Question about HDex vs. HSta vs. HAgi

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Boyboi, Jun 20, 2018.

  1. Boyboi Journeyman

    Hi, level 110 monk here.

    As I understand it, HDex is king for most melees in terms of DPS and even some mitigation (parry/riposte). My question is, do I still want to pump everything possible into HDex if I plan on mostly moloing? Right now I'm able to (with some difficulty) clear RoS trash, but it definitely doesn't feel smooth.

    Would I be better off grabbing some HSta augs/HAgi mods to give me some added survivability, or is dumping everything into HDex still the way to go? I really don't plan on doing much raiding, so I'm not *too* concerned with absolutely maxing DPS.

    For type 3 augs, do the various +% to dodge skill augs stack? Would it be a good idea to stack as many of these as possible? Let me know your thoughts on the most effective setup for moloing as much content as possible.

    Thank you!
  2. svann Augur

  3. Rowanoak Elder

    The percent mods to dodge etc, do not stack, only the highest is used, highest dodge mod aug being the one from plane of war judicators
  4. Zhaunil_AB Augur

    Highest counts.

    For the stats:
    Melees want more hDEX and hSTR generally.
    For the group game i feel that hAGI and hSTA are more "worth it", but in the case of hSTA (due to the high thresholds for mod2 points) not "all out". That's because you need 1200, then 1600 to get that mod2-point from hSTA and in between you "only" get the extra HPs from it, whereas from hAGI these thresholds are only like 20points.
  5. Tolzol Elder

    I would stick with HDex. The more dps you have the less tanking you will have to do, plus like you already said Hdex also helps with certain defensives. Unless you were to go all out hSta or hAgi I doubt you would notice that much of a difference in your tanking ability.
  6. AlmarsGuides Augur

    This is one of the most fiercly debated topics in all of EQ so I'll just say what i do and why.

    I focus almost exclusively on HSTA on all of my characters because I like not dying. Most of the augs these days (esp the slot 5s) come with enough Heroic Stats to help you soft cap all you Mod 2/Heroic Mods which means you really don't need to worry too much about soft capping them.

    Warrior is the only class where I don't try to go full Hstam, with him I collect all of the best Hagi, Hstam and Hdex augs from current expansion & then try to mix in Hstam/Hagi as I go backwards in expansions. I use this Warrior when I AE PL in RoS/EoK - he can tank 20 - 30 mobs at a time with all his cooldowns up and he is in a mixture of RoS conflag/EoK Raid gear. I prefer my way of augging because my tank is a darn beast and almost never dies. I have other Sk tanks and Warrior tanks where I do Hdex and Hagi and those tanks die 2 - 3x more than my main tank where I focus on Hagi and Hstam. Just my personal experience but I have convinced a few close friends of augging my way and they noticed a difference too. Hstam = more health = less death.

    Wizards/all other classes I focus entirely 100% on Hstam and fill in the any blanks with hINT/hWIS/hAGI depending on the class. Clerics/Shamans/Druids are the ONLY other classes aside from tanks I ever bother getting HAGI on. Every damage dealing class I use it's about 75% Hstam augs and 35% hINT/hWIS
  7. Boyboi Journeyman

    Thanks for the input guys. Zhaunil, do you mean 1200 HSta or just 1200 Sta total (base + HSta)?

    Still having trouble deciding what to do between the three based on that link.

    I like your strat Almar; one of my main problems at the moment is basically getting one-rounded. I won't be getting hit for very much, things are going smoothly, and then all of a sudden I get popped for 150k in about a second and it's dicey. So I do feel like I should increase my HP pool for when I just get unlucky. Why do you prioritize HAgi over HDex?

    What are other peoples' strats?
  8. Tolzol Elder

    It's 1200 HSta for the mod2's
  9. Ofearl Augur

    just go dex, with the way type 5's are laid out, your other stats will still be good.
  10. p2aa Augur

    As a monk, go HDex. Best stat for DPS, but also in group content Hdex is the king stat because defensive skill (do monk riposte ? at least block will be improved for monk) trigger. If you raid, you won't be assigned as raid add tank so tanking is just no point. Your job is to DPS in raids.
    As for tanks classes imo, even if not the subject of this thread,
    Hdex > Hsta > Hagi for group tanks (because 2 defensive skills fire in group content + DPS boost of Hdex).
    Hsta > Hagi > Hdex for raid tanks.
  11. Cicelee Augur

    My alt monk is in a near identical situation. 1203 hdex, 978 hsta. Max ROS AA defensives. Six ROS raid conflagrant pieces, EOK raid 2hb, rest of gear is ROS group conflagrant or equivalent. Slow proc belt.

    What I have found is that things get dicey tanking if I am not in Earthforce disc. As I have improved offensive AA such as thunderfoot and kick mastery, I have found that trash mobs are around 30% health after Earthforce instead of 45% health left before the AA improvements. So going for more DPS helps with the goal of killing mobs before Earthforce fades.

    I do not know if going to 1200 hsta is going to make or break me tanking. It is a 1% reduction, which means a mob currently hitting me for 22000 will hit me for 21780.

    To me, there are two things that have helped me the most with tanking in ROS:

    1. Earthforce
    2. Bard box

    Otherwise, you are going to have to over gear and over AA in order to tank ROS trash as a monk. And even then, pray to get lucky...
  12. roth Augur

    I’m not a monk, so I don’t have all the answers. HOWEVER -

    Discounting Mod2’s for the moment, two Heroics affect DPS - HSTR, and HDEX. Similarly, two Heroics affect defensive skills - HAGI, HDEX.

    As a solo/molo character, you have two goals in every encounter : kill the mob (high DPS) and survive the effort (defensives). HDEX affects you ability to do BOTH of those things, and is the Heroic you should be stacking - to a point. That point, ultimately, is when you are having a critical hit with each and every attack you launch (outside of any guaranteed crit disc). At that point, start converting excess HDEX into HSTR (recommended), HAGI, or HSTA

    Load up on the slot 5 augs that bump your HDEX the most. Go for AC/HP/HDEX slot 7, 8 augs for your gear. The faster you can kill a mob, the less damage it can do to you, making higher DPS an important survival tool.
  13. Boyboi Journeyman

    Is it possible to crit with every attack? I think I'm around 2.4k dex and am not critting anywhere near each attack.
  14. Riou Augur

    Monks have the lowest base crit rate in the game of the DPS classes, with 0 methods to boost crit rate further like pretty much every other DPS

    So it is something you as a monk will probably ever see :p
  15. Boyboi Journeyman

    Poor monks, no <3 :-(
  16. Weebaaa Augur

    Unfortunately, Shielding isn't a direct 1% off of hits, it removes 1% from the Base damage(commonly referred to DB) , which is basically a mobs minimum hit. so in your example. a mob hitting you for 22000, would probably have a DB of ~5k if it was a group mob, so more likely be shaving off 1% of that 5k, or 50 damage.
    so instead of being hit for 22000, you'd be hit for 21950.'s

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