Purchasing Marketplace items doesn't give character the item.

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Caster, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Caster Lorekeeper

    I purchased the 5 slot Illusion Keyring in the market place. I wasn't given the 5 slots in my illusion keyring for the character, it is still showing 0/0. A really good way to get your customers to stop spending money on your product, is to not provide the product when they initially spend money.
  2. Lynnia Augur

    Sorry, but I think you're out of luck on this one.

    If you read the description of the key ring slots, it clearly states "To use this feature, you must either have purchased The Broken Mirror or purchased the Illusion Key Ring feature separately"
  3. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    If you bought the illusion key ring feature or had it from buying the expansion you should check under /claim I think that is where the extra key rings go.

    If you did not buy the illusion key ring feature either by getting the expansion or via marketplace you will need that to use the extra king rings. If you don't want to buy that petition and explain you didn't know you had to get the feature first. That happened to someone else who posted here and if I remember correctly they got their station cash back.
  4. Corwyhn Lionheart Augur

    They really should make it so the extra key rings cannot be purchased unless you have the key ring feature.
  5. Caster Lorekeeper

    I read the item description clearly, and I have 23/23 expansions. Is this stating that I had to buy a specific version of the TBM expansion? I just bought the normal expansion, but I know they sell some type of bonus expansions with added benefits.
  6. CatsPaws SMH

    Look under claim. You may have bought the proper expansion but the key ring feature is not an auto one, you had to claim it. So you may not have needed to buy it from marketplace which would take you back to Cor's comment about someone else doing the same thing in the past.

    Well this is odd. I have under my claim, the option for 10 slots of both, familiar and illusion key ring. Not used. Under my char inventory screen I show 3/11 or 5/11. So if I claim do I get 10 more?

    here is from release:

    Each character will start with an Illusion Key Ring that has 10 slots available for your personal character illusions. Do you have a really large collection of illusions? You can expand the size of your Illusion Key Ring by purchasing additional slots from the Marketplace. Additional slots are also featured items included in the Collector’s and Premium editions of the expansion.
    Illusions purchased from the Marketplace won’t count against the slots in your Illusion Key Ring. You will automatically receive an additional illusion slot whenever you add a Marketplace illusion to your Illusion Key Ring. This slot will go away if you remove that Marketplace illusion.
  7. Garmr Augur

    There is clearly something wrong with the marketplace. I tried purchasing 20$ worth of DBC last week and got a pop up saying something like "Sorry, could not complete purchase, try again later"

    Tried again later. Same thing.

    Tried again later. Same thing.

    Said, screw it and logged off not thinking about it. Noticed account yesterday, now has $60 of DBC...and my bank account is $60 less than where it should be. Now I'd imagine over the next few months I may have dropped $60 in the marketplace so I'm not completely bent out of shape, it's not killing me financially at all, but that is one hell of a thing for your game to do.

    It's also the last DBC I'll ever buy.
  8. Cactuszach Elder

    I really hate the store description for this. Its incredibly misleading.

    So the illusion key ring came with TBM. If you bought TBM when TBM was the current expansion, this feature was included. If you bought EoK, you get TBM also, but you dont get the illusion feature.

    Easy solution, I'll just buy the slots in the marketplace! Well no. You have to buy the feature separately in the marketplace and then additional slots increase your key ring past 10 slots.

    I know. Its a huge bummer and really confusing. They have the verbiage there to try and make it less confusing ("To use this feature, you must either have purchased The Broken Mirror or purchased the Illusion Key Ring feature separately") but it still sounds like if you buy EoK (which also gives you TBM) you have this feature and that isnt the case.

    Sorry for the confusion.
  9. CatsPaws SMH

    Have you put an illusion in the ring yet?

    Your illusion item is actually placed into the key ring, which effectively creates additional inventory slots on every character that can only be used for illusions.

    Key word maybe create? Do they not show up till you put one in it?

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