PvP movement or Marketing Hype scam?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Runes, Feb 23, 2020.

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  1. Dulu Augur

    Boomers playing 21 year old Elf Simulators aren't really the prime target for growing a Twitch following.
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  2. Runes Augur

    I am not anti PvP at all, love it in Wow and here my early posts were wishing for two servers to launch one PvE and one PvP, because I thought the new group of people pushing for it were sincere.

    But you have to admit, even if you have money, no one is going to create and pay actresses for an EQ server unless it was to serve their own financial interests. This also goes back to why I think EQ PvP will not work because of the greed for money.

    Is there any better example? Look what they are doing for greed and money before a server even is announced?
  3. Runes Augur

    Now you are being dishonest, you get a decent amount of followers watching your stream an hour and its noticeable money a month.
  4. SunDrake Augur

    I'm not saying that the enthusiastic push for a PVP TLP isn't kind of strange, but I think you are overstating the level of financial commitment here. You can get like any celebrity to do a Cameo for less than 1k USD, and that's at the high end. I don't think that's going to be a limiting factor for most EQ players, esp ones who might be trying to buy their way to a server type that doesn't exist.
  5. Derka Augur

  6. Boosi Lorekeeper

    Feels like a SCAM. Dulu is asking for all sorts of donations in his channel. Need a new face for this movement.
  7. Gemstoner Lorekeeper

    Oh and just for the record, if DG's project is some sort of EQ battle royale game I hope its successful. Whatever it takes to keep EQ/EQ2 supported. Hell, I'd probably give it a try myself.
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  8. NinjutsuMMO Elder

  9. Jayjayjay Lorekeeper

    how many ppl do you think are left on this game? even a handful of idiots can drive this community.
  10. Runes Augur

    Ok so here is what I don't get and the reason why I think its all a huge marketing scam now. They have been promoting this ongoing "Protest" event against a server that has not been announced yet and could be a PvP server for all they know?

    Does someone have some inside knowledge the rest of us don't have that it is not going to be a PvP server so a protest needs to happen?

    This gets more unbelievable by the minute
  11. SunDrake Augur

    Nothing about it makes sense, but I also think you might be reading too far in to it or giving these guys too much credit. Right?

    Of course it's not a protest. These are very likely not a group of people that understands what a protest really is or the underlying reason to have one. It's never good to make assumptions about a group of people, but I don't think it's too far of a stretch to think that a majority of these dude are middle aged caucasian males. This is not a demographic where you expect some overwhelming majority to understand from experience what 'protest' is. It's a 'protest' for a PVP TLP server for a 21 year old PC game, man.

    The most likely reality to me is that they are just a subset of fringe gamers who are trying to capitalize on what they see as some uncertainty on the part of a new studio at the helm [not really a new studio, of course, but it might look like a glimmer of hope to those are looking for one] who is poised to release new servers. Dunno what that saying is exactly, something about a duck. Quacks like a duck, likely just a duck.
  12. jordune Augur

    i played on tallen zek for the 1st few years of my eq time.
    guilded with elvan empire then stature of the gods then the x teaming came..
    new name of indignation ..i spent my time and faith in darkoan.
    i ended up finishing my time as a member of pandemonium ( celestine recruted me )
    what did i learn ?
    eqpvp is awesom .. at lvl 10. then it begins to suck something fierce.
    i Only started to learn about EQ its-self as a environment to enjoy only after i went to the zeboxaryu
    sincie then ive played on many tlp serverd to-date.
    i finished the combine with Roi
    did the fippy thing
    ragefire ( got better after the tb folks left for phinny)
    and mangler.

    i wont support a new pvp server. its toxic and at times vile. im done with that.
    this dulu guy is acting like he is In the know.. has some insider info with the devs.
    if his * insider info is correct and they make a pvp server.. then my 20 years at eq is done.

    like many i am looking forward to a boxable Blue server with aoc's and a decent exp time like 3 or 4 months. some free trade would be leet.. hell i would deal with classic if we got that and no biggie.

    but if u pvp guys think you can put 4000 to 6000 Paid and active accounts on a pvp server.. your delusional.
  13. Beimeith Augur

    I don't have insider knowledge (and if I did I couldn't tell you anyway), but I do have common sense, and that says it absolutely will NOT be a PvP server, because it would crash and burn harder than Miragul and everybody (aside from the 5 people that won't let it go) knows it.
  14. Brawl Elder

    What a pleasurable read. I for one, would be gutted if your time at EQ was dramatically cut short because they were to launch a server you didn't want to play on. Heavens forbid!

    I wish you all the best, with your server choice and grasp on the English language.

    God speed.
  15. ECrack Augur

  16. Brazy Journeyman

    you big poor baby. "if they get a server i dont want im leaving!"

    PVP needs 4-6k players meanwhile most TLP servers have less then 500 players bahahahaha.

    all these anti-pvp man babies are so sad
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