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  1. Rhoulicas Augur

    Okay, so this is ridiculous, I and I am sure many people across the world were planning to get on together this weekend and it's not even prime time yet. The server is at max capacity? What does that mean? Why can't a server handle 10,000 people? I have been hearing it can only handle 4000, is this accurate? What is holding you guys back from opening a second server? This is the same problem that happened with the opening of Fippy.
    In just about every zone, there is a 6 box group of a certain guild name, running around. Couldn't you guys have forseen these problems?
    We need a second server, make it seasonal, a copy or a PoP locked server or whatever. There is no fix for the number of people that want to play. I am sure you've already lost a few people unfortunately.
  2. beyrak Augur

    No, make it a TLP that progresses faster than this max nostalgia, without voting. THAT was what people wanted on this very forum for years, but we got stuck with this pig.

    Booting AFK'ers is not the answer. I pay, I should be able to AFK. And people are only going AFK rather than logging because they KNOW THEY WON"T BE ABLE TO GET BACK IN.
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  3. vardune Augur

    yes the booting of AFKer is the stupidest idea they could have come up with. just plain stupid. how about ANOTHER SERVER.
  4. Lennyn Elder

    What people wanted is what we got, a progression server starting with just basic EQ. Expansions unlocked after 6 months AND a vote. Remember the in-game poll? We got what the majority wanted.
  5. Lennyn Elder

    It's not a stupid idea. It's a fantastic idea to get people who AREN'T playing out of the server so people who want to log in and play can do so.

    They probably need another server also.
  6. Rhoulicas Augur

    Yeah I don't really care at this point, I'm content with max nostalgia. Maybe a fast as possible progression server like "the combine" would work great for people like you. A second server would fix a lot of problems. It would create more WORK, but it would grant more subscriptions.
  7. Hateseeker Augur

    We got what the majority of Live players voted for, which is not necessarily reflective of what the vote would have shown had it been limited to actual Ragefire players. And in any event, if a second server is opened, that would be a perfect split - let the hardcores go to the faster server and the casuals remain on max nostalgia.