Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. enclee Augur

    Cloudy Potions stack to 100

    Command Lines to make Hot Keys
    • -Mercenary Suspend/Unsuspend
    • -Loot All
    • -Extended Target Window Load Set (like how spell books can /mem <Spell set name>)
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  2. ShadowMan Augur

    There are a few options that should be considered seeing that its an easy fix and its a current issue for some classes. Necromancers for example have 16 current slot 3's in RoS(that is not a prior design team issue) and thats before you factor in Eyes of Life and Decay, Stone of Judgement, possibly tears of alaris or wanting to use best of the best prior versions.

    But the current stance on evolves and slot 3's is BS when it singles out 1-3 classes and they are told "tradeoff". When those class(es) already get less return on normal stats than others who had "adjustments" made on their behalves when they lost nothing except the items working a bit differently than normal aka with charms and purity(and now possibly + frenzy, backstab, kick, etc at a later date).
  3. tyrantula Elder

    Someone pointed out a buff bot - while it would be nice, may be slightly overpowered.

    Maybe having shaman pots allowing you to cast the rank one version of whichever buffs? Have an ingredient that only that class can do?

    Enchanter buffs require enchanted dust
    Shaman buffs require imbued dust
    Cleric buffs require imbued dust
    Ranger buffs require ????
    Beastlord buffs require ????
    etc for whichever classes

    All I'm saying, is it would be nice to implement some sort of buff system using pots.
  4. Kidiani New Member

    Not gonna read all the posts because I have better things to do. Didn't even read the entire first post :p

    But enchanter merc mezzing? Why on earth would you want something that needs coordination automated?

    Also so many of the changes have spoiled us. I remember having to figure this out, not be handed to you. Just my worthless opinion.
  5. Balthozzar Lorekeeper

    Just a few days ago, I had read through the whole thing and then wrote up a summary of most of the ideas and suggestions people offered. It is on page 71. ;) I didn't start a new post, since it was suggested that this one be locked first. If a mod would lock this one, then I can copy and paste my summary into a new post. I'm not sure if they will, but it is a suggestion.
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  6. Metanis Augur

    Thank you for taking the time to do that.

    I'd like to add one more item to this list...

    After 20 years it would be really helpful if they would post an Official and Complete list and explanation of all the possible settings in the eqclient.ini file. Fanra's site is pretty awesome but it's not complete and I don't think there has ever been any official listing.
  7. Ezbro Journeyman

    I'd like to propose a challenge to the developers: Rid the game of need for multibind keys. IMO they are indicators that something is wrong with the gameplay design.
  8. RustyOfOz Apprentice

    My wish is to have the raid management tools improved. The raid window is very clumsy to use (constantly locking and unlocking the raid).
    A little more time before raid chests expire. 30 minutes is sometimes barely enough.
    Automatically attempt to add raid groups 1 to 9 to the raid DZ. Players in higher group numbers can remain in the raid but would not be DZ added. This could save a lot of time.
    A group leader "We are ready" button to notify the raid leader.

    A mobile phone app that acts like a marketplace for items being sold by offline traders.
  9. svann Augur

    I agree that button-mashing-multibind is bad design for the game. IMO in any game you should be choosing every move you make, not preprogramming it. Maybe they could take that out and change to 1 skill queuing like several other games have. IDK, might have to also further reduce the number of skills. Before someone says "reduction of skills is bad", Ill point out that you could have 100 skills but if you are only pushing 1 button then that multitude of skills doesnt really add variety.
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  10. Rasper Helpdesk Elder

    UI request.

    Since /con now gives the exact level of your target, how about an "EQType" code so we can add that to our target window display.
  11. Brohg Augur

    So I don't know what that you're talking about is, but ooooo, I WANT /qcast #

    Like, a command to "cast this spell next" so's we don't have to hammer buttons 20 times a second to not lose productivity on a caster. We can already make a keybind for /stopcast, but probably a /qcast command would have to come with a new visual showing the queue
  12. svann Augur

    Queuing means you can hit the next spell/ability while the global cooldown is going, and it will fire as soon as the global cooldown finishes. That way no lost time in between one action and the next.
  13. Brohg Augur

    EQ abilities don't have those cooldowns, though, besides spells. Restructuring all combat attacks as spells is certainly one way to make a game, but it would be a pretty fundamental change to EQ
  14. Balthozzar Lorekeeper

    This is true. Coding in a spell/ability queue might be problematic.

    Perhaps improving the way macros work would be sufficient. I've been trying that rather than using keybinding. Unless I'm missing something, everything you set in Options is global for all characters, right? Or is there a way for each character to have its own Options setup?
  15. Balthozzar Lorekeeper

    Something else that has been on my mind that I'd like to see as a QoL improvement, either in the next expansion or added to point vendors in TDS through RoS, is more variety of augs for Primary, Secondary, Range, and Charm slots.

    Unless I'm searching out of date databases, there is one type 7 aug for Charm slots that has more than 15 AC on it besides a couple that are only available during the Anniversary events. (Stone of the Landing - 42 AC, 250 HP/MANA, etc.) It is similarly thin for type 7 augs that fit in the weapon slots.

    In general, I'm having a hard time upgrading my type 7 augs for all slots on my 110 Warrior. It's either camp a specific named, do a long series of quests and missions for an Achievement, wait for the Anniversary to come around again (I was too busy with work to do more than restock my traders with tradeskill stuff this year.), or raid. None of these options have really worked for me as a casual player. The augs I do have are either crafted ones (Conflagrant) or ones from CotF bought with Marks of Valor. The CotF ones are pretty out of date at lvl 110.

    That's what I miss about doing CotF HAs now that I've leveled past them. Being able to build up the currency to buy useful gear instead of camping it and getting lucky drops was nice. (Btw, I always did a variety of HAs, particularly the Clayton Teek bonus ones, rather than grinding out Gribbles.)
  16. Angahran Augur

    You are assuming that anyone at DBG actually knows what all the configuration options are and do or that anyone bothered to document them :p
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  17. Allayna Augur

    A fundamental revamp to the mob debuff system...

    This effects every raider from every tier of raiding across EQ. It should be a priority before adding in new abilities etc that rapidly debuff lock a mob.
  18. yepmetoo Augur

    Can they give mobs a "song" buff window where non-dmg effects go, leaving only dmg effects on the main window?
  19. Brohg Augur

    in the "pipe dream" category since older content is rarely addressed, I still wish for Cleansing Steam Satchel to appear for 1000 coins on the Broken Mirror Raid Vendor
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  20. Angahran Augur

    Blockspell blacklist/whitelist.
    e.g. block all illusions, then 'whitelist' the one or two you actually want.
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