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Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Zahasha, Jan 30, 2020.

  1. Zahasha New Member

    Over the past few years I have purchased a number of Ornaments from the EQ Marketplace to place on low end items to decorate Undivided Faiths Guild Hall on the Drinal server.. Recently these marketplace ornaments are no longer showing on the items. When I placed a shield in my inventory and inspected it the ornament slot was empty where the ornament once had been, but the shield icon showed the illusion still on the icon. I know of at least 5 shield ornaments that I have purchased from the Marketplace that are currently missing ... not sure what else there may be.
    Here is the list of ornaments and the shields that they were placed in.
    Guard of the Ocean Ornament in a Large Satyr Shield
    Guard of the Ocean Ornament in a Round Shield
    Fireball Ornament in a Round Shield
    Strength of Timber Ornament in a Buckler
    Three of Hearts Ornament in a Buckler
    The 5 shields listed above are all up on the walls in the Undivided Faiths Guild Hall on the Drinal Server
    When I inspect them the three I have not moved show the ornaments as still being equipped and the ornamental illusion on the inspection tab - but the ornaments do not show up visibly on their respective shields when viewing them in the Guild Hall.
    The two shields with the Guard of the Ocean ornaments I moved - the ornaments no longer show as being equipped, but the inspection tab does show the ornamental illusion and the ornaments do not show up visibly on the shields in the guild hall.
    Thank you again so much for your help with this.
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  2. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Have you tried picking them up into inventory and re-placing them. Maybe go as far as picking them up. removing the augment, replacing the augment, then placing back on the wall?
  3. Zanarnar Augur

    I believe he already tried that Ngreth, but the ornaments themselves were missing from the items. See the snippet below:

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  4. MasterMagnus Augur

    Working up steps to reproduce right now, including images.

    Everything OP said is CONFIRMED by me.

    And I'm going to expect a reimbursement on my ornament if it vanishes as described.
  5. MasterMagnus Augur


    more to come.
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  6. MasterMagnus Augur

    Above screenshot taken from an alt.

    Logging in main, who placed this item, guild leader, owns guild hall:
    -Bug was visible.
    -Was able to remove item from wall.
    -Was able to remove ornament from shield.
    -Replacing ornament gave the proper appearance to shield.
    -Replacing shield on wall appears to work so far. I didn't go to the trouble of placing it exactly (and getting the little glowing object behind it showing through in just the right place).

    Will check further.
  7. MasterMagnus Augur

    Went back about an hour later (to reset guild hall). Shield showed ornament correctly still.

    I hate to say it, but I suppose this is one of those intermittent things that happen with guild halls and possibly housing in general.

    This may not be worth tracking down in the state housing is in.

    Feel free to re-acquire the carefully crafted appearance of your guild hall through normal game play. :(
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  8. Fooba Elder

    Something happened with ornaments that were placed in houses and guild halls. All of the epic ornaments in the Realm of Insanity guild hall are gone. The ornaments totally disappeared off 3 weapons in my house, but the icon of the weapon still shows the ornament. The ornament slot is empty, yet I can't add an ornament to it. The only ornament I was able to get back was my Epic 2.0 ornament.

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  9. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    I removed the tag, but this has gone from a design issue to a Code issue. I still cannot reproduce this :(
  10. Skoll New Member

    This happened to my house as well. I haven't gone through to fix it yet.

    Can you make all weapon and shield ornaments placeable? Then I could get rid of the item it is in and not worry about it happening again.
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  11. Bobokin Augur

    It is not just in housing. After the patch, some ornaments will not show upon zoning or logging. They must be taken out and replaced to show, but they don't show when zoning again.

    Since this has not happened before, it is likely that something was messed up in code with this latest patch.
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  12. aiha Journeyman

    This happens with Soulfire Ornamentation. Once I zone it disappears and looks like the normal weapon. Remove, reinsert... works until I zone again. Fiery Defender ornament isn't affected by this, nor are any of the other epic ornaments that I normally use (wiz/mag/mnk 2.0 and rng 1.0).
  13. Forcallen Augur

    Have you at least been able to confirm it?

    Likely busy with February patch but you can see some issues at 102 Brimming Way in Crimson Tempest Village IV on the Drinal Server. Can't miss my giant obsidian tower. If you zone into the bixie hive and look at the 2 guards on the sides of the throne room holding shields and weapons you can see the issue. The guard on the right from ZI is holding an upside down Scythe but when you inspect the item you can clearly see it was ornamented previously to that sword graphic (don't recall the named and I have to figure it out) there is no way to remove and add the ornament back because it was a permanant container. Same with the guard on the left from ZI. His shield and weapon have reverted to the original items graphics, despite inspection of these items showing them ornamented ie the Bronze Scythe was a Obsidian Greatsword Ornament and the Barrier of Freezing Winds was a Obsidian Dragonscale Bulwark ornament.
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  14. Vlad Diszno Augur

    Just went through some of my houses and have several weapons that have been ornamented, by either augs or via ornamentation containers(mostly this), in several houses that look like the original weapon and not what they should look like. I've had some of these ornamented weapons for at least 6 or 7 years and in October of '19, they were all still as they should have been... but not anymore. Haven't even looked through all my houses yet or all the ornamented weapons I had stored for future use, most of which were old enough to be created by the 1 use container type of ornamentation.
    All the $ I spent to buy those ornaments back then to have potentially lost them is disheartening. Plus it mucks up my houses that I worked those into
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  15. Vlad Diszno Augur

    missed the edit deadline;
    I found one weapon that was affected that showed the aug in it. I pulled it into my inventory, took out and placed back the aug, and placed it back into house. That one weapon seems to be ok for now, but will see if it lasts.
    As for a vast majority of the weapons in my houses, which used the 1 use containers to change their looks, I cannot do anything about. I really hope DBG/ Darkpaw, or whatever they call themselves now, can remedy this cause I don't know how to repair my vandalized houses otherwise.
    For a few things I have ideas for substitutes, if need be, but not everything. But even those substitutes would cost me dbc, when those items do come back onto market.

    I just fear there are so few people left in housing that our voices won't be a blip on their radar, or rather, their care-dar.
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  16. Zahasha New Member

    This issue has not be been resolved. I purchased 4 ornaments from the EQ Marketplace for shields that I used to decorate the walls in Undivided Faith Guild Hall. I am unable to upload photos to this forum to illustrate this issue. The ornaments are not showing. Three of the shields show which ornament was placed on it when one inspects them. The forth shield no longer shows the ornament as I removed it from the wall to see if I could remove it and replace it. It poofed /disappeared /is longer there or anywhere. Due to this happening I have not removed the other three shields from the wall, but upon inspecting them the ornaments place in them show they are there even though they are not appearing on the shield. Thank you for working on fixing this!
  17. Paxzon New Member

    I for one would like either a refund on all the real world money I have spent to make my guild look great or please fix this issue. It has been a couple large patches now gone by that this is has not been resolved. My guild hall looks trashed with crap weapons instead of epics and shields and weapons that had been purchased. If you take my money you need to ensure I get what I paid for.
    PLEASE FIX or at least post on here what your doing about it.
  18. MasterMagnus Augur


    If you care about this problem, in the bug forum you need to Like the first post in the thread, so the devs know how many people this is an issue for.
  19. MasterMagnus Augur

    What have you tried?

    Do you have a housing zone on the internal servers?

    Did you get a plot, get a house, get some ornaments, get some normal items, ornament the items, then place in the house, and then check back frequently?

    You're going to have to actually do this and then check back often to see when it bugs out.

    None of us have any idea what causes it, and we can't give you any better advice than that.

    We all hope you're not saying you 'cannot reproduce' just to get out of dealing with it. If this is something you don't have time for, we'd appreciate you saying so.
  20. Bobokin Augur

    The ornaments that have a problem on zoning are from a guide event.

    Not sure why it is just those.

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