Quarm Closing Jan 17 WTF?!?! Comment your protest here!

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Nightmares, Jan 9, 2017.

  1. Nolrog Augur

    You mean doing exactly what they said they were going to do?


  2. Reht Augur

  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    I agree if the only advance notice was one week that does not seem fair considering the nature of the server and that people starting on it would need time to get through the trials.

    But Daybreak would also have the stats on new player start ups in the expansion so maybe the total number wasn't deemed significant enough require a month. As with many things hard to tell without seeing the data or rationale that went into the decision to give a one week advance notice.
  4. Bobbybick Augur

    Close it down so we can get a new event server sooner!
  5. Bigstomp Augur

    You had months and months.
  6. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I didn't start until mid to late November but I managed to get it done tonight on my main account. Didn't bother with my second account since it would take so long to level to 70 and then try for the trials after that but I will be doing the second event on both once it launches.
  7. lancelove Augur

    Come back to the live side......
  8. Nightmares Augur

    I'll let this end the post.
    The Update I had originally referred to was indeed on either the twitter or tracker. Sorry if that was wrong. A 1 week advanced notice is plain bs, if you do consider the nature of the server. Also Keeping it up for over 3 additional months from original end date was wrong; at least without giving a final date once they announced they were extending. Keeping it open like that was the catch that got a lot of people, and why things turned out like they did.
    Yes, we built a huge community that were helping each other, for no profit to ourselves, to push people through the trials. I must have PL'd 50 people to 70 and did 30 trials over what I had done originally ( trials, and OMM finished before original date). I didn't charge a soul, and only krono I made was before we killed OMM, I used spare PP to buy them, not charging for services.

    Should I have verified the end info better? Maybe. But that's hard to do when there is little to no Customer service or interaction in regards ( we had been asking for over 4 months for that info with not a single word from DBG). So Grasped at straws to help others, for absolutely free, to get them through and get them rewards. And you are gonna blame someone for being nice or kind, using their paid account time to help others? I don't know if I should laugh at your comments or be appalled...
    You can cite all you want the original posts, but there had been plenty of posts asking for clear and concise information that went unanswered by DBG. the Server was literally in a state of Limbo for months due to this. I am glad we were able to pull so many through. a lot more didn't get the chance to finish unfortunately.
    It would have been better to give a 2 week notice, and when players started a new toon ( if first on server) should have been given a update notice ( like those news posts about Teek and stuff you get on normal servers once in a while) so they would have been informed.
    Many a ball had been dropped on this server. However on the other side of the coin, many have to understand this was the very first event server, so things weren't going to be perfect. Like 1 reward if you did group trials, OMM kill, or both... lot of people got slighted once they found that out, and no, there was no indication that was how it was going to work on original postings, or any posting from DBG.
    I am sure they will do better next event, once a lot of the issues get straightened out.
    As for some of the other comments, no need to answer them here, they weren't more than trolling.

    Anyways. Thank you everyone for pulling together and making the Quarm server successful for so many people. I Enjoyed myself and met many nice, knowledgeable, and friendly ( not to mention good natured) people.
    Mors Tenebras
    Quarm Server
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