Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

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  1. svann Augur

    Sometimes I edit a map file using notepad (such as changing all the map line colors) and then I want to see the changes I made in game so I hit the button "reset map to current zone". But instead of reloading the map from file it first saves the current map to file, undoing all the changes I just made. I can avoid that by changing the file properties to read only, but I shouldnt have to do that. If I wanted eq to save current map to file there is a button for that so there is no need for the game to assume I wanted to do it. EQ should only save current map to file when I zone, logout, or if I hit the save map button, and not when I hit the reload map button.
  2. Voktar Journeyman

    1. A minimap like EQ2 has should be nice, or at least allow multiple instances of the Map Window so it can be worked by the Custom UI authors.
    2. 90% of graphical UI elements are hardcoded, you can only change some graphics, elements or possitions. UI system needs to be reworked to work in a much more customizable way.
    3. Better integration with 4K monitors. Interface needs to be scalable.
    4. Allow the game to run in full screen borderless windowed mode.
    5. Allow key press broadcasting to reach other running EQ game instances.
    6. Rework the Default UI!!! Sorry but the current one looks like $h1$#! You have plenty of examples out there of beautifull interfaces.
  3. Zinth Augur

    we used to have REAL raids... 72man... your "half size" IS the 54man now ;-)
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  4. Zinth Augur

    Just buy the biggest one = problem solved
  5. Pikollo Augur

    Make fun fluff items like illusions, mounts, familiars etc serverwide or change the keyring to serverwide. Since illusion/mount buffs (would have to block familiar mounts) are already blocked on TLP's this shouldn't be a huge issue for new TLP's. It would create more flavor in the TLP's. It would also make TLP's a little more fun.

    I have items on live that you simply cannot get anymore (that I have seen in the last year). Everyone runs around TLP's with the same illusions because there's not a huge variety. It would be nice to use some of this LoN or Beta stuff on TLP's to make them a little more fun.
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  6. Angahran Augur

    There is a trick to get EQ to accept edits.
    1. In the map window change so that it is displaying anything other than the map you want to edit.
    2. Make your changes in notepad.
    3. Close map window and reopen (may possibly just need to reset to current zone).

    Basically. if EQ has the file you are editing 'active' it won't accept any changes.
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  7. Angahran Augur

    So, for #4 and #5 the EQ Devs need to talk to the guys developing [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] and ask how they do it :p
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  8. Nadisia Augur

    Something I'd really love to see in game :
    A way to initiate trades by clicking on the HP bars (Party window, Target window, and why not extended target windows) for PCs, NPCs, and pets.

    Sometimes, it's a pain to give weapons to pets by clicking on the pets directly (special mention to chanter pets)
    And it's about as painful for trading with the «punching ball races» aka. gnomes, halflings, even dwarves, in the middle of a group of big ones.

    A simple pick and click on HP bars would be way easier.
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  9. Dre. Augur

    Fizzles could provide a normal skillup chance for casting skills. This is particularly traumatic for young Bards trying to work their Brass skill, where button-mashing will literally never produce a skillup, and /melo forces the song to be re-sung (mass fizzle once it goes off)

    For mana casters, if I'm going to fizzle away half my mana bar trying to cast a spell, it'd be nice to get something out of it. Also provides reason to cast current-level spells for training spell skills.
  10. Emilari UI Designer

    I would love to see the code for the Group Master Looter be updated to support artwork (custom or not) to have a little icon for the group master looter, like we have for the Tank, Assist, Puller, and Mark NPC.

    To illustrate, here's some code from EQUI_Animations.xml and EQUI_GroupWindow.xml :

    <TextureInfo item="grouprole.tga">
    <Ui2DAnimation item="A_Tank">
    <Button item="GW_GroupRoleTank1">
    The texture info is where the images for the other icons I mentioned above are located. The Animation is telling me where the specific pixels I want for my icon are, and the Button item is the thing that makes the icon show up, or disappear when the role is assigned (either from the player or group window).

    I can create the texture and animation myself currently, no issues - but the back end isn't supporting the Button Item for the "Master Looter" role, making it impossible for custom UI creators to add an icon for the role if they so choose. This is driving my OCD nuts, and I'm sure it's bothered other custom UI authors over the years.

    That would be support for the following Button Items (and Decal):

    I love you code team. Pretty please with cookies on top will you make my life better? ;):D
  11. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    I'd like to see the assist raid working properly again. Without having to reset it everything we zone or MA dies
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  12. svann Augur

    Id like there to be an indicator on our name to show that we have invis to undead similar to how it shows when we are invis.
    (Svann) = invis
    [Svann] = IVU
    [(Svann)] = both
  13. Cacky Elder

    The player information window flashes red when attack is on. I would like the player information window to flash some other color when autofire is on. Sometimes in all the lag and spam generated by a raid fight, it is difficult to tell if I'm shooting arrows or not.
  14. Winnowyl Suffering is optional.

    Or {Svann} for both. And have SoS show that one, too.
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  15. Gorehammer Lorekeeper

    Add a new drop-down filter to all search windows, housing item lists, guild banks, etc. that will hide "claimed Collectibles" to make for easier collecting. A second filter could be useful that does the opposite, showing only claimed collectibles, to make for easier off-loading from that character. (Additionally, the "Show only items I can use" button could be added to search windows as either a button or a drop-down, with claimed Collectibles being hidden when the button is active)

    Please click "Like" if you would enjoy having this feature.
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  16. Zuchero Journeyman

    Hi everyone.
    I just finished TBL prog last night with the help of a great enchanter who was nice enough to bring me throught all of it after i been out at TBL time. And when i finished the Plane of smoke merc tasks SURPRISE i get a new carpet to ride on. I havent checked so i didnt see that reward coming on ..i was mainly doing it all for the Jann's veil and to play that content as well. But now i got both and i think they should be fit to use together. That Jann's veil illusion riding on this magic carpet. (Hell yeah!! said the tank!! even if they wont use it) .Cause now i travel and have to remove one to use the other.
    Both being rewards at the end of a long run in the same expac.
    Have fun and stay safe.
  17. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    I love how you can put a container on your cursor and alt-click another bag to dump everything from first to second. It would be great to extend this to the 'autobank' button, so I could take my 20 slot tradeskill bag of various ore, loam, silks, powders and dump it into my bank letting it sort into my already separated bank bags.
  18. ForumBoss Augur

    Make all solo tasks able to be done as a group if grouped at the time of requesting. Doing the same pick up, hails, kills 6x serially really kills the desire to do progression whether boxing or grouped.
  19. Natal Augur

    I want gnomes dead.
  20. kroag New Member

    Would be nice to see a vendor perhaps like the one they used to store the Seeds of Destruction quest stuff in the lobby where you can put Trade skill stuff only on there to store for later use if making extra trade skill tabs in the bank is too hard, but some sort of quality of life for tradeskill stuff since its becoming bigger.
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