Question about HD mods commonly used on p99.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Pizzanomicon, Apr 30, 2020.

  1. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Some of the recent HD texture packs people have put out are pretty nice. I was just wondering if anyone had experimented with them on here, obviously the revamped zones won't work, but for everything else did anyone have any issues ?
  2. Protagonist Tank

    Those work on 99 because you never patch. You'd have to reinstall them each time you used the launcher, here, and update them every time there was a major change.
  3. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Yea, that's one thing I had to consider TT. I don't remember there being too many patches during tlps.
  4. Tucoh Augur

    I didn't know p99 put out HD textures, that's pretty cool.

  5. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Honestly screenshots don't really do it justice. They are hella crispy in game, even back when I was only on a 1080p monitor. I actually have all the files right now. I might do some testing this week.
  6. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    That eye patch. :cool:
  7. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Well, I tried it and the patcher catches it no matter what. I'm sure I could set the folder to read only or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  8. Protocol Dragon Defender

    The launcher validates game files every time you launch EQ which is why these and other visual mods aren't user here. That said, you can bypass the launcher to avoid this if you're really set on using HD mods.
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  9. Zinth Augur

    yeah you would have to run "eqgame.exe patchme" unless there really WERE a patch to download, then you could use em
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  10. asmodethenaughty Lorekeeper

    Patch fully up to date, copy the texture across, then run everquest through the program using the patchme command instead of launcher. Would this not work ?
  11. Zinth Augur

    it should, it's not a program, it's just a simple windows shortcut with the patchme command added after the exe
  12. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    Very interesting, would love to see this as an option in the regular client.
  13. ForumBoss Augur

    You should be able to make a batch file that copies them in each time the game patches and have to re run the patcher. You can also get old spell effects by deleting certain spell files too. I'd be curious where to get these and if they work with the updated client.
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  14. Pizzanomicon Augur

    That's a good idea. I'm gonna mess around with it today maybe. Will probably just end up bypassing launcher, honestly for the best anyway xD. I think you can get old spell effects from the titanium client, or someone just has them in a file out there.
  15. Chikkin Augur

    holy wow!

    Please someone get this working, and then confirm what works! :D
  16. KimchiGoddess Augur

    It's too bad that DPG can't just update the textures themselves for live/TLP EQ so we could all consistently get nice, HD textures. Was the game still with SoE when the zone revamping just completely stopped leaving a lot of zones with old graphics or did that happen during the change of hands? Shame things are just left in that half finished state.
  17. Pizzanomicon Augur

    Yea SOE did that whole stupid commonlands/ro etc revamp. I assume they were going to eventually redo the whole vanilla/kunark/velious textures/zones. Well, there are 3 sets of HD textures available for p99, and 3 different singular people updated those textures, so I assume it wasn't painstaking work. No clue though.