QOL on Player Auras

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Rhalgr, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. Rhalgr New Member

    Is there any reason Auras are not just permanent duration? Having limited duration on them is pointless (they're trivial to recast), and annoying if you're camping in a zone for a few hours. The current design could easily be re-worked into something a bit more streamlined.

    • No Buff duration, despite actually having a duration.
    • Not able to just Overwrite a current aura without having to right click remove the aura from the Aura window
    Proposed Solution:
    • Remove the Aura Spells and re-work them as Autogranted AA in the Special tab that function as your class Aura(s) that can be toggled on or off (specifically for classes that have multiple Auras) - or just permanently on for classes with One Aura.
    • Auras should function in the same method as Guild Standards/Empowered Fellowships in terms of Range.
    • Get rid of the Aura Window that only shows the Aura you have on, and replace it with a window that shows all the Auras that effect your character (effectively re-purposing the Aura window into a 3rd Buff Window - the current Aura window is virtually pointless). This would allow a clear distinction of what auras you are currently within range of -- Add Guild Standard Aura here as well.
    • Aura window would show all permanent duration spells, removing them from the song window which was intended for short duration spells/abilities.
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  2. Teylana Elder

    Auras have a duration of "permanent" if you mouse over them. The problem is that they're not. They do, however, reset their timers every time you zone so as long as you zone every hour and a half, your aura will never drop.

    I do think that the auras should just be made permanent until death and then just leave it at that - or give them a functional timer and give them long durations like familiars.
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  3. Lannin Elder

    There not permanent as has been pointed out here , since there not , GIVE US A TIMER !

    OR the option of just recasting them and refreshing them !

    Personally I don't think the aura window needs to be REDONE , or show others auras , or be removed , just give me a timer on the ones I have to maintain. Posted this almost every year since aura's came into the game , never a reply from a dev , it seems like such an easy fix.
  4. Lianeb Augur

    I personally wish the little invisible toons that represent an aura (that you see playing his little flute when you zone), I wish they would not increase raid OOC timers past what the rest of the live people in the raid have, when they get hit by MGB buffs.
  5. Allayna Augur

    Make them all how the current shaman aura is, a permanent until death aura that goes to the song window, zone wide.
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  6. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    That was originally two different AA's one was a permanent buff on the shaman and the other was a 10 minute group buff and those at one point where combined into a single buff that became an aura so I am not sure if that would apply to existing auras.
  7. Skewert Lorekeeper

    The mage AA, Theft of Essence, puts an Aura on your pet that enhances itself and other pets nearby. It only lasts 4 minutes, but also suffers from the inability to refresh it until it wears off. Would be nice to at least be able to refresh it without waiting for it to wear off - creates one more thing you feel the need to babysit every 4 minutes or so the way it is now. I know there are audio triggers, GINA, etc., to help with that, but refreshing via overwriting on cast would be so much less hassle.
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  8. Nylrem Augur

    Excellent proposed solutions Rhalgr!

    I will add, put permanent duration spells (armor/item clicky) that currently take up space in regular buff window as well, in this new aura window.

    Good grief it is about time auras get revamped! Make them truly permanent, and the ones that are not/will not be, IE druid frost aura, chanter MR aura, etc, give them a dang countdown timer, and a wear off message for goodness sakes!
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