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Discussion in 'Zones and Quest Discussion' started by Zaknaffein, Oct 28, 2017.

  1. Zaknaffein Augur

    The second step in this mission: "Talk to one of the Tier`dal that joined the Arisen"
    I have spoken to all of the Dark Elves in the outpost area asking about the Arisen or why they joined, in as many phrases as I could think of, and this has not updated.

    Any hints to what I might be doing wrong would be helpful! I assume ti isn't broken since other people have seemed to progressed past this step in this mission.
  2. Muji Elder

    Theres a DE in Charasis.
  3. 666DPSweDeliver Journeyman

    Every step is completed in overthere except 1 requiring HS and one outside the expansion.
  4. Zaknaffein Augur

    Ya a guildie clued me in on that step being done in howling stones.. which perhaps should be indicated as such in the quest window under the zone column.

    I didn't spawn the DE yet as I got tired of bumbling around trying to track in a Z axis zone with no maps yet, which btw Mercs do not do well in this zone either, because Z axis is awesome. Of course I didn't know it was a spawned mob either till said guildie figured that out too :)

    I shall complete this task later tonight! Anyone can watch me die a lot while I run around randomly in new zones... I mean progress through Beta on my stream when I'm on!

  5. Kinadorm Augur

    I agree this step needs more info provided within the quest description.
  6. Witchking New Member

    What happens when someone else kills your DE in Howling stones another doesn't pop ??
  7. Muji Elder

    When we went to look for DE there were 2 on track i thought. I took it as there's 2 spawns that are on the zone respawn timer. We did the one that's in the west wing at the end there near portal pad to zone in. Did not wait around to see it repop but figured that's how it worked. Did you wait around to see if it does respawn? Trying to think back but is there any instance where you spawn something that's not in the zone your in?
  8. Versifier Elder

    Had problems with this last night. Group zoned in to HS, I scouted through the zone until I found the closest one to the zone in. Actually found 2 of them up. Ran back to zone in, our group plowed to the area where I saw the Tier'Dal and it was no longer up... Ran through entire zone again and 0 Tier'Dal up anywhere.
  9. Lianeb Augur

    they repop from killing trash at least in the west area. there were none up when we did it so we just killed in the west area near the portal and one was part of the second spawn cycle of repop.
  10. Jackr New Member

    Killed for one hour west wing of HS, no Tier'Dal, second step going to be a bottle neck especially when the expansion releases and this quest needs to be done for the quest chain... trash mobs have crazy HPs for a group of 3 110's, and 3 wiz mercs. Spending 2 minutes per trash mob not really good times. lvl 105 toons going to have enough tougher time. Perhaps tune down trash HPs??
  11. CM99games New Member

    We tried to get the Arisen Convert for two days. The first day there were 2-3 up but the other groups down there got the kills, so we killed trash the rest of the night and nothing. The next day we went back to find none up so we started to clear the trash mobs again and got lucky after an hour! We found her near the end of the west wing near the named Admiral ty'lix. The video starts off with us killing the convert, but you can see where she's located. Just stay where we were and hope for the best.

  12. Absor Developer

    Increased the number of converts by a fair amount.

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