PVP Progression server please

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Tomcat, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. Venthos Augur


    Every time I see this thread bumped, this GIF comes to mind. All kidding aside, if there truly is the player base to support a TLP PvP server. By all means, I hope you guys can muster up whatever DBG needs as confidence that it's worth their while to get one spun up. I just feel that of any MMO's PvP in existence, EQ's PvP mechanics and community are probably the absolute last that I would be seeking. I personally don't understand it, and I see things like P99 Red's community and gameplay, and it's just a huge turn off.
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  2. yerm Augur

    EQ's PVP appeal IS it's unbalanced state. You aren't just fighting other players in a vacuum, you're fighting for zone/camp control. It's the reason a game like Eve which is frankly one of the most boring experiences imaginable attracted such a fervent base. Many people don't want to just pvp for its own sake, we want objectives and reasons for it. To try it another way - think of how many hardcore pve players here talk about camp disputes, trains, dps racing, etc. EQ PVP isn't supposed to be some WOW battleground, it's supposed to be exactly what this server already provides but with a legitimized means of dealing with contention, rather than the roundabout means such as training that currently goes on.
  3. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    Tomcat I /dueled you last night in MM. Where is that killer instinct?
  4. Pikallo Augur

    Yeah I joined this /pvp channel a few times out of curiosity, even a couple times while OP was spamming about it in general channels and every time I joined, it was literally myself and 1 other person(Tomcat). I love PVP as a concept, but PVP in EQ is terrible and most people realize this, which is why there isn't much of a player base to support a PVP server.