Purging the Corruption

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Kolani, Feb 26, 2019.

  1. Kolani Augur

    The Partisan of the Old Commonlands achievement is broken, the mission Purging the Corruption isn't properly spawning the corrupted animals. They path up to the Obliteration Summoners and into the aura like they should, but they don't despawn and respawn as their corrupted variant that drops the Essence of Corruption to update the task.
  2. Mehregan New Member


    I know this post is old, but this seems to be always broken. First time i went to this zone there were panthers, venomous spider etc everywhere, now corrupted animals are nowhere to be seen. I 've been trying to finish this quest now for 2 days with the very very rare enraged kodiaks but it's tiring... Can this be fixed pleased ?
  3. CatsPaws Devil's Advocate

    Have you tried the suggestion in Alla or from this post on these forums?

    I did this quest the other day, its a pain but its actually not as bad as it seems.
    In certain areas of the zone you will find 4 summoners, surrounded in a purple could. Now this purple cloud is what will turn mobs into the right ones to kill for the quest - at least for bears and beetles.

    So my tactic was to find one of these area that was on the top of a hill, I then massacred any animal of any type that was wandering around the area unless it was a bear or beetle. If it was one of those I would aggro it and pull it into the edge of the cloud, and watch it turn into the right type of mob to kill. Now the drop rate still sucked, but at least I could get it done. So main tip is drag bears and beetles into a purple cloud, and if none up just kill everything as stuff in commonlands tends to be on a shared spawn table :)

    Dragari, Feb 28, 2019
  4. Mehregan New Member


    Thanks for your reply. I finally managed to finish this quest using another way : i noticed that each time i killed a group of 4 summoners, they would repop each time with ONE mutated animal ( i managed like that to see a mutated beetle i hadn't seen in 3 days ) The thing is, the corrupted animal not always near those summoners so having a tracker is advised( like i did )
    Hope this will help next person blocked with this chore :)