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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Fian, Jul 31, 2020.

  1. Bigstomp Augur

    My personal preference for Overseer is let it be. It's not broken, don't fix it.

    Add more real everquest content instead of fussing with Overseer.
  2. Yinla Augur

    That is where you are wrong Overseer is broken, loosing quests, wrong amount of agents displayed, agents not being recovered when completing recovery quests, quests failing for no reason.
  3. Bigstomp Augur

    Ok. Fine. It's not broken 'enough'. Don't fix it.
  4. disclose Journeyman

    100k is a little low imo, It's approximately 111k(a little more, forgot the exact amount) to get enough OMM brews to get the Staff of Forbidden Rites and a lot more B.S. to put up with. (Have to do old raids to impress him before he'll even sell you any items) with $25 and a little over 7 days playing time, you can get 111k Overseer Tetradrachms by using DBC to complete the missions. But I definitely like where you're headed with this idea.
  5. Fian Augur

    I am not sure that disappearing quests is a bug. I never fail a quest anymore, so I am assuming that a failed quest is the disappearing quest.
  6. dreadlord Augur

    No - it's completely different. See the various threads in the bug report forum
    In a nutshell I set up quests 1-5. I zone. Quests 3-5 missing. Quest 3 is available in my list of available quests. Quest 4 & 5 are not. Pick and do 2 more quests, so I have 5 again. Zone (or camp or...) Now I have 2 quests again. All still available. Redo. Zone. Now I have 4 quests. Redo 1 quest. Zone. It's gone. Repeat last step 6 times. Now I have 5 quests.
    This is what we mean by broken
    (this is what happened to me this morning; and most mornings and evenings to a greater or lesser extent)
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  7. Mikana Apprentice

    It's very broken. Plenty of posts on the threads about tasks vanishing, reappearing, being unable to start quests because it can't correctly keep track of how many agents you've got.

    I've taken to not starting new tasks on a Friday, to let everything "run down" for a day, then starting again from a clean slate, just to hold some of the bugs at bay.

  8. Sokki Augur

    That's an interesting idea, I'm not sure how willing they would be to add items that they currently sell a "Chance" at for DBC though. 100k for an illusion is way lower than it would probably be if they even considered it. As a reference, a full suit of the Ak'Anon armor ornaments is almost 400k coins. I'd imagine any illusion especially one that has a relevant buff with it would be at least that much if not more.
  9. Duality Augur

    Have they listed somewhere the total of each rank agents are available? I've seen quite a few bugs lately on quests not wanting to start, even when none of the agents in a stack being used are in another quest. Sometimes they will lag at 0.0.0 remaining incapacitated status where you just need to click over to the agent status tab and they will auto correct every few seconds. Other times you have to come back in a few days. Overall, the bugs tend to work themselves out. Any time I've seen missing quests come up, they end up coming back the next day and show 6/5 completed quests or whatever.

    I'd personally like to see an auto fill for quests to make them a bit less tedious to do multiple accounts on. I usually end up spending a couple hours a day just spamming clicks, even worse when there are conversions to be done. Would also be a bonus to have mass conversions. Either give us the option to set cards over a certain stack number to be auto converted, or allow selection of 10 agents to 3 conversions.

    Also. Someone give wandering minstrel an exlax.
  10. Ibadan Kun'Tirel Augur

    Thanks, the only thing I see on the lore is: "Can you bring the spoon to Mizzle?"
  11. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If we are doing Top 10 wants for Overseer:

    1. Make the level of a task scale and increase in reward beyond just the EXP / Currency aspect of it. Tradeskill tasks should yield more for a level 5 vs a level 1. Collection tasks should yield additional collection fragments. Ornament tasks should yield additional ornament selectors.

    2. Add older expansions to the tradeskill rewards. DoDH, DoN, OoW, GoD, PoP, Luclin, Velious. Each have some quite robust tradeskill recipe lists and could use added to the reward list.

    3. Add additional things to the Overseer Vendor.
    • Bags of older expansion group currency. Start in HoT with Dream Motes and go every expansion onward. Code these bags to not unlock until the expansion beyond it is out for all servers.
    • Powersources Loyalty offers Phosphites/Orums to buy TBS Powersources. Start by including the RoF Xorbb Powersource, TDS Powersources and RoS powersources. Require the expansion where a new set of powersources is available before selling these powersources so that you need to be doing actual content to get the most recent powersources but you could get older ones through Overseer. IE once TDS opens, unlock the Xorbb powersource, once RoS opens, unlock the TDS powersources, and once ToV opens unlock the RoS powersources.
    • Utility Clickies. I think add for a very high price some utility clickies. A quick shrink casting item, maybe an IVU or Invis clicky item, or one thing that has of yet been farmed out unlike all other utility abilities, a 1 hour recast Call of the Hero clicky would be really neat to have access to.
    4. Add AA rewards as an option, many people sit at max EXP but are extremely lacking in AA category, this would help bridge that gap.

    5. When selecting available agents to fill a slot, give us additional filter options. Currently we can filter by Rarity, Jobs, and 1 Trait. It would be nice to filter by "Best Match", IE who provides the highest success increase. If that is too complicated, adding 3 more Trait filters, so you can find not only who is a Paladin but who is also a High Elf, Heroic and Regal. Within needing to click through 10 agents to see their stats.

    6. An "Accept all" button to complete all active quests that are complete

    7. An "Autoaccept specific reward based on mission type" setting. Where every single Harvesting Mission I complete it automatically accepts the EXP reward, or every single Plunder Mission I complete it automatically accepts the Currency reward.

    8. An option to only show duplicate agents when selecting agents for Conversion

    9. The ability to convert and use a duplicate iconic agent if one copy of that iconic agent is incapacitated. I think this would add a lot of longevity to the current system without a need for a new influx of agents. Being encouraged to keep a stable of 2 x of all iconic agents so that if one version gets incapacitated you have a back up version you can rely on would be another solid time sink in trying to obtain duplicates in everything. Plus it would make the huge incapacitation chance on 6+ agents every single task more manageable at the higher levels.

    10. Don't automatically jump to Active Quests when starting a quest.
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  12. Velisaris_MS Augur

    Yes...these...a thousand times, yes.:D
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  13. Chopin.Xegony Augur

    This times a million.
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  14. Tatanka Augur

    I'd go one step further. When you select an agent, the percent chance of success goes up based on how well the agent "fits". How about just rank the agents by how much they help the mission to succeed? Saves a lot of time, and removes the need for all the annoying filtering.
  15. Zamiam Augur

    is it just me or did the rewards in the recruit tasks get smaller .. thought i remember them awarding like 3 to 5 agents .. now im only getting 1 or 2 if its a critical success ?

    DB did this I believe to force us to buy their starter packs and such from market ..
  16. Koveras Elder

    The other thing should also be worth adding for Overseer are Special/Seasonal Quests that should only happen like once a month (Frostfell Overseer, New Years Overseer, Erollisi Overseer ect ect) as well as an EverQuest Anniversary Overseer Quest that only happens once a year.

    They should also give out those once-in-a-while quests that should be similar to the Legends of Norrath days when you can have a chance to win rare and obscured loot back in the days when Legends of Norrath was still around.
  17. Yinla Augur

    Really don't see the point of seasonal overseer quests, when all they give is the same rewards as the other quests of the same type. IMHO it is a waste of dev time to create them.
  18. Sokki Augur

    At the low lvls they only reward 1-2 normally, at the higher lvls they still reward 3. You get 1 extra at all lvls for crits. They also went from being 36 hour quests to 12 hour quests. So you can actually get more agents faster now with the reduced times.
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