Pulling tools for bard?

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by gommy123, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. gommy123 New Member

    I get that we can single target mez, to pull one out of a pair.

    I get that we have a single target lull that can cause a few to ignore us to pull 1 out of up to maybe 4?

    Then the standard fade splitting, if you have the room.

    What else is there? I'm late to the bard train, and for whatever reason I can't get the 101 lull spell memmed, it doesn't even come up as an option in my lesser / minor whichever life essence click.
  2. Brohg Augur

    AE mez hits up to 6 mobs at a time

    I don't know which of the several techniques involving Fade you're calling "standard", but sure. It combos super effectively with snares and mezzes.

    Silent Displacement is a biggie.
  3. gommy123 New Member

    The fade thing, where you tag a bunch of mobs, they run to you, then fade, they don't all return at the same rate sometimes. The last one to start walking back, tag again, repeat until only 1 comes. But silent displacement is a good thing, I'll look at that too, thanks :)
  4. Derd Augur

    If you've got a long way back possibly thru doors etc.. I use swarm pets :) sic em and run. Then just fade as mobs hit camp while hitting aoe mez depending on how many. The more you use stuff though the more "tricks" you'll find we have, Enjoy
  5. mackal Augur

    Not my video, but this video is pretty good
  6. Hingabe Augur

    Another way is charm, run back to group, use ribbon of empathy clicky to summon pet to you, fade adds / drop charm and destroy pet.
  7. svann Augur

    I use silent displacement aa a lot.
    I used to snare 1 then fade when they separate.
    If 1 is a caster then he will likely stop to cast and they separate.
  8. Bamkan Augur

    I always have both DA's memorised. This can be useful to pull mobs far away, just train them towards your camp under DA. You can then either Sonic Displacement and a quick fade your target if a namer, or simply Mez/Dirge a ph and fade again.
    DA also pretty helpful in Droga due to the spin/stun. Can just DA and go running through picking up a bunch , returning to camping and AE mez.

    Another technique if you want to get a namer out of a tight space with 6 or so mobs is to pull the room, use Deftdance (avoidance disc) and then AE mez /single mez. And then start moving back, Namer wont get mezzed and you can pull it back..fade and then single pull it.
  9. Vindicate Elder

    Lets not forget Song of Highsun!
  10. gommy123 New Member

    Okay, so to clarify, bard can deftdance, run into a room, ae mez, and not die? Does it work 360 degrees, or can mobs paste me from behind? I'll be trying anyway, for giggles (have a rogue on another account that has dragged my bard body out of all sorts of places), but I'll take all the info I can.
  11. gommy123 New Member

    Does that still work? I thought it got nerfed into uselessness from resists on everything being too high. I haven't even memmed it since I came back after many year break.
  12. Parker Elder

    I think of splitting mobs in terms of separation. Seperation is really the key, without getting into the scenarios where an initial mobs call for help and those who answer will not trigger any additional adds....the mob or mobs that answer the initial call for help do not put out their own call for help as theh path towards you, even if they were to run over a pack of a thousand mobs. So if you can the initial mob aggroed to become stationary, like with mez, you can get his ever radiating call for help bubble to just aggro those in its vicinity.

    Getting away from them tricks, pure splitting is just gaining enough seperation from call for help bubbles and assist or answer help bubbles. Someone made up a nifty illustration a bit back that showed something similar.

    If you look in my profile there is a link to my channel, I have a few bard videos where I tackle bard pulling methods. What i refer to as mez bombing, charm pulling, and mez.
  13. Tucoh Augur