Proposed changes for Ranger class

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Kurage_of_Luclin, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Gingadin New Member

    Both good points Fintank and Derka. Damn 500 across events thats high well the bar is set. Im not saying i suck n other rangers killin me. I have always been upper end or top dps wise amung rangers in my guilds. I used to be able to beat alot of rogues n some zerks. Now thats hard and I'm gonna try n find out what i can change that all.My guild lost 3 rangers so alliance fulminations aren't very consistent right now and thats a factor too im sure.

    Im frustrated but sometimes you gotta tear it all down and start new. Im gonna do that.

  2. Hellowhatsyourname Augur

    Fin, don't forget to tell everyone that you always get the bestest most awesomest adps-laden groups on raids, though!! haha
  3. Szilent Augur

    that's not wrong? But also he's part of those groups, making them good groups for the others in there since he's not prone to sandbagging on Scarlet/Spire/GGotF, or missing repetitions of those, or missing Synergy procs ever.
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  4. Tarvas Augur

    When I raid it is a fight to get other folks to understand this.

    On the mana issue and it is a issue, the help needs to come from other classes. I'd like to see better mod rods (with the corresponding health penalty), Paragon, bard and enchanter tricks, etc. instead of a innate ability. In the group game, I'd like to see OOC fill everyone up in 60 seconds. When I play I don't want to wait a couple of minutes for me to regen mana after I get to 0. Since I play groups like I play raiding I go empty after five minutes or so.
  5. Derka Power Ranger

    Isn't that the point of resource management though? I'm not disputing that we have some mana issues but if all classes redlined it every fight they would also go oom often or close in the same time frame.
  6. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Rangers weren't always just an adps class. Rangers used to top parses, but not last few years. Even doing 500k dps sustatined is not great compared to what other classes can do now, including tanks and healers. One might argue that rangers get auspice, and raid buffs but that is a hinderance not a benefit. However I would say that I am "disappointed" at the negative post. Not supprised though. I still stick by my opinion which is not (anonomous), nor overbearing. Rangers could use less nerfs and a few small improvements already posted. Agree or not , I don't care really. GL with your game. Any responses after this post wont be read by me. I'm done.
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  7. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Um ... completely false accusation... never happend, never even thought of it. Good lie to try and discredit. Just wanted to set that lie straight though. And the rest of your arguemnts are subjective garbage as well. GL
  8. Chaosflux Augur

    Everyone should be going hard from 100% resource management hasn't really entered the equation except for one or two classes for the better part of a decade.

    The people that aren't are getting carried by the people that are and have been. Thats just the meta design for the last 10ish expacs.
  9. Derka Power Ranger

    Not every raid force can down the target in less than 2-3 minutes and have extra bards, 3-4 beastlords rotating paragon, clerics to QP, etc. Your experience I'm sure is entirely different than mine because if I go hard and blow my mana load early on, it really sucks. Not all raid forces are equal and well balanced machines.
  10. Chaosflux Augur

    Right, but the game isn't designed like that anymore, where you plan out GOM use, use older more efficient spells over newer more damaging spells, etc and even in a perfect scenario rangers are one of the first classes whose resources are depleted regardless of good guild bad guild disorganized or organized or whatever.

    Same thing in the group game largely, rangers don't have the staying power of other classes because of lacking substantial mana returns.
    Which kind of depletes the fun factor when the playstyle devolves into doing less because otherwise you are oom in 10 minutes, when that's a nonconcern for most other classes and isn't something they have to meticulously micromanage.
  11. Derka Power Ranger

    Unfortunately it's all subjective to who you play with. Playing 100% and not worrying about med times will top most group parses. But, as you are saying it requires being the first to med. That is the group game with exceptions to straight burn like zlandicar or griklor. Raiding however, especially with a guild that takes 20+ mins to do tantor, sleeper, kael, Gd, requires much more resource management at the sacrifice of dps.

    I understand what you're saying and obviously I agree completely that Rangers would benefit from some sort of mana recuperation or better efficiency. Given the same fight durations, comparable adps and total DPS are the other mana using classes really that off? I specified mana classes because I play often with a rogue that will excel and require less downtime (especially after the recent proc patch)

    Keep in mind my server does not have a lot of bleeding edge players to compare against so once again your experience may be entirely different.
  12. Godsanvil Journeyman

    6 minutes and one year Latuuuuur. We need to do more damage with less mana and less buttons.
  13. Fintank Augur

    Do we though??
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  14. Blaque New Member

    Focused paragon really needs to be looked at. So does regular paragon, the amount it gives for these expansions is next to nothing.
  15. Lanedora New Member

    I am 100% behind a mana return. From a DPS standpoint, rangers perform well in burn or sustained damage, until the mana bar is empty.
  16. Ketzerei84 Elder

    On the issue of mana returns, how about giving mana regen back into the skin line, maybe at a lower rate than druids have? For example Obsidian Coat provides 242ac/4931hp/103 health regen/tick. It's not reasonable to expect ranger, as a druid/war hybrid, to have skin line that is equal to that of druids, so using the ac/hp as a baseline I'd propose adding the mana(and endurance?) regen from an earlier druid spell.
    In this example:
    Shieldstone Blesing(rk2 seems fair to me, but i'll let others quibble over it...) is a lvl105 druid skin, the hp/ac are similar(slightly lower in fact, by 32 and 92 respectively for rk2) but also has 43/tick mana regen and 6/tick endurance regen. I think it would be perfectly reasonable to add one or both of those effects to Obsidian Coat, perhaps with a slight reduction in the hp regen amount to offset the gain.
    Edit: I realize we aren't talking about a lot of mana regen here, but this is one of those things that should've been with ranger from the start and I think a passive 43/tick mana regen actually helps out quite a bit more than assumed.
  17. Schadenfreude Augur

    This has been asked for as long as I can remember and was turned down when these things were done in chat form and completely ignored ever since.
  18. Fintank Augur

    Aside from being much better than Druid Skin (Never gonna happen), this would do absolutely nothing to help the class.
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  19. roth Augur

    Ranger skin has HP regen. Druid skin has MP regen.

    Of course, our skin gets overwritten by the cleric buff, while Druid skin does not. Sad thing is, our skin + AC + symbol is more AC+HP than the cleric buff...

    But asking for MP regen on our buff will be fruitless. Honestly, I don’t even want mana regen on our skin. I’d rather have something that we can use on demand, not something that will be superseded by another buff that, particularly on raids, we are already likely to have and still go OOM with. Something that we can use on demand would meet our needs a lot more, I think.

    How about having some mana regen as part of the Reflexive Bladespur recourse line? CAn we get it there, at least?
  20. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    This game makes me more and more jaded all the time. Any spell requests just won't ever happen. We have what is what we get and we'll like it or uninstall. That's all there is to it. We're wasting our breath.
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