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  1. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    More into teams, but I like the reasoning stated for FFA. SZ ruleset, regardless, though. It's the most open ruleset red has had. The "safer" you try to make it the more the rules and mechanics get abused.
  2. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Dude, really, you need to give it a rest. We are having a real discussion here. Go trolling in another thread.

    Every single post you make is like you are checking off a list of points to make from the "Things Bluebies Say Sbout PvP Because They Are Clueless Handbook." One cliched post after another that just shows how little you know about the topic.
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  3. Tudadar Augur

    Yeah sure. If you were big on pvp youd be playing red instead of begging for a tlp pvp server to "save pvp" with higher pops while screwing everyone else over when they have to wait for another real one. Theres been dozens of pvp server threads posted by / posted in in by a very small player base that doesnt really care how successful they are over and over. Did you post in those too?

    Servers arent made for a small amount of people to have fun. As devs said progression servers (along with the marketplace shop) are for the money and for them to continue being made it needs to be profitable. If they are very successful they can keep doing them and doing them more often then before. If not they cant. Do you understand this part? The pve progression server six months ago had record breaking pops when it was extremely similar to one five years earlier. Im sure phin was on the same level of success when you count the expanded marketplace shop (potions)

    IMO the most you can hope for is for them to do seasonal servers and for a pvp server to be made that lasts 3 months or less before closing.
  4. Agrippa Augur

    I don't particularly care for pvp in Everquest, but I don't see the harm in requesting a new server for the niche. They've made it clear that they're open to supporting servers with zero population (Hi Vulak) and they've also made it clear that they'll do anything to turn a quick profit. At this point, they may as well open new servers when there's a good likelihood that they will draw people in for a quick cash grab.

    I, for one, would like to see a new TLP released with instancing upon request (15 minutes and /pick puts at zone entrance) and tradable loot throughout. Outside of the new TLPs Firiona Vie hosts one of the largest server populations. In classic and for the first couple of expansions nearly everything, including dragon loot, was tradable and every server had more options, strong economies, where trade flourished. Oddly, by the time they introduced the Bazaar, they had basically killed all trade by making everything rot by design.

    But, back to the point, so long as they put more resources into Everquest, more profit to DBG can only be a good thing.
  5. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    Supporting an existing server with a low population is not the same as creating a new rule set server that they think will have a low population as setting one up is a lot more work than keeping one running.
  6. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    I probably did post in the other threads. I'd like to see a PvP TLP as would others.

    Do you understand the part about your red herring argument being tired and cliched? No one here cares what you, a player, speculates would happen with a new PvP server. You are just repeating the same drivel over and over we've heard time and again. Point taken. Move along. If it's a concern for DBG then they wont make a PvP server will they? But that doesn't change that a lot of us would like to see one and we are going to discuss it whether you like it or not. Deal with it.
  7. Tomcat Journeyman

    So maybe we need the same ruleset as Zek then.
  8. Darktide Elder

    This right here, aside from you missing key details in my reply, demonstrates to me that you're not thinking your thoughts through before posting. You arrive at conclusions only to signify that you're completely ignorant, lacking understanding of TLP population stages and PvP server stages. Not only that, you come off as a person who has never PvPed.

    Explain to us how lvl 60's killing low levels would cause the population to decrease when those same low levels are very likely ALTS of a lvl 60 and when TLP server populations decline over time and rarely gain any new membership after it's already been out long enough? In this case, if you have level 60's already, you're not going to have a lot of people continue to join in the first place. That goes for PVE TLP servers as well.

    Please, enlighten us, why do players join TLP servers again? and not regular servers? HMMM
  9. Darktide Elder

    How can you even compare ZEK to a TLP PVP server?? Makes NO sense at all
  10. Tudadar Augur

    Where does the message you quoted say ZEK?
  11. Venthos Augur

    Hilariously, this post form Your_Ad_Here pretty much closes this thread down. "No Thanks" would be the resounding response from the player base if all woke up one day to seeing a PvP TLP server in the server list.
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  12. Eangel Elder

    What other DBG server could you be talking about? The topic at hand was to create a DBG TLP PVP server. Stay on point, maybe?

    There is interest here for pvp as there always has been. Denying that because everyone fears that this will somehow slight their PVE immersion is interesting, though.
  13. Tudadar Augur

    DBG endorse p99 / p99 red

    There is small amount of interest. Keep hoping though.

    You really dont think theyve seen the dozens of other scrub pvp threads over the last 8-9 years?

    So how are they going to sell 4 hour potions that cant be dispelled? How are they going to sell 4 hour xp potions when someone cant guarantee they get xp? There is a SC shop for a reason. ( not meant for just 20-100 people )
  14. Eangel Elder

    Again, we aren't talking about p99 and it appears only you are.
  15. Tudadar Augur

    If your not willing to go where the pvp is thats on you. If you didnt play p99 red you missed your chance.
  16. Eangel Elder

    Still not valid to the topic at hand. The OP wasn't asking for something like red99. He was requesting a DBG TLP PVP server. DBG has nothing to do with red99 and red99 is not even an example of a TLP PVP server. Apologies for poking holes in your argument. =/

    What is your real fear here that you feel the need to muck up someone else's thread? Stay on point or stop trolling, pretty simple concept.
  17. Rauven Augur

    They merged PVP servers into one. They allow transfers from other servers to Zek. Zek playerbase constantly begs people to come over, even offering treaties of no PVP while they get their bearings.

    I don't think a PVP progression server has enough interest. I might be wrong though. What you all could do is get everyone together and storm the Zek server. Let it get a queue during primetime for about a week. Those metrics are tracked and it will give the red server notice from the producer.

    Then go on a literal forum crusade, across the TLP, Vet, and new player sections shouting for a new TLP red server.

    They'll give it to you. But you guys need enough people to make it happen. But more importantly you need the gumption. If you're PVPer's that last one shouldn't be a problem.
  18. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Actually, what I've kind of been itching to do is get some people together who would be interested in rolling some red alts on phinny and having a mini guild war a couple times a week. Have been sleeping on how to go about it. It would also help a lot to know the actual ruleset for those who turn in books but haven't been able to find the details.
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  19. Darktide Elder

    You haven't followed the conversation at all, you're way off base.
  20. Sophism Lorekeeper

    If this happens...and I highly doubt, aside from the efforts described above in an all-out bender on wishing for this, where there might be a sliver of 1% of a chance...now isn't the best time. Right now, we really don't need any other TLPs to take any player base from the current ones (even if it is a relatively small percentage). It wouldn't be good for the health of the game, as multiple diminished servers will yield to (a lot) of people feeling the 'ghost-town' vibe (be it perception or truth). Once things stable out, and we have more than 6 months in between releases, my opinion is chill on what we have, let them figure out the kinks and fine details, and then perhaps put it out there. Would you really want one now (or even fairly soon...) that would likely have some serious bugs / issues ? Let them get through a few xpacs of instanced / progression on the newer servers - there are likely issues we haven't seen, and they aren't aware of yet.
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