Quality of Life wishes and dreams. What would you want?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Wijimoto New Member

    Randomize music in bazaar zone! So much great music in EQ, but we have to hear that terrible muzak on repeat while shopping or setting up a trader. Please randomize it like you did on the char select screen.
  2. Hiladdar Augur

    Stop trying to fix what is not broken!

    Listen to your player base and testers!
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  3. Gnomius New Member

    Let my pet run as fast as me, either by extending my run speed AA's to my pet, or by giving me separate run speed AA's for my pet. I don't care. My pet should be by my side at all times. Summon companion is fine, but we're talking about QoL here...i don't want to have to waste a hotkey slot just to have my pet near me.

    No more specter pets. I don't mind the graphic, but i can't tell if he has weapons/gear or not. It would be nice if rogue and warrior pet spell lines summoned different graphics, as well. When I have one suspended and one ready to go, I sometimes forget which is which.

    Give clerics succor/levant...self only, no need to get crazy with it. Give them some form of self-invis, while you're at it. Why are they the only caster class without some form of self-invis?
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  4. Gnomius New Member

    Also, move my dots into it's own category. I want to be able to make a window that shows my dots AND ONLY MY DOTS. not my groups dots. not all necro dots. not me and the dots of people in my vicinity. Just. My. Dots.
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  5. Zekson New Member

    I have always wished you would:

    -Add new zones with old world graphics (Ex:A new part of crushbone that was lost)
    -Bring back the old world graphics for old world zones (I don't like new mario games, I like the old ones, I came for something I remembered not something new)
    -Bring back all the old world graphics for mobs (EX:I would really enjoy seeing the old orc graphics)
    -Add some more old world graphic weapons, or atleast weapon ornaments with old world style graphics
    -Add more things for the lower levels, because we do indeed still get new players/returning players and with how things are it is almost impossible to catch up and no one is ever in the zones, so possibly a few zones that work like shrouds that way no matter that level of the player we can all group and accomplish something together even if its not for experience but just for loot, or a graphic item, port item, some sort of fun items that would be just for fun as a means to do them even if its just a percentage of a chance of getting them
  6. IblisTheMage Augur

    Maybe a repeated suggestion:
    Make xp potions stack with everything. Say yes to income :)

    Make Learners Aura stack with everything. It is a nice piece of game development, and we can go back and get rank 3 if it is worth it, bringing a narrative/experience to high level players for a very low dev cost (groups doing old raids).

    Make a window where current bufs that are having stacking conflicts appear... or a text command that list them.
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  7. IblisTheMage Augur

    Oh, and AA to get more charges out of Firebound Orb (way more). The orb is a wonderful part of playing my mage, but 10 charges is very little. Double or tripple would be nice, right now it is gone so fast.

    Also please add an emote when the last charge is spent, so that I can trigger an audio warning. Add a focus aa for it, increasing its damage.

    Make it so that if I cast the summon orb spell while there are still charges left, I get the orb replenished. Even at full mana cost, orb refils will be very nice between pulls, or when an opportunity arise.
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  8. Pleides New Member

    To be able to truly solo some mobs in the new zones without my *** on a plate. (work, family etc all make this the only viable way to play for me and I know many others).
  9. Risiko Augur

    While farming materials for crafting over the weekend, I thought of a couple more QoL things I would love to see added.

    Advanced Loot System
    • Check box - Don't loot if no space. Allow me to loot what I can (stackable items where there is one already in my inventory, but don't roll on items that would otherwise not have a spot to be put in my inventory)
    • Temporary Never Loot option - This would allow me to mark something for Never loot, but the next time I login, it would be asked again if it drops from a mob. That way, I can put things on Never loot that are quest or no trade, but not have to search for them at a later date to turn that flag off if I find out that I now need it for a quest I picked up later.
    • Farm mode - Let me choose a radio button between Normal and Farm modes. If I choose farm mode, it uses the settings on another tab labelled Farming. On the Farming tab, have check boxes for all of the crafting types, vendor trash, gear, etc. You check box what you are wanting to farm, and the items will be looted only if they meet that description. For example, I turn on Farm mode, go to the farm tab, check the box next to Blacksmithing, Tailoring, and Vendor Trash. When I kill mobs, the only items that are rolled against are those used in Blacksmithing, Tailoring, or are just vendor trash. All quest items, defiant gear, etc are left on the mob and not rolled.
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  10. fransisco Augur

    When inspecting a mob, a way to tell which debuffs/dots are yours.
    Perhaps have 2 areas. one that shows your dots, and one that shows everyone elses.
    This could also occur for buffs on PCs
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  11. svann Augur

    A tracking filter that will allow me to track just the ph and name that I want, and not list the 10k other mobs that I dont want.
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  12. Risiko Augur

    ^^^ This please.

    It would be awesome to have a search text box to type in a partial name of a mob.
  13. IblisTheMage Augur

    An indicator of your current XP bonus, with a mouse-hoover pup-up that breaks down the bonus into its sources.
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  14. Yinla Augur

    Removal of the max 5AA per kill restriction.

    With normal mobs giving more AA exp than ever before this restriction needs to be removed, or bonus exp/lesson of the devoted needs to override it.
  15. Karthanon Augur

    AA ability to 'pick lock' for all classes where the content is well behind current expansions/levels.

    Or make it an AA ability to 'Strength Force Door' or something with the same expansion/level restrictions.

    Yes, I'm still annoyed that I need to level a rogue for VT on a Live non-TLP server. /grin
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  16. Angahran Augur

    Split criticals so I can filter mine into one window and everyone elses into another window.
    Add log filter options for 'logfile, screen, both' so we can keep everything turned on so we can parse but have some stuff just go to the logfile so we don't need 'spam windows'.
  17. Tatanka Augur

    I thought everything DID go to the log, regardless of whether it was filtered out of chat windows in game. Is that not the case?
  18. svann Augur

    Filtering from one window to another yes. But there is in Options/Chat a way to shut off some things completely and then they wont be logged. Advice is dont do it unless you really need to.
  19. Jumbur Augur

    A realtime updated window, that shows your current Damage-modifiers:
    • Crit-chance
    • Crit-strength
    • Base-damage-modifiers
    • Proc-chance
    • Proc-modifiers
    • etc.
    That would make it so much easier to synchronize burns with the group/raid, when you know what to expect when you cast a spell.
    Make it customizable, so that I can "tick" which ones to show.
    An optional consolidation of damage-output.
    When I cast a spell doing a burn, I get 15+ lines of damage numbers because of procs/twincast etc. Reducing that to 1 line with the damage sum instead, would make it much easier to read my own damage output.
    Maybe make it customizable, so that I can choose a "verbosity-level"
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  20. fransisco Augur

    that would be amazing

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