Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Rasper Helpdesk Elder

    I'd like an option to get an email or text when my offline mode vendor makes a sale. My idea would be something like when someone makes a purchase it sets a 15 minute timer, when the timer is up it sends the email/text with a summary of all sales in that 15 minute window then empties the queue. That way if JimBob buys 200 spider silk from you one at a time you don't get 200 emails/texts, just one per 15 minutes with all the sales.
  2. Brohg Augur

    I'd like to click or right-click on folks names in the Guild & Fellowship windows (and also in /who output? other things?) to do the things that context menu in the chat window does Tell/Target/Invite/etc
  3. Brohg Augur

    This one's magician-specific - I'd like if Volley of Many reported a full resist when it deals 0 damage (due to there being no pets on the mob's hate list, or mob not having a hate list). Or just reported 0 damage, like how heals report 0 healing when the target is full hps?
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  4. Sancus Augur

    I'd love Volley-specific messaging, although I'm unsure that it's feasible. Before the changes to it in EoK you could count how many lines of damage you were actually getting from it if you took the time to; now there's no good way to figure out the line you're getting (if any). Ideally it would report the line # (or the # of pets), or 0 damage/0 lines in the event it does nothing.

    I'd also like it to work against targets that have no hate list, like bone burners, piles of haunted bone, etc. Again, not sure the feasibility, but a wish/dream nonetheless.
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  5. Brohg Augur

    I don't mind some conditionality in powerful effects (why I support un-nerfing Wildmagic for wizards, for instance), I just want a clearer "womp womp" when it's messed up in this case. Currently there has to be this Whole Conversation with any magician that doesn't peruse parses (and some that do) , and also any that hasn't raided. I'd say that even better would be a "target is immune" reset on the spell, but it does still have to be cast on something to proc Theft of Essence.
  6. Balthozzar Elder

    As a teacher, I've had some time since school let out. So, I got a little obsessed and read through all 71 pages and took some notes as I did it. I skipped most class-specific issues, at least if they have more to do with class balance than QoL. I also filtered out things that Ngreth definitely said no to or that otherwise just aren't going to happen, and, naturally, my own opinions affected what I wrote down as well, though I tried to be complete. I figured that at this point, a summary of some kind would be good so that the discussion could continue without as many duplicates.

    My question is then: Would people rather I list everything in this thread, or start a new one?
  7. Angahran Augur

    I'd say put it here, that way everything stays in the one post and doesn't get scattered across the forums.
  8. Brohg Augur

    If you can get a mod to lock this thread? then a new one with that summary and without the "gimme power/stuff please" would be super. If you can't get this one locked, then starting a new one ain't really a thing
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  9. Balthozzar Elder

    You're right. I think it would be best if a mod were to lock this one before a new one is created. I'll go ahead and put my summary here, just in case they don't lock it. I or someone else can then copy/paste it into a new post if it does get locked.
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  10. Balthozzar Elder

    This will take a little while, since I should organize what I've got before posting it.

    [edited out a question I answered on my own]
  11. Balthozzar Elder

    As I said in a previous post to this thread, I went through all 71 pages and took notes on what people were suggesting. My purpose here is to consolidate the common requests and what I feel were the best/most doable ideas. I hope that any devs following this thread can use this to see if they missed anything, and that players that have ideas or suggestions can use it to avoid duplicates.

    I felt that the spirit of the original post was to come up with things that would enhance the overall experience in the game, rather than make suggestions about class balance and things that would be better left in separate threads or forums. I left out requests that a dev explicitly said no to, like expanding fellowships. But I did include things that people requested that I felt it unlikely that they would say yes to, because you never know.

    I have tried to group the suggestions and ideas together in an organized way. Please accept my apologies that I didn’t give credit if you were the one to first post an idea listed here. I didn’t include in my notes the first to post an idea. Also, I am putting these ideas in my own words. So, naturally, they will reflect my point of view at least to some extent. Further discussion of these ideas is still encouraged if people have opinions on them.

    Here is a summary of what people would like to see happen to improve their EQ experience:


    1. Have Franklin Teek offer to port you to the hot zone that your task is in.
    2. Update the hot zones to include a level 100 set of tasks now that the level cap has increased to 110.
    3. Have otherwise useless task drops disappear when the task is over.

    1. Add the ability to place tradeskill supply vendors to guildhalls.
    2. Add tradeskill material depots to guildhalls that all guild members can draw from.
    3. Have a cue in the icon of recipe books that are scribeable to indicate if they have already been scribed.
    4. Add, in some fashion, that ability to consolidate tradeskill trophies (once maxed) into one, or even add the bonuses to the character itself, so that players don’t have to juggle which trophy is in their inventory or tribute list.
    5. Revamp food/drink so that “force feeding” is no longer a thing. Suggestions included making dedicated inventory slots for food and drink. My own suggestion: eliminate the ability to consume food now and either boost drop rates of food components in recent expansions or extend the duration of food and drink. I really don’t see why there is a reason to consume the food upon clicking since the stats are based on what’s in the top inventory slot anyway.
    6. More tradeskill quests like the Artisan’s Prize and Shawl.
    a. Personally, I think that it was a mistake to make so many quests that require high levels of all tradeskills. It messed up interdependency, and the number of AAs required to increase the caps to 350 in everything is insane on top of the amount of farming old content needed to learn enough recipes.
    b. I’d like to see more tradeskill quests that benefit a character’s ability to do tradeskills, rather than reward with adventuring gear, although, that is fine too.
  12. Balthozzar Elder

    1. Revamp/improve brokers. Whether a full revamp is on the table or not, here are some individual improvements that would be great.
    a. Be able to buy/sell on the same account at the same time.
    b. Be able to play your characters in the world while buying/selling is still functioning.
    c. Expand the number of items that can be sold, such as by having larger trader satchels.
    2. Add the ability to filter the bazaar search results for collectibles not yet collected.

    1. Add a book to and from the Ring of Scale version of The Overthere like The Feerrott and Feerrott:The Dream have PoK books.
    2. Allow Wiz/Dru to teleport more than just their group to their bind point, such as with additional ranks of Teleport Bind.
    3. Allow Teleport Bind to Secondary and Tertiary Bind points.
    4. Keyring for clickable port items (that aren’t charged).

    1. Make the spellbook slightly more useful by adding sort options: level, category, etc.
    2. More rk. II drops (particularly RoS)
    3. Make rk. II spells researchable again post lvl 100, with appropriate tradeskill drops added to the world. The point of the research skill was to make spells/tomes, not to make augs.
    4. Streamline or eliminate the level restrictions for buffs. It can be a pain trying to figure out which buffs will land on which players of lower levels.
    5. Block player AE from hitting “friendly” NPCs in escort missions and the like.
    6. Add implied target functionality – heals that will go to the player targeted by a mob the healer is targeting, for instance.
    7. Allow players the option to block the illusion effect of buffs while still getting the benefit of the buff. (Probably on the client side only? Basically, some people don’t like getting turned into wolves because they don’t like the bobbing effect when wolves attack.)

    1. Allow players to share solo tasks to their group so that group members don’t have to go back to a quest giver themselves. (Obviously, any eligibility restrictions on being able to get the task would still apply.)
    2. Add a mentoring system, so that higher level players can more easily group with lower level friends in challenging content.
    3. I’ll just put it the way that others did in the thread: “Fix” autofollow.
    4. Add variety to the healer mercs – i.e. shaman and druid based ones. For instance, a group with a cleric as the only healer but still with room might want to have a second healer for tough fights, but a healer merc is almost redundant in terms of buffs and HoT spells. The other types of mercs don’t have this redundancy problem.
    5. Fellowship XP sharing is confusing to me. I tried it for a while with a friend, and it seemed to reduce my XP a lot more than it boosted hers when we played later. I’d suggesting taking a look at this and seeing if it is working as intended and making the benefit more clear to players.

    1. The one that got mentioned a lot is allowing smaller numbers of people to be able to request raids of old content for backflagging purposes. Perhaps allow mercs as well?

  13. Balthozzar Elder

    1. Store friend and ignore lists between characters on the same account by default or make it easy to import/export those lists between characters.
    2. Make is so that locked windows can’t be closed without unlocking them first.
    3. Advanced loot:
    a. Add an option to automatically “leave on corpse” any items that all group members have selected to ‘never’ loot.
    b. When using mouselook to rotate the facing of characters, it can open the adv loot window if the cursor goes over a corpse. Please eliminate this.
    4. Add or make it easier to copy chat window filters when using the copy layout feature.
    5. Add transparency settings to what gets copied in copy layout.
    6. Allow more items to be given to NPCs (including pets) at one time than just four.
    7. Add a tab/window for other stats that affect combat, such as critical damage modifiers, crit chance modifiers, double attack modifiers, etc.
    8. Pet inventory and stats window – so pet owners can see what items their pet has equipped and how that affects their stats.
    9. Add sorting of the ‘skills’ window and/or tabs for tradeskills, languages, combat skills, misc.
    10.Add more map levels. (I wasn’t sure what was meant by this, but it came up more than once.)
    11.Add an option to view items in your personal bank in a window like with the guild bank with sorting options.

    1. Have items clearly intended as vendor trash be marked as such and be automatically deleted from vendors so as to not take up their visible inventory.
    2. Have a cue in the icon of a collectible to indicate whether it is already collected, rather than having to inspect it.
    3. We need better ways to work on spell and combat skills. We level a lot faster through 1-70ish than when that content was current, so spell skills always fall behind and weapon skills are really hard to keep diversified. Sitting around for hours just casting spells over and over again is no fun. Up the skill up rate, allow fighting combat dummies to give skill ups, something. Same with meditate. Fast regen simply means that you don’t spend that much down time medding, so the skill doesn’t improve fast enough unless you’re always on a mount. I’d suggest allowing meditate to go up not just when mana is actually returned, but any time that the spellbook is open.
    4. Add more and better in game documentation. Housing, /commands, etc. are really hard to find info for in the game.
    5. Add the ability to /camp directly to other characters and to the server select screen. Maybe also add the ability to see which servers you have characters on without having to log into that server. People coming back after long breaks might not know which servers their original ones got merged into.
    6. Add a visible graphic in front of a character that is tracking to indicate direction, rather than just having the chat message. Perhaps not a full path, like Find, but just something that gives the same information as the message such as ‘behind and to the left’.
    7. Expand which currencies from older expansions are available on the Loyalty Vendor. And/or allow for exchanging more recent currencies for older ones, including both group and raid currencies.
    8. And functionality to the Forage skill to:
    a. Block items you don’t want to pick up
    b. Drop the item directly into your inventory without player intervention.
    9. Improvements to macros:
    a. Allow more than 5 lines.
    b. Have the button indicate cool downs of skills and abilities in the macro.
    10.Add an augment distiller vendor to PoK.
    11.Add the ability to send more of your xp to your merc AA.
    12.Add the ability to force healer mercs to rez or reset their looking for corpses to rez. Sometimes someone will reject a rez from a merc and then they won’t offer it again.
    13.Improve healer merc priorities to wait to buff until after everyone is rezzed.
    14.Add a parcel NPC to LDoN camps. (I think this is already the case, but I included this in case I am wrong.)
    15.Add some titles for those that have gained Ally faction status with particularly important groups.
    16.Ability to see how many veteran rewards you still have left to claim on different characters and which characters already have them. Perhaps simply eliminate the # of years = # of characters limit.
    17.Improved enforcement of sexual harassment violations.
    18. Have all character .ini and other configuration files that are currently in the main EQ directory be in their own directory. Makes it easier to backup when reinstalling and the like.
  14. Balthozzar Elder

    Whew. That took a while. Hopefully I'm not too beat to go kill some things in Norrath and get some xp.

    Happy hunting!
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  15. Balthozzar Elder

    One thing I forgot to add to the Raids category (I'm not a raider and just kind of glossed over those comments, sorry):

    There were many comments about adding in game DPS information, rather than raiders relying on 3rd party programs. I don't have much to say about that myself, other than the likelihood that it would impact server performance, but I didn't want to neglect that issue.

    Please comment on anything I included, failed to include, or new ideas and suggestions!
  16. Ofearl Augur

    I’m sure it was mentioned... a dang butler for my houses.. 1500-2500 db cash. Place it in the house and parcels you items so you dont actually have to go there.

    Ability to pay escrow from any bank... like real life..

    If alt_02 owns the plot and house and yet mainchar_00 owns said stack of rubys in said house why cant both characters see it when searching? Then click on it and my butler send them to me!
  17. Yinla Augur

    Show me where my pet is on the map!

    Many tines recently I have started fighting, after moving a short distance, only to discover my pet has wandered off on his own or cannot path to the NPC I am killing.

    Pathing needs fixing in Endless Song also, pets and NPCs never take a direct route to get to you! And would rather run all round the room first!
  18. Coas Journeyman

    Maybe this has been stated already, I'm not taking the time to read through 71 pages.

    1. Make powersources stackable.
    2. Make searching for collections in the Bazaar easier. Instead of having to search each collection item name, just search for the name of the entire collection set itself, and any of the 8-10 collections up for sale will pop up.
  19. ShadowMan Augur

    Port clicky like the Wishing Lamp in every content release going forward.

    Plentiful TS armor drops set a tier below the best in slot, this should be used as a speedy means to catch someone up like it was in RoS not be best in slot and rare like TBL. Especially considering the luck stat and how many have paid out the nose for a rare TS combine only to end up with 1 luck items.

    Find a way for the below to happen with a longer beta, starting now, interns/whomever helping however they can.
    A ton of AA, growth to existing and new stuff.
    A ton of time for spells/discs. Not 4 weeks of valid feedback there wasn't time for because it was 3 weeks of spell naming, implementing drops, setting up vendors and working on other stuff entirely.

    Hsta added on all hint/hwis augments, don't sell us on casters gaining an "extra" 100 hsta to their gear sets as a problem. Considering the impact some other heroic stats have and that come from multiple augments at the same time.

    Slot 3's added to evolve gear when applicable, including current versions. Don't sell us on "tradeoff" for some. The evolves stat increase dwarfed any gain elsewhere even when it didn't work with charms, didn't have great purity, etc yet we spent dev time changing that so that someone that wasn't losing anything at all didn't feel short changed for all the work it took for these. Yet anyone who is losing slot 3's, has zero remedy except to not use them, is told to pound sand "its an intended tradeoff" for all your hard work on these.
    Or combine slot 3 augments for some classes and make them resist based ie all fire spells with this one, all magic spells with this one, all poison spells with this one instead of specific spells unless its a unique slot 3 or case.

    Stackable PS's!

    Stop nerfing old stuff just because. There have been hundreds of very silly changes the past few years for basically zero reason outside of someone else's "vision". If something is truly broken, overtuned, causing some major issue than by all means find a solution. But don't add cast time, recast time, reduce something, take it away entirely or change the entire process "just because" when the factors above are not present. People don't want to feel like the rug can be pulled out from under their play at any time or have things changed on a whim 5, 10, 15 years later when it wasn't breaking anything because suddenly now one person feels different about it. AKA recent debuff changes for many classes, necro slow % nerfs, necro fade % nerfs, everyone's fade nerfs level capped, tanks 3 minute aggro tool taken away or level capped, tank belts nerfed 5 years after the fact, just to name a few. People leave and don't come back over some of this stuff.
  20. Raccoo Augur

    Slot 3 spell/disc should be reverse compatible. So you only have to have the last expansion's version. Would also be a decent trade off to have them fit into type 5 slots, as casters don't benefit as much from heroic stats as they do from type 3 spell focus (in some cases).
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