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  1. Tomcat Journeyman

    I would take any ruleset pvp and roll with it. I loved the racewar servers myself but i do see that we only seem to have enough pvp players for one server with one ruleset. I did feel that level limits were kind of necessary. Did they ever work on OOR healing with the Zek server? If not, then that is not a huge problem; you can always just call in a friend or a good person who is in the range and they solve it.
  2. yerm Augur

    I would assume the SZ ruleset as it last existed would be the way to go more because then they don't have to do extra programming. That assumes they even have it - they may not - in which case you could be staring down something like a conglomeration of FV rules into three parts with existing Zek rules, or god knows what they come up with.

    I do agree that there should be teams. I don't like the good/neut/evil division. Since geography and zone control are pivotal anyway I would love to see regional teams - my ideal would be a Faydwer, east coast, and west coast + Erud team division. Give iksars and later vah shir to the "losing" team at that time. PVP can start at level 1 and not have a range because frankly your team should own its own noob zones and is responsible to guard them; if level 1s get sniped its your own team's fault.
  3. Tomcat Journeyman

    I also wonder if it would work to do a hard coded racewar server where you cannot group and heal other races on different teams. Was that just a screw up of the original racewar servers? oops they can actually help enemies...
  4. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Problem with going purely by race for teams is class distribution. Going by religion as SZ did balances things out a lot. Boy, Goods got shafted in territory, though. Hats off to those guys for making the go of it they did. And Evil was the opposite extreme and had numbers on top of it. It was so bad at one point that making Evil FFA was even discussed. I like what you say about the "new" races, but because of class distribution not sure how you really do that. Although 4 or 5 teams instead of just 3 could fix that if you broke it down right.
  5. Sophism Lorekeeper

    I can see me making an alt and putting my non-raid time into this server. I think it'd be fun. I also however don't want to hemorrhage players from existing servers - AGAIN.
  6. Tomcat Journeyman

    I role-played a high elf paladin on VZ that did not group with any other races and I ran a pure elf guild for a long time too. I loved the idea of trying to raid and exp without any feign death. It just poses more interesting challenges to those who have played or beat this game on regular difficulty already =)
  7. yerm Augur

    Alignment teams are arguably the most class imbalanced and definitely the most susceptible to early and low level abuse. Which may be a really good thing, depending on your PVP desires, don't get me wrong. While everyone can get the core classes, you split some of the more interesting pvp classes like necros and druids and knights.

    A racial split is similar if a bit closer to balanced and at least everyone in a starting zone is same team (barring maybe a half elf issue). You'll still run into issue depending on how you clump races with classes like druid and shaman.

    I like the regional split because it lets you span the choices. Team Faydwer in my suggestion is missing BL/Shm but iksar can plug that. I think it gives the most potential for a "balanced" start option.

    Or they could go full on hardcore mode and make teams class based. split the 3 tanks, 3 caster dps, 3 melee dps, 3 wis healers, and bard/enc/bl+ranger.
  8. Drexll Augur

    I played on Rallos Zek from just after launch until just before GoD came out. Since I reqally only enjoy playing casters, I thought PVP was pretty . Spell damage in PVP was like 1/3 the damage it did vs NPC's, and everyone stacking resist gear for PVP made it pretty pointless, anyway.

    As I said, I enjoy playing casters, so I wouldnt set foot on a EQ PVP server unless some serious balancing was done, and we all know that isnt gonna happen.
  9. Coach_Kegadin Augur

    My body is ready.
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  10. Tomcat Journeyman

    Most of us who stuck with it got the enjoy the imbalances since you still need those undesired pvp classes to be successful at PVE as well. I loved playing a paladin in pvp myself. Could hardly kill anyone but tanked well in pvp and pve.

    All being said there should probably be a vote as to what kind of server to run.
    Guild team pvp
    Race team pvp
    Territory / continent based teams
    Or FFA to allow people to chose
  11. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    Played a warrior on SZ and had a blast with it. Held my own in solo and group pvp a lot better than I imagined going in. Even made the leader boards a couple of times, to my surprise. Probably killed other nubs like me. lol Druid alt was super fun, too.

    I'm a teams guy. Open to how it's broken down, exactly, but so much prefer teams play to FFA regardless.
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  12. Darktide Elder

    This is the most ignorant comment I've read regarding P99. P99 is great if you want to experience EQ like it ACTUALLY was in it's early days.

    Why do people play TLP servers? Obviously players like to start over from scratch and do old content. Is P99 a TLP server? No. Maybe it could have been considered one when it was first released in 2009 but it's been in Kunark for ages and just last year released Velious. 33+ months later.


    If you just now decide to play on Red99, you will be walking into a situation where you are seriously outgunned, everything's been farmed, lvl 1 rogue twinks with epics... And it's the same buddy buddies that have been playing together for the past 6 years. If DBG released a PvP server, starting from scratch, that would provide an option that does not exist on P99 since it's been out for such a long time already. That's like telling us to go play on the Zek server where everyone is already lvl 105..... makes no sense at all man.
  13. Tudadar Augur

    Yeah what also makes no sense is waiting 10+ years to play on a pvp server because you cant use the ones available to you. Good luck.

    You'll have to deal with overgeared chars / being outnumbered / people hitting and running on any pvp server. If you think pvp servers are fair fights you probably never played on one or played one 12+ years ago before eq changed. If rogue twinks stop your gaming experience and you rage/cry quit maybe you see why pvp servers wont bring in much money. Casuals will buy the 4 hour 25% exp potions / other potions so they can get griefed out of camps?

    Really hope you dont have nightmares over scary level 1 rogues w/ epics!
  14. Jaime Lannister Augur

    Team pvp is disgusting. Worse thing to happen to mmo pvp.

    I don't want the game to give me a reason to fight another player. I want the player to give me a reason to fight them.

    RZ was the ultimate pvp server for this reason. No lame team crap. I Kill you because you took my npc, or because I don't like you, or whatever reason. No limitations on who I can group/level with, no fighting someone 'cause they chose a different race/class.

    Reputation matters more on a pvp server for obvious reasons. and FFA PvP allows the server to define it's own ruleset, and enforce it.

    I'd love one of these.

    But I absolutely don't think there is a population large enough to make it worthwhile.
  15. Darktide Elder

    What are you even talking about? Waiting 10+ years? Can't use what that's available? Not joining Red99 when it first came out? I had no clue anyone made an EQ server. I found out about Project1999 last year and got to lvl 56. 21 kills, 0 deaths in the short time I was there. Yes, they have a leaderboard. Had to deal with twinks, no problem. You're talking to a Sullon Zek'er. The most hardcore PvP server that ever existed. I have no issues dealing with better geared players, or being outnumbered. I played on the Good Team on SZ, and that provided the most challenge. You probably don't even know what I'm talking about.

    Did you even read what I said? You're clearly not able to understand why they make TLP servers, even with me already explaining why.... Let's try again, why did I join a TLP server and NOT a server that's been out for ages? It's because it's started from scratch. Everyone starts from scratch. Has nothing to do with fairness and everything to do with grouping, and being social. You can't duplicate that experience on an old server. Why would I play on Zek for PvP?

    Your arguments for a PvP TLP server failing make absolutely no sense what so ever. Ok, we'll say twinks are a deterrent. How does a player on a NEW TLP server get an epic at lvl 1 and get twinked? That's a serious flaw in your logic. If you say it will deter people from joining the PvP server 2 years later, then that completely negates the reason for joining a TLP server to begin with. Everyone always starts out strong on a new TLP server, then the population declines. We don't see people gravitating to a TLP server that's been out for years....... Look at how many people jump ship when a new TLP server comes out. And this is PVE. It's all about starting out with a clean slate, everyone starts on the same footing. Everyone starts in the same areas, and you progress together. Add PvP to the mix, and it gets exciting.
  16. Steampunk Augur

    I wish I had a nickel for every time somebody brought this topic up. I could buy a Krono. If I bought Krono.
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  17. voresteiner Journeyman

    be careful what you wish for. ive thought of this, too, but....have you ever experienced p99 red? now multiple that by a lot of people. it would be chaos AND one guild would emerge to own every single public mob. would there be instancing? that doesnt seem very pvp. you would either have to join the guild farming everything or die trying. be thankful for what you have. you have classic TLP with instancing for you and your guild. what more could you ask for?
  18. Darktide Elder

    I agree with the reasons you stated, as to why FFA is a good option.

    If there were no level limits in PvP, like it was on SZ, lvl 6+ PvP enabled, anyone can attack and kill anyone, I think that would be more fun, FOR ME.... See a twink harassing low level peeps, slay him with one spell. Then he brings his main and it's on, which can turn into a big fight. Or the lvl 60's run around slaying low levels.. in which case you log on your mains, and the fights on again. Probably too hardcore for most people, so I'd settle for RZ rules....

    My issue with FFA is that all players end up having to form zerg guilds to compete once one guild does it. And as a result, it usually ends up being 2 zerg guilds competing for spawns. So you end up being in the same guild with someone you hate anyways. The same thing happens on a team server, but at least you have one or two larger guilds per team and spells don't accidentally hit your groupmates, unless that's been fixed. So, instead of having just 2 massive zerg guilds, you'll have 6... which makes things a lot more interesting.
  19. Tudadar Augur

    Yeah killing low levels on a lvl 60 with one spell sounds so fun. Great tactic for healthy long term server population to make DBG money. They make a limited amount of progression servers and people wont want to waste one on something theyll prolly just play a week or two. Good luck in any future poll though. Theyre in progression to make money and save jobs. Not to make a server so a very small population can grief others all day and limit the money they gain.
  20. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    No thanks
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