Question about end of life of a tlp

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  1. Ebine Augur

    I am Coirnav and it will be coming to an end in July. Just before that you get a coin to move where ever you want or you can wait for the big move and go to Vox. I want to go to a different server with my coin. What will travel with me when I leave to another server with the coin. Does my Overseer and dragon hoard go with me? Or does that only go with my if I move to Vox. Will I have to buy Dragon hoard on the new server I move to? Is there a way to save my Overseer?
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    Overseer and Dragon hoard are account wide options/items so one would assume they go with the account.
  3. Roxas MM Augur

    when we moved from phinny to live, we were told overseer would not copy over, so we all retired all the agents we had and kept those rewards in a bag, and transferred them back to agents when we landed on the new server. We were not at the end of the server though ( but close ).
    also the dragon hoard was not in game yet, so i cant comment on that.
  4. FranktheBank Augur

    When we were transfering off Selo, this was my announcement.


    The house stuff will automatically be crated if you dont, but sometimes it ends up in multiple crates which is really annoying to deal with. I think Dragon's Hoard is supposed to transfer with you, but we had some people lose items and have to petition.
  5. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Overseer doesn't transfer? Freaking oof.
  6. Captain Video Augur

    Dragon's Hoard is maintained on a per character basis. In theory it should all transfer over as-is, but there have been anecdotal tales of failures, so I would advise keeping a record in case a petition becomes necessary. You should only have to buy the dragon's hoard feature once per account, either via expansion purchase or in the Marketplace.

    Overseer data is kept on a per server basis, and its progress applies equally to all characters you have or ever once had on a server. If you have previously done anything with the Overseer on the server you're transferring to, there will be conflicts which their merge script won't attempt to resolve. You do need to retire all agents on your old server before transfer. and then apply the echoes on the new server after transfer. Note that any other characters you already have on the new server would inherit this Overseer status.

    There is also the tradeskill depot to consider; this only applies if you've purchased NoS (since the depot isn't available via Marketplace yet), and if you've stored anything there on the old server. The depot is also kept on a per server basis, which I think means the transfer process would have to crate the contents of the old server depot if you didn't take it all out manually beforehand. I have yet to hear any dev announcement about this, it might not even be coded yet.
  7. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Overseer is server based. Its why you can fun overseer on multiple servers at once on the same account.
  8. SoandsoForumUser Augur

    Sure, but give me an overwrite option or make it the default. Having to deal with acquiring all the calendar event gated agents again is just an awful experience as your reward for sticking with a server until it hits live.
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  9. Hdizzle Augur

    This is a great call out.

    This is a great callout. There's so much attention spend on the beginning of TLPs; lets sprinkle some attention on the end of a TLP once in a while.