Quarm Event Ends - New Server Brekt Opens - Tues, Jan 17

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  1. RadarX Community Relations

    Hey all,

    On Tuesday, January 17, 2017 @ 10AM PST the Quarm server event will end. Don’t miss your chance to earn rewards from completing the progression goals from this event server. More details on Quarm rewards can be found in the post here.

    When this event ends, the Quarm server will close and all characters, guilds, fellowships, shared banks, etc will be moved to a new server, Brekt. The Brekt server will be a standard server with a free trade rule set, similar to Firiona Vie. Characters can be transferred to Brekt. Characters can NOT be transferred off of Brekt.

    We’re estimating that it’ll take around six hours to transfer everything from the Quarm server to the new Brekt server, however it’s possible it takes much longer. We’ll keep everyone updated regarding the status of the opening of the Brekt server.

    Thank you for participating on this special event server!
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  2. EQ Dev Augur

    This server move has completed and Brekt has been unlocked.

    Note that free trade and server transfers to Brekt will not be enabled until tomorrow's monthly update has completed.
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