Quality of Life Improvements For 2016

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Gyurika Godofwar, Feb 15, 2016.

  1. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Increase personal and guild tribute maximums. We have seen many more tribute benefits added that cost more and more but maximum tribute point storage has not increased. Is it the end of the world? No. But doubling max personal and guild tribute point limits would be nice.

    You would still have spend the same effort gathering tribute as you do now but you could do get more done at once and then forget about it longer.

    Making this change and ensuring trophy tributes would be a nice quality of life change.
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  2. Frornul Journeyman

    How about taking rocks, bushes, trees, and such, and make them attackable like Gloomingdeep barrels, and Crescent Reach mushrooms so you can get tradeskill ingredients from them?
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  3. Faana Augur

    "Why else would you punch a tree?"
  4. Darsh Journeyman

    Taking raid currency and exchanging it to the next Xpac for a 10 to 1
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  5. Faana Augur

    Not spending 960 Marks of Valor on a spell I already have.
  6. Xanathol Augur

    When an expansion releases, make the prior expansion's custom currency tradeable if not already. Let the vendor's buy back pieces (looking at you, CotF).
  7. SomeEQGuy Elder

    Consolidate mercenary stances to just 3 so that when you create a button it works on all mercenaries. Passive works for them all but balanced doesn't work for the tank. Maybe have Passive, Active and Burn. Burn and Active would work the same as Aggressive for the tank.

    Edit: Or at least allow Balanced to work the same as Aggressive for the tank. It sucks to have to have a separate button.
  8. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    As an addendum to fellowships - guild banners also need to be updated as they are also based on the same expansion and stuck with level 75 buffs. Need to modernize that as well.

    I like the idea of being able to buy previous CE & even beta reward claim items. I think the pricing needs to be reasonable and you can even offer package deals but that is an opportunity to make revenue without much effort on your end since the items are already made. Seems like a waste not to make use of those items and turn it into a decent profit at the same time.

    I think you guys should also work with those of us on Test more to test out new content. Last year with the 16th anniversary quests and the advanced loot system we helped out quite a bit and I know it saved a lot of hassle by having that stuff tested more thoroughly than normal. We would have been happy to test the 17th anniversary stuff, all the TBM stuff and anything else you needed us to. Make good use of the tools at your disposal.

    Some of the ideas here are really good and some are a bit far fetched and others require more than Daybreak is going to invest into EQ but keep them coming. I am sure they are keeping an eye on the thread and so far no one is being negative or disruptive so hopefully we can keep it open and going for awhile to communicate our wants and "needs" to the devs.
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  9. Warpeace Augur

    Would be worth while to look at reducing the Rez effects because often you can rez, rebuff and med to full before rez effects have worn off. Seems out dated.
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  10. Faana Augur

    Not if they could sell a hastened recovery potion.
  11. Faana Augur

    Since you all didn't get it.
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  12. Angahran Augur

    Have one /assist option that assists the raid MA if in a raid or the group ma if in a group.
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  13. Khat_Nip Meow

    Like the already present /assist main ?

    Edit: Few words added for clarification.
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  14. Siddar Augur

    Would like to see pet speak message changed from pet tells you to something else like pets says instead. So pet classes can make a audio trigger for tells without it being spammed constantly by there own pets.
  15. Angahran Augur

    Which does not appear to work in a group (or at least I've not been able to get it to work).

    /assist main works fine on raids, but I have to remember to change it to /assist <name> when in a group.
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  16. Khat_Nip Meow

    /assist main works perfectly fine in group if the person you're trying to assist has the role of Main Assist set.
    /just now tested to be sure nothing was broken.
  17. Garcielle Journeyman

    Change the way Veteran Awards are assigned to characters, so it is more flexible.

    Currently, each year of paid account time will make available 1 character to be tagged Veteran. So if the total time entitled to my account is 10 years, I can tag up to10 characters as veterans on that account. The limit for tagged Veteran characters is per account, not server. Once the limit of tagged Veteran characters is reached, no more characters can be tagged Veteran on that account ,until your account is entitled for another year of paid time. If you tagged one by mistake, or change your mind, you are out of luck. Once you have elected to tag a character Veteran, it is permanent, unless a G.M. changes it. You can not change which characters are Veteran tagged. This is how Customer Service, my experience, and a Game Master informed me the Veteran System works.

    Many people assume that if you delete a Veteran Tagged character, this will free up another character to be tagged Veteran, it does not. Once you have tagged your limit of characters, that is final, unless you get Customer Service or a G.M. involved, which is not currently a realistic or practical solution.

    I am proposing changing the account tagging code, so that it will allow you to change which characters are Veteran tagged, but you still have the limit per account. So if you have 16 years of paid entitled time for that account, you can have a maximum of 16 characters per account tagged, but the specific characters tagged can be changed by the player. If you delete a Veteran Tagged Character, that would free up another to be tagged. Maybe introduce a command too, that can be used once a year to change which characters are specifically tagged. On second thought, don't put a time limit on it, make it real time.

    Play styles, Servers, etc, change. The characters you have or want to have tagged change.

    The Goal of this change would be to Make the Veteran Reward System more rewarding, and user friendly. This change would make it so no Customer Service or G.M. involvement is required, decreasing the amount of CS Tickets generated, freeing up DBG resources to accomplish other things. Increasing the QOL for the Player, and DBG.

    Another Plus to changing this is that the Players fear of losing Veteran Status in a Character Transfer is removed. Change it so that If you purchase and transfer/re-arrange your characters on accounts, you can adjust the Veteran Status per account. More people would purchase a character Transfer. This is currently a road block for many who which to purchase a character transfer.
  18. KC13 Augur

    A parcels npc in tutorial.
  19. Lovecrafts New Member

    I found it interesting that in FFXI, they not only added Mercs to the game, but they allowed a single players to activate three different Mercs at once. Was there ever any Dev discussions for allowing players to have more than one Merc active? I would prefer that over having to mess with the whole multi-boxing shtick.
  20. Gyurika Godofwar Augur

    I think they mentioned discussions about allowing 2 mercs per character at one point but honestly I think they need to consider upping group size to somewhere between 8-12. They don't have the dev time to invest in changing the coding for multiple mercs at this point in the game with the current limits on time & resources invested in EQ at least based on what we get these days as far as content and expansions.