pvp progression server or serverwide arena battles

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  1. Duhbeast Augur

    x team as in shorties with elves? or were you under the propaganda umbrella that 3 teams vs 1 is legit? :mad:
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  2. Gyldor New Member

    I hate to ask for things from Everquest team, because I am so thankful for everything they have given us and kept this game running strong till today. But if there was one thing I have been missing from being an Everquest player for 15+ years and not playing other games is PVP. I've transferred to Zek twice, and enjoyed my experience there, but paying 25 dollars to come back everytime I want to enjoy some PVP is something I cannot afford.

    For the sake of dreaming of it, let's imagine a LegendofNorrath type of mechanic, in which case /Pvparena, enters an instance players can challenge each other across servers, and a yearly competition. I could foresee the greatest players coming together to train for this, and a huge community on TwitchTV which can bring revenue for the game and a lot of excitement. Even for players who do not wish to engage in PVP, its a show worth watching. I would easily pay an additional $5 a month as part of gold access to be able to PVP in an instance scenario. Or pay to enter competition, and winners get cash prizes.....again not expecting just entertaining the possibility and putting in my vote on this thread!

    P.S. Everyone I've ever pvped has proven to be the best players skill wise, and has been an honor to battle with each and every one of you. /salute
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  3. Lingum Elder

    Let me introduce to this little game I like to call EQ2....
  4. Xanorak Lorekeeper

    yes, this. I think a lot of people on blue servers would like pvp a lot more then they might think. Nothing currently in game will give you the adrenalin rush of pvp. I played on zek for 9 years and loved it but just recently returned to eq and joined FV because of zek's population
  5. Leex Augur

    I'm sorry to see that the last real guild on Zek folded up..I'd like to say that a lot of you guys out there are actually pretty good at your classes, in a lot of cases, and I think you'd easily be able to find a home on a blue server..It's not like you can't duel people, I know it's not the same though..

    Why not take the rest of the guild you do have, move to a blue server and do progression? You guys wanted to do that anyway, now you won't have to worry about all the AE effects killing eachother!

    Good luck those on Zek, and those who are moving to blue servers due to the situation. I wish you all the best, sorry the EQ devs failed the pvp server. Doesn't matter the reasons it failed, still sucks to see it happen.
  6. LilKurse New Member

    Sullon Zek TLP PVP server please
  7. Iila Augur

    With -PVP instances, so you don't have to worry about killing your guildmates?
  8. Tomcat Journeyman

    any TLP PVP pls! otherwise I gotta try and turn in book on Phinny!
  9. Tomcat Journeyman

    I started a chat channel on phinigel. Get in there and autojoin channel pvp to talk about making a guild or two to go red.
    Phinigel server
    /autojoin pvp AND/OR /join pvp
  10. Tenaka Lorekeeper

    Turn back on guild wars for all servers. That was one of the most enjoyable experiences I've ever had in the game.
  11. Tomcat Journeyman

    OR /autojoin phinigel.pvp

    come on pvp players get it together ! =)
  12. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Sad to see Pandemonium fold. Any guild that puts in that much time on Zek deserves respect. Does this mean it's just Wudan at the top on Zek now? Two-guild competition is a thing of the past?

    I think the thing that seems silliest to me about the arguments against PvP is the whole 'EQ is just too class-imbalanced now' argument. It's only half-right. From the beginning, whether you were level 1 or level 50, class imbalances were a problem. That problem has come and gone--gotten worse or better--with every expansion, and every class has had its turn. I played a warrior throughout my EQ career. They never really had their turn as a gamebreakingly overpowered class, but they had a couple turns near the top of the pack, and a few near the bottom.

    The stakes are higher now--on Zek/live--because DPS classes need so much more firepower to address modern raiding, which means if a class gets an overpowered upgrade come expansion time, it's much more likely that upgrade will enable said class to one-round PvP opponents.

    Set the game back to Classic / Kunark / Velious, and balance issues won't be so crippling, because there simply won't be as much DPS to go around. People who say mages could be an exception to this (especially if there are box crews) aren't wrong. This would need to be fixed, addressed, but once it had been, other balance issues could probably be left unaddressed. Some people would play overpowered classes, some people would play underdog classes, and the result would be far from perfect. But: Same as it ever was.

    As for getting two PvP guilds together: Good luck with that. If the /guildwar command were fixed, or if buff/heal code were changed to allow some degree of red-blue crossteaming (what's the point of disallowing it? out-of-level-range healers have always been a hazard of PvP, even on red servers) then you might be able to get enough people going red to support something like that. But until one of those things happens, flagging a character red simply disqualifies them from too much of the social content of the game to be a popular choice, even among a small niche of players.

    WTB TLP PvP, but know it probably won't happen.
  13. Gator35 Journeyman

    Pvp on eq would make so much money if any balancing/thought was put into it whatsoever. Pvp on everquest is the most nostalgic, amazing aspect of any game that a lot of us have ever played. A pvp progression server or just a revamp of current pvp, with some balancing, would lead to a huge influx of players. No game out there even comes close to what eq had originally.
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  14. Sokon Augur

    Well said sir. Couldn't agree more.
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