Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Druid and Wizard AA.

    Tranquil Transportation - Converts your next Translocate/Zephyr Spell cast from a single target to a point blank area of effect spell.

    Quick Evacuation AA - Update this AA or add more ranks that will hasten Zephyrs and Translocates.
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  2. Dre. Altoholic

    It'd be cool to be able to use gear and augs I looted and used a decade and 30 levels ago.
  3. eqgamer Augur

    Has likely been said but I'd like to see fellowship insignia's cool down timer reduced. Or an opportunity to reduce it. That's not asking for too much I don't think.
  4. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If they do this they should also remove binding restrictions in any non-instanced zone.

    It’s pretty enraging that any old three-boxes can drop a campfire and port to almost anywhere in game every 15 minutes. Yet classes with port spells and AAs can’t port to half of these locations because of old Bind restrictions.

    Or better yet do that and let a solo player drop a campfire.
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  5. Daedly Augur

    Make a stackable, of 100, item that is bought for 5aa each. Then make glyphs use those as reagents that correspond with each ranks cost. This would make it so we can store more glyph experience, only one new item would need to added to the game, and enforce the level requirements of the AA itself.
  6. Angahran Augur

    Why not just let you purchase more than one glyph ?
  7. Daedly Augur

    I assumed, since it wasn't done already, that it was too hard for them to do. So I attempted to come up with a different way.
  8. Daedly Augur

    Replace the bar timer in the Discipline window with actual numbers, or at least add numbers to it. Right now, that visual representation is not a good measure of time left on the Disc.
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  9. enclee Augur

    Please add the expansion currency back as a reward on all quests. It’s terrible that it’s limited to only 4 missions. There’s no reason to ever repeat any quests. They’re basically wasted development time.
  10. svann Augur

    Make mob summon be a spell that is resistable. No way a mob 29 levels under me should be able to summon me 100% of the time. It can be hard to resist for mobs green and up, but easily resistable for grey.
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  11. quseio Augur

    returning veteran here, a tutorial for the ui or a option to easily not use the advanced loot button its just cumbersome,a few more portals in pok, remove the buff stalling aura from the entire gl and make a new side room with that aura in so i can walk through the lobby without lag or bumping into someone, remove more of the ftp restrictions but add some sort of penalty like maybe you get to choose to earn less exp per kill or whatever, or get less plat. . > Give freeport and tyhe other cities life again quests every expansion for the new expansion like i neeed 50 velium steeeel to make new armor for the freeport millitia, . a New updated arena quest Test to destruction it would be like the last one , BUT you can keep advanceing after you max out the charm or whatever and you get some sort of prize at the end of the month based on how high on the leaderboard you are
  12. Szilent Augur

    hehe, if if could be reflected then the mob would summon itself to YOU. that'd be funny
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  13. Stephen51 Augur

    Either reduce the cost of type 3 augs or make them removable by aug distillers available on in game merchants for plat (say XXI). I understand many have hoarded plat and have a lot, but the cost of armour, player made TS items and is starting to cost a lot especially if you have alt characters, which the game actively encourages (you get 8 slots). The shelf life of type 5's is only be an expansion or two and if you get gear upgrades within the expansion, it really jacks up the price.
  14. Angahran Augur

    My number one wish....
    When pulling a mob to a camp PLEASE fix it so it doesn't ALWAYS stop exactly outside our melee range yet somehow manages to hit us!
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  15. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Why should it want to get hit? If it can hit you without getting hit back, that seems like a rather smart thing! Don;t tell me that if you could do a similar thing you wouldn't do it every time...
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  16. ShadowMan Augur

    But but if players do that its considered an exploit and would result in a ban! I was warned in the past for doing the "smart thing".
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  17. Password1234 Augur

    The thing is when the mob instantly hits you out of their melee range and summons you, which results in the main tank getting summoned 100x more often than healers or other casters. I don't think that was the intended purpose of summoning; my mage rarely gets summoned when nuking from a distance, while my monk and sk get summoned every couple of fights because it's apparently easier for mobs to summon someone in melee range than take a half step forward.
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  18. Devincean New Member

    My number 1 wish would be a number squish get things back down to a reasonable number for hp/dmg so that the ramp up isn't such a leap at times.
  19. svann Augur

    Ive always thought it odd that while a mob is trying to bite my face off he still remains out of range of my sword.
  20. Buri Augur

    Also, a lot of that's up to your puller. As a bard that many people consider an expert at it, I try to position myself a few feet behind the tank's back when I'm bringing a mob in. The mob is going to come to the edge of my range, which puts it right in front of the tank.
    Of course, pullers get hit by mobs when they're 20 feet away from us, so that's kind of the same complaint.