pvp progression server or serverwide arena battles

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by evilking, Jan 14, 2016.

  1. evilking New Member

    Soo.. I found out recently one of the most top pvp guilds on zek for almost 17 years has folded over today.. PDM and it saddens me to see the zero support to zek server has caused this.. soo frist off I would like to suggest making a progression pvp server with whatever of the zek rules im sure anyone and everyone would love a progression pvp server like at p99 how many active players they got because people want that balance pvp.. Would hope its something daybreak is considering. or maybe just for those of us who enjoy pvp but play on blue servers due to our home server zek getting no support open arena to a serverwide pvp battle ground where anyone from any server can go in arena and fight and have fun ...
  2. LachiusTZ Journeyman

    PDM was destined to die the moment Ninnu quit a few months ago.

    Nobody knows what goes on at Daybreak, its idiots leading the blind over there. They havent been able to cleanly launch a progression server in the year or so I've been following it (15 yr old game etc etc).
  3. Reval Augur

    Ninnu quit a lot longer than a few months ago.
    In before haters. Good luck out there.
  4. Tenaka Lorekeeper

    Bring back the ability to have guild wars on every server. That would be fun'=)
  5. Syrup Augur

    Put an arena back into the bazaar!
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  6. Vanrau Augur

    I fought against PDM the first 3 years of Tallon Zek. I was part of a few light guilds only and then evil 4 teaming Indignation. Many good times having mass pvp battles with Discordia against PDM, otherwise known as Disconation. Sad to see them fold but glad they lasted as long as they did.
  7. fransisco Augur

    isn't pvp in eq just a couple insta kill classes with everyone else just waiting to die?
  8. Reval Augur

    Not all PvP was that way, let's take a look at a rogues adventures into the year of 2013.

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  9. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    If Zek can make Daybreak a lot of money they will get a lot of attention just like the TLP servers.. otherwise.... things don't look so good.
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  10. Reval Augur

    Oh so that's the precedence. They just lost the guild that hands down gave them the most money out of any guild on the server, so things don't look so good buddy.

    There's a thread looming around here about how melee are overly hindered by rez effects. How much money do the melee have to make for Daybreak to earn the ability to enjoy the game without a huge slow upon death, and with a little easier stamina regen? This sounds like a relationship that is legal in Nevada.
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  11. Nick Elder

    Pvp progression server would be awesome. It's too bad pdm fell apart, I was with them for a few years as well as Defiant/NSA. 8 years on zek, it was hella fun
  12. Caster Lorekeeper

    I started on VZ in 1999 and played on Zek since merge - so it really pains me to say this.... it is time for DBG to get rid of Zek. In lieu of Zek, make a /testcopy function that will copy player characters to a handful of PvP zones on a single server. Make a +/- 4 level range variance for characters to PvP each other in, similar to what Zek has - then be done with it.

    DBG still makes a ton of money off of Marketplace items, etc as they relate to importance in PvP - but Zek as a server is dead. Creating a way for all servers to /copy a character over would allow people to experience PvP, keep the cash flow for PvPers in the marketplace, and free up the overhead for DBG in dealing with Zek currently.
  13. Sokon Augur

    EQ pvp is the funniest gaming experience I have ever had.

    I'd be in full support of some sort of serverwide zone arena or server we could test/copy to for pvp that some how kept track of kill system even if you refreshed your character with another copy.

    I think it would be popular, more popular than a rule set server that negatively effects raids. Everyone could play pvp classes rather than any support or weaker pvp classes and concentrated to a single zone would guarantee some action rather than the ghost town Zek is.
  14. Agrippa Augur

    Some of my fondest memories were some of the huge pvp battles that took place on the team servers. Before people started exploiting cross-teaming massively, there were legit team wars for a number of raid encounters and in some of the more popular zones to level in. Anyone around that remembers the first guild to exploit cross-teaming on team based pvp servers?
  15. Caster Lorekeeper

    Twelve Prophets.
  16. Tomcat Journeyman

    12 prophets sounds about right.
    One up on the PVP progression servers, please get your friends to request as well!
  17. Karthos Augur

    Forget PVP. EQ PVP is a mess.

    I hope the next expansion can be focused on guild vs. guild scenarios. Use cross server instancing and pit guilds against each other in defeating whatever a gm can throw at them. Broadcast it on the streaming websites as a weekly/monthly event and maybe we can get ESPN to cover it.

  18. Bronut Augur

    Reval miss you buddy, you are brilliant and you're devotion to zek is steadfast. /cheers
  19. Ozni Elder

    They should designate one person with the job of trying to do something interesting with PVP. Just one person. Implement serverwide arena battles, or some kind of thunderdome server with a small number of zones that people could /copy to and whomp on each other. There's a lot of interesting stuff they could do with it.
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  20. Lonye Augur

    pvp with mercs looks terrible!! rofl!
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