to the main areas in the continents so some demand goes down then too. Luclin is the expansion after Velious so you will have a few months before that occurs, however.

    But with personas there are some ways to move characters around by switching to a different persona, not sure this really impacts ports or not.
  5. Doze Augur

    There will continue to be a demand for ports and TLs.
    Just mainly to different high end locations.
  6. AzzlannOG Elder

    PoP is when ports become mostly meaningless. So there is still a good chunk of time
  7. Lamberduim Elder

    Thanks for the info guys. Guess I'll be making another druid. If you ever need free ports. Msg me.
  8. Doze Augur

    I beg to differ.
    Ports don't become mostly meaningless until the Guild Hall becomes available (with DoN).
  9. Fizon Augur

    So if I understand this post you make a druid every tlp and port people for two months and wait another year? Lol

    And don't mistake me I'm not poking fun. I think it's cool people enjoy this game in their own ways
  10. Lamberduim Elder

    Yep. Server is so full of life during that time. I enjoy camping and leveling, and than porting people and buffing newbs. After a month or two the server dies down a bit. So I lose interest. Probably people are back for the next expansion and the servers full of life again, but I never lasted that long. Also raiding is boring to me. Just non stop buffing and waiting for people to show.
  11. Candystore Augur

    PoP is a bit of anomaly. Ports offer little value in PoP since Plane of Tranquility serves as a hub for every zone, so you can easily get everywhere.

    But ports are valuable again in OOW. Druids get ports to Bloodfields and Wall of Slaughter.

    Running all the way from Dranik's Scar to WoS without ports is a big waste of time. Having a druid in the group who can pick someone up in PoK is way more convenient. Especially since those chimera at the entrance of NC-WoS aggro and people don't tend to notice them before it's too late. Or they decide to run right through the middle of the zone and aggro one of the named Bazu or Chimera. Wouldn't be the first time someone ends up at the group with 30% health with a bunch of chimera training the group.

    Having to wait for someone to run all the way to WoS, and then having them get killed at the entrance, or train the group, is a great way to ruin a group's day. Druid ports avoid this kind of drama.