PSA to Enchanters: Redux Edition

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  1. Gialana Augur

    Great tips. The point I left in the quote is no longer true, though. Magical weapons are no longer a thing in EverQuest, so every mob can be damaged with any weapon your class can use, including your hands.
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    Thanks for the tips. I'm thinking about trying out the ENC class this time around. I have a simple question (please don't flame me). You would load up on STA (and maybe AGI) for the starting stats?

    Thanks in advance.
  3. Until We Felt Red Augur

    Thanks for the helpful write up. I learned something new, which always feels fun after all these years.

    You come off as a massive deebee in this thread and for absolutely no apparent reason. Kudos.
  4. Demetri Augur

    Because I believe that data extrapolation is best done by people themselves? Sorry for being in the sciences, where repetition by another is how things are affirmed rather than telling people the results.

    To give the Cliff's Notes - if you've got the same mob with one weapon or two weapons fighting the same things, it will triple and quad more frequently than with one weapon alone - with the exception of the uncommon mobs that are a monk mob - those seem to always act as if dual wielding even with a single weapon (I don't recall testing them with zero). Also most caster type mobs have little benefit from dual wielding - their triple and quad rates DO increase, but it's marginal compared to Warrior/Ranger/Rogue/etc mobs.

    Does that help you understand now? Or did that make the whole thing even more confusing? Betting the latter - thus why I left it vague with the suggestion of testing with a better controlled environment to learn a bit at a time, instead of shotgun form.
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    A great time to post this would have been as a response to: "What are the other cases where this is justified other than additional procs?" rather than what you wrote, which was "I'd suggest parsing far longer than you have with and without with identical mobs, the difference should be quite apparent."

    It's not that serious, man. This isn't a maxroll or icyveins tier guide. Politely explaining what you know about the information given on a post is reasonable and normal. You didn't do that. Words matter. You were pretty rude.
  6. Demetri Augur

    What is rude about telling someone they need to rerun their dataset with better controls? What is the insistence that everyone has with being spoonfed everything and having one claim of homogenized "this is correct" groupthink, instead of having multiple well run testbeds to get a number of different answers to give a robust set of things to consider.

    Among other things, it leaves the door open to MY EXPERIENCE BEING WRONG POTENTIALLY - maybe I screwed up mine and his repetition would demonstrate that because I had an oversight of some sort of my own.

    So many miserable people online that always take everything as the worst possible take.
  7. Laronk Augur

    Ahh the great scientist that doesn't share his data but says that your data is wrong. Only the best scientists know that everyone should gather their own data and extrapolate it themself despite most people not having the needed skills to do it well instead of sharing their data to show you that 2 is indeed better than 1
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    INT is all you care about, used to be INT and CHA now it is just INT.
  10. Demetri Augur

    I gave the statement that his results didn't mesh with mine - I did my data two computers and nearly a decade ago, so it's long since relegated to memory rather than sharable in full rote.

    My implication should've given a strong hint of it before I elaborated on its own - and being that I was on mobile at the time, the more robust form HAD to wait because I'm not going to type three paragraphs of different cases I've made notes of on my Pixel 8 Pro's OSB. And it's ALWAYS good to keep testing and retesting in REAL science - at least until the rare time something is SO repeatable that it becomes a Law.
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    When I was first told of the single vs dual weapon trip / quad situation. I parsed it with black hands in LDON weiding one or two blood points. It wasn't a highly controlled experiment, but I didn't see any meaningful difference in their DPS. I only did this during a single raid, as once there is a 2nd charming enchanter, the parse is invalid. This was also the only situation I really cared about as it was the only time I was in any meaningful danger from my pet. The data is long lost, so best I can say is take my word for it, or not. To add to the ad hominem, I was informed my error by someone with reputation for having a firm grasp on mechanics (Deitrich on Agnarr).

    My aim here was to make a more useful version of the PSA to Enchanters post as I'm sure there will be people rolling their first enchanter on Teek / Tormax. Chad McChaderson wasn't really my target audience. If you know better, you know better. /shrug

    I'll try to keep the original post edited for accuracy as best I can.

    Thanks for the feedback.