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    War is asunder! Our once peaceful home has been crammed with hate, greed and violence... Villages have been destroyed... Crops burning have left us foraging for whatever we can find!... Norrath is tainted with evil, who among you is brave enough to stand against it?... Do you hear the battle drums? They're coming closer...They're growing louder! Run as you will but there is no corner of these plains that will protect you from what is to come... You must stand! You must fight! Protect what you call home!
    Prosperitas of Firiona Vie actively seeking those that wish to decimate evil!
    We at Prosperitas believe in a fun raiding environment. We hold a standard when it comes to raiding, expecting all that contribute to be skilled, focused and ready! Keeping this in mind, we do not hold a mandatory raiding schedule above any of our players heads. We understand real life comes first. We have created a relaxed, high end raiding guild FULL of talented players.

    Our Raid times are Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday
    7pm -10pm PST

    TeamSpeak friendly! (required but not required to speak)
    GINA friendly! (required for raiding, and we can help you set it up)

    Beat/Farming the Broken Mirror (#12! yay!).
    TDS on farm, 1 night clear.
    All raid achievements CotF, TDS and TBM done
    Check us out on EGL

    DKP loot system
    We have a tiered loot system
    Tier 1 - Full members who keep an average RAP of 40% + in a 30 day period
    Tier 2 - Full member under 40% / Recruits
    Tier 3 - Open loot

    Currently seeking
    2 Wizards
    2 Necromancers

    Talented players welcome to apply

    See you on the battlefront,

    (contact in game email to Firiona.Kohnn, Firiona.Sailea or you can PM on boards which would be a more reliable way of contact)
  2. Agrippa Augur

    Prosperitas has been a good fit for my wife and I. There are no requirements to raid and we've never had problems getting groups going. The raids are too late for us to make normally, but we've really enjoyed the positive atmosphere. There is an expectation to play well, but there's also the expectation to play nice. The play nice part is what is missing in many raid guilds. Raid leaders and others constantly talking down to people and treating them like children. This behavior isn't tolerated in Prosperitas.
  3. cknuckles New Member

    Lower level groups?

    Wife and I looking at getting back to playing, and Ragefire is a we are looking at any server with a decent population.
  4. Agrippa Augur

    Well, the game is fairly top heavy on non progression servers, Prosperitas included. That's not to say that you wouldn't be welcome, but we don't have many grouping outside of the latest expansion normally. I've never had problems getting groups at low and mid levels on Firiona Vie, though, but I'm very proactive. The population is above average, I think, but I rarely get "too many to list" when doing /who all within five levels of my characters until the eighties. I rarely play without my wife and it's probably *much* easier to get things going with a partner and mercenaries than it might be for solo characters. I imagine your wife and you would find a similar experience there.
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    Server first Arx 5 win!!

    Prosperitas always seeking talented players, happy hunting!

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    As always, door is open to talented player seeking some kills!

    Happy hunting,

    (if you have any questions, please contact Firiona.kohnn or Firiona.Sailea, or on our guild website)
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    Hey yall, were alive, still kickin booty and getting a whole lot of booty.... errr loot!

    If youd like to join our ranks, or have any other questions feel free to contact us!

    Currently seeking:

    as always, were open to high RAP, Talented players!

    happy hunting,
  10. skattabrainz Augur

    is fv still one toon only on server?
  11. RangerDanger#1 Lorekeeper

    No. It's now the same as all servers.
  12. Kolani Augur

    Prosperitas is good people, if I had the time or patience for raiding still it's where I would look at first.
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    Bump~ top post edited.
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    Bump~ new raid schedule and classes needed
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    Bump, seeking caster dps ^ see top post
  19. AlmarsGuides Augur

    Can Isuli and I come back if we promise to top every single parse again?
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