Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

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  1. Wulfhere Augur

    Yes but and during raids the neighborhood guild portal is locked (a typical raid policy) to the guild banner and the standard hall is often used for non-raid teleports.
  2. CatsPaws Boy, that one flew over your head

    lol I was agreeing with you - no need for but
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  3. Celephane Augur

    right click your spell gems, no one uses the book any more... this idea is a waste of time
  4. MacDubh TABLES!!!

    There should be a search bar added. Trying to find what random category a spell is dropped in can be a pain. For example why is Enchanters Chaotic Puzzlement under direct damage spells? It does no damage and is clearly a mez but not lumped with the rest of them.
  5. Loup Garou De loop de loop

    There were 20 more pages added to the spell books in the patch earlier this year. I think that speaks volumes as to how many players use the spell book this way and how many were asking for more pages. You yourself commented the same opinion then.

    I always use my spell book. You don't. No need to take away something from me because you don't like it. Its not altering your game play.

    I think it was best said by someone:

    EQ has hundreds of things to do and use in the game and just because one player does not see the value in something like what another player does not mean that it is not needed or should be taken out of the game.
  6. Flark New Member

    More than anything else, this game desperately (and I mean desperately) needs an overhaul to inventory/item management. Just to illustrate with an extreme example of a much bigger problem, go remind yourself how tedious it is to deposit or withdraw a large number of items from a guild bank.

    At a minimum there needs to be some kind of mouse cursor drag-and-drop of multiple items at a time. A better system would be to preserve bags and bag space as variables, but eliminate the point-and-click system altogether, in favor of something like e.g. a searchable and categorized menu system.

    These comments apply to augs as well. Auging/de'auging many items at a time is a nightmare.

    It should not be physically painful to play a video game.
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  7. lordbob New Member

    Consolidate activatable AA's please! I don't need 3 AA's that do the same thing with different recast timers. Just make them one with a sensible timer. Also, I would like the option to use symbols for AA hotkeys like the spell bar. Reading small text in the heat of battle sucks. Maybe this just old man complaints but I really hate playing the end game in Everquest because of the multiple hotbars with endless AA's I have to remember, especially defensive AA's designed to save you when the $#!^ hits the fan.
  8. Wulfhere Augur

    Right click the hot button and hold. Assign Icon.
    I like to pick an icon that matches the AA spell effect icon which can often be had by clicking the hypertext in the AA description.
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  9. lordbob New Member

    thank you that's exactly what I wanted.
  10. Evye Augur

    if raids are going to be long.... can we get raid check points?
  11. Zunnoab Augur

    That used to be a thing. In fact I'd say some new raids would have been multiple raids in the past.

    Meldrath is an example of a raid with a check point. I think the last Sepulcher raid is too?
  12. Mluian Journeyman

    Overseer window, after you assign an agent to a quest party make the next down blank "select agent" auto select so you can pick the agent from the list for that one without having to mouse up, click the next unassigned agent slot and then mouse back down to the list of eligible agents.
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  13. Stephen51 Augur

    I am loving the output file of achievements for my toons, but another step would be to use the drop down that is currently in the in-game mail system and use that in the achievement system.

    If you are unfamiliar with the system heres how it works.

    Say you have 8 toons, and you are on Toon number 1. You open the mail window and at top you see the mailbox of Toon 1.
    Left clicking the arrow at the right-hand side of the box and a drop down appears with Toon 1 through 8.
    If you select a different mailbox, say Toon 3, you can look at, read and even send mail from that toon's mailbox without switching over.

    It would more at a glance than the new outputfile is.
  14. SijandiStraightarrow Fold of the Black Talon / Lanys T'vyl

  15. Koveras Elder

    A number of Quality of Life Suggestions I have in mind as I mentioned below.

    Shield-Only Augmentations
    • For All: A new AA Ability called Shield Affinity. This passive ability allows you a chance to trigger your shield's magical effect while Bashing, Blocking, Casting Spells and Songs with Shield. Further ranks will further increase said effect.
    • For Casters, Melee & Priests: Shield Only Augmentations that can trigger effects while Blocking, Bashing (Cleric Only) Casting Spells and Singing Songs (Bard Only) while using a Shield. Casters and Priests for example should have a lesser Sympathetic Effects that have a chance of happening while Blocking and Casting Spells with a Shield. Melees on the other hand should have DPS-effects that trigger while blocking with Shield among aggro reducing abilities.
    • For Tanks: Shield Only Augmentations that have proc effects that trigger while Bashing with Shield. We haven't had this since Soul of The Grandmaster back when Plane of War was finally brought up. Warriors should have a Hate Tap Effect which not only transfers Hate to the Warrior but also have a small portion of that Hate get transferred as Hit Points. For Paladins, they should have a Shield-Only Augmentation that procs Hands of Holy Wrath for the same reason Clerics, Druids and Shamans get Weapons that have said effect (would be awesome if Clerics can also have such an aug for they also Bash as well). For Shadow Knights, a Shield-Only Augmentation that allows them to procs a corrupted version of Hand of Holy Wrath called Hand of Dread Wrath, which dose damage and only a small portion of it gets transferred as Hit Points.
    Casting Specialist Forte: This passive ability allows you advanced a 2nd arcane school of your choosing by 80 points, the 2nd rank will allow you to improve the 3rd arcane school of your choosing by 60 points, the 4th rank will improve the 4th arcane school of your choosing by 40 points and the 5th rank will improve a 5th arcane school of your choosing by 20 points. (This AA will effectively replace Secondary Forte if this happens)
    Companion's Bond AA (For all pet users): When enabled, this ability allows most of your clickie self buffs to also affect your summoned companion.
    Quick Buff & Quick Damage should all be merged in a single AA Ability called Quick Casting. Bards in turn should also have an AA Ability called Quick Singing.
    Quick Click AA: This passive ability allows you to use your clickie effects with a casting time more quickly the moment you activate their effects by 50%. This excludes clickie effects that can already happen at an instant.
    Pocket Companion AA (Beastlords, Magicians & Necromancers): This ability allows you to keep a summoned companion in your pocket that can remain with its current buffs and equipment even after your death. An additional rank allows you to keep your secondary companion via Suspend Companion even after your death as well.
    Saint's Unity AA should have two versions: The Azia Version for the Vow line that doesn't further increase hate and the Beza for the Vow line that dose further increase hate. (No Vow Line of spells shouldn't ever decrease the Cleric's healing effects at all for obvious reasons).
    Staff Block should be changed to Two Handed Weapon Block. Furthermore, said AA should also pose a chance to defensively proc Sympathetic Effects from said equipped Two-Handed Weapon if any. Most importantly, Tanks & Melee should also have ranks in said AA, albeit the fact there chances of actually blocking with Two Handed Weapons should be far lower then blocking with a Shield via Shield Block AA.
    That's all I have in mind for now.
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  16. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Gate colapses stop happening after a set amount of time the same as fizzles.

    It is stupid that level 5 gate spells colapse at level 120.
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  17. Oscig Elder

    Make gates collapse more frequently and teleport you to random locations. Because it would be fun.