Quality of Life Improvements For 2016

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  1. SomeEQGuy Elder

    Rename the stones used to set the guild hall portal so that the zone they set the portal to is the first word in the name.
  2. Lifetap Augur

    I'd like to be able to designate which food/drink I wish to consume.

    I prefer to keep my food/drink with all the other gear that I don't plan on vendoring in the last bag slots(bottom right as possible) while loot from hunting fills the bags from the top left. This includes food/drink(because I don't want to accidentally sell it)

    This unfortunately means if i end up looting something edible I lose out on the benefits of the stat food and I also end up eating/drinking whatever I may have looted.

    This has caused plenty of frustration over the years as a result of having to hunt down a food or drink loot that is blocking my stats or accidentally eating a quest item that I needed and generally having to mess around with my organized inventory. The alternative is to keep my food/drink in the top left where loot goes which has resulted in vendoring my food/drink on multiple occasions.

    I propose a UI feature that would appear and function similar in nature to the potion belt where I can drag a food type and a drink type into it and that would result in my character prioritizing those items as my food/drink of choice. If I run out, my character will revert to the standard method of consumption.
  3. Reval Augur

    I don't want to derail the thread from many topics into one (I know that's an odd one to say), but my request is still exactly what it is, as awesome as cross server instancing would be. I think it's much easier to implement (if I'm wrong, I'd accept cross server instancing I guess, but I actually view that as a worse option - what if you're on a dead server and have to do non instanced content?).

    Allowing people to move across servers for free is the absolute best way to deal with a few things:
    -It would make guild recruitment easier for people.
    -It would allow people to deal with the times Daybreak just dealt them a bad hand. (that should never have a fee)
    -it would fix any oddities in the bazaars, so that's nice.
    -it would expand the lfg radius for people, especially in odd levels that don't want to just solo to 105 from level 1 (I realize that's small to most people, but for the people that would affect, it's huge. What about guilds that want to do older content like planes of power on live servers? Now this is much more feasible).
    -it fixes the current server moving system to be honest. The system is scary as hell. What if you box most of the time? If you want to box on the server you're going to, now that's $50? $75? Hell if you box a group it's $150! So you're stuck with the choice of either pay so much money that you'd be locked into the server for a while in many cases, or just show up on one toon, drastically change your play style, throw away the effort you had made in the past, and hope for the best. So what happens when the server you transfer to turns out to have a griefer that trains you a lot (I think that's a silly argument to a degree, but it was used against me so it must be valid). Daybreak should profit from people that grief me by me trying out ANOTHER new server (in my case realistically it would be about a $100 cost if I wanted to optimize performance in many cases) ? =P That's a setup that leads to failure on all accounts.

    The only hard part I see about doing it may be to allow guild tags and guilds to exist across servers, so that people don't have to get a re invite when they go back and can still use their guild hall on another server. If they really wanted brownie points, they could make guild chat go across servers, and the manager say what server people are on atm. That and the load balancing, but it's not like we haven't paid enough for the hardware.
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  4. Pani Augur

    Make group chat and fellowship chat sent while you are zoning, repeat after you enter the zone like guild chat does.
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  5. demoria7 Elder

    Great thread.

    Allow pet illusions across zones. i.e. as in making it simi-perm, an AA I can buy or just make it part of the spell, whatever is easier.

    Waste of time and memory (mine, not the computer) to have to rebuff pet with his nifty illusion every time I zone. It should stay till I click it off or he dies.

    (Yes I am one of those who buys/quests different wardrobes for my toons ( I have 6 accounts and lots of toons) and the way the pet looks is important to me) Its the LOOK I worked to create and yes its fluff and yes it helps me enjoy the game. ;)
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  6. demoria7 Elder

    it double posted.. removing this one.
  7. Darsh Journeyman

    Stop trying to class balance.
  8. Warpeace Augur

    a SENT items tab for in game emails so you don't have to remember to send yourself a copy of that email.
  9. Zamiam Augur

    LoL this made me giggle .. the image that ran thru my head in Pok of an actual kennel and all these pets roaming around in a fenced in area with a Kennel guardian .. but I like the idea of being able to have an aa that would hold a pet or 2 and being able to cycle them if need be and would not poof if you die ..
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  10. Zamiam Augur

    * I agree with this
    * I agree with these .. nice list Rhaage

    * I agree with this

    A few extra spell gems would be nice slot #13 and 14

    increase the number of mercs we can have suspended from 6/7 to like 10 or 15 .. with all the new mercs from Lon's and /claim ones from expansions the 6 slots is not enough ..not sure how that hero's barracks works if it lets you get up to 10 or not but even if it does I have like 12 different mercs i could get already but cant. I would be ok with making more of them purchasable in the marketplace ..

    Make all items from the /claim heirloom tagged .. couple clickys i can think of .. and stop giving us soo many darn paintings

    A Server Merge .. I box alot and one of the reason i box is i can literally sit in GL for hours upon hours in general asking for a group DH or progression and cant get anything going .. and this is between all different times too so its not like im on only in the wee hours of the morning or late at night its thoughout the whole day ..

    NPC Buff bots in PoK shaman , cleric , ENch ,ranger, pally, BST and druid.. that will cast all buffs on you and your group .. (merc included) Rk 2 .. and cleric will cast all buffs ( ie for example if you have druid blessing on and you need symbol and the AC buff ardent ward the cleric would cast those and not just symbol ).. .. I feel with the server pop so low (again ive sat in GL for all day to come back and not get hit with shamy or cleric buffs ) that either making NPC buff bots avail is a good option and its not overpowered .. buffs are a way of life most ppeeps have buff bots.. I can have all ( i have most already buff bots) but this is just a Quality of life improvement.. and its really not taking any money from db cause you can have any buff bot on a silver account that can cast rk 2 spells anyways .. with the DBC option ..

    just my .02 cents
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  11. Roxxanna Augur

    I like this idea, though the names issue might be a problem.
  12. Uxtalzon Augur

    I've had the idea of letting players develop parts of the game that don't matter anymore. Just like Landmark except more communicative and less greedy. I think I spoke of this idea even before Landmark came out (or was inspired by it, I don't remember).

    Allow a limited number of players to edit the completely free EQ content (starting with Classic Era for example) to:

    - Fix quests
    - Put in new quests
    - Fix factions
    - Put in new factions
    - Change/edit existing quest reward values (faction hits, item rewards)
    - Add NPCs
    - Change/edit existing NPCs (faction hits, item drops)
    - Fix NPC dialogue

    I'm not talking about modern "tasks" we see today, lazily clicking text and getting a window being told exactly what to do. These would be QUESTS, where the player has to use brain cells and figure things out. A single staff member who oversees everything can decide what part of the game to focus on and players can discuss what to put in as a collective "greater good". Changes can be pushed to a test server. Beta buffs and teleports just like Test does now, except it wipes often so it encourages players to directly test what's needed while preventing them from calling the server their home.

    If it goes well, imagine the next possibilities:

    - Editing/improving zone design
    - Limited access to more elaborate content (I would like to see the Arcane Fair finished)
    - Collaborating on new classic-type zones
    - Improving Monster Shrouds
    - Applying Heroic Charisma to more factions since that's all it's good for

    You have Daybreak already abusing players in Landmark to make assets for EQNext, and you have emulators already making custom content. My idea is an amalgam of both. Free, new content made by players, for players, that could be available across all servers. And since it starts with classic content, the impact is minimal to none on live servers at first. Relaunching TLP the way it should be done vs. "what's the fastest way to make money with minimal effort" (i.e. the way it was done before) would retain so many more players if it was just done right.

    There are big problems though. Lack of interest and incentive is one thing. The company has become super greedy and already shows no appreciation for customer loyalty and obvious poor/reduced communication across nearly all games. In fact, this whole thread might be for naught since it only seems something would be considered if it was profitable. But I still cling to the notion that there is much more to players than the money they have with a game this old.

    But whatever. I want this game to survive. I want a reason to keep playing. C'mon investment firm, invest in your players.
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  13. Arcainos Augur

    Either innate invis aa's for all class, or 200+ stacks of invis pots.
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  14. mackal Augur

    They should add a new Improved Invis craftable potion that doesn't require one to farm shissar blood :p
  15. NoRedeem New Member

    -Allow players to increase the amount they can zoom out in 3rd person.
    -Add chase items for TBM
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  16. Zamiam Augur

    while im thinking about it ..

    Why doesnt BST's get Tracking .. why .. they are beastlords (animalists) alot of animals will not agro the bst.. i feel they should get tracking anyone else feel this way ?
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  17. Dahaman Augur

    Any and all additions and/or expansions of Heroic Journey would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Nolrog Augur

    Move the key bindings out of the eqclient.ini and into the character .ini file. I have a druid and a ranger that I like to have either tracking or forage set to one of the movement keys, but when I load another toon (e.g., chanter) that is still bound to the movement key. They should all be separate so that I can change the key bindings to suit the class and my playstyle for that class (right now, I have to keep that hotkey empty).
  19. Angahran Augur

    If this is done we also need a way to copy key bindings from one character to another.
    Add it to the copy layout ui as another checkbox.
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  20. rotor New Member

    Don't take special abilities like permanent illusion and give them to everyone. Don't give everyone invis. Maintain class specialties -not like when you put in so many ports that druids and wizards became less useful.
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