Proposed changes for Ranger class

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Kurage_of_Luclin, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Zolav Augur

    Breather does function differently, Relax works great too but it gives you a slow... try both out.
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  2. Vumad Augur

    I only alt a ranger so my knowledge is much lower than everyone else's here probably.

    One thing I think rangers need is a recast delay on the poison arrow ability/buff. It is a DoT that procs much too often wasting mana refreshing a DoT for no reason.

    I also think there is room to address the mana problem by adding a bow proc AA buff that uses endurance rather than mana. It's easy to see in the lore how a ranger could pull the bow string harder and do more damage at the cost of more physical expense. Rather than a proc like poison arrow it boosts the base damage of the bow by % while consuming endurance.

    Also I think there's a solution to this shadowspike arrow thing. An expansion of the endless quiver AA line...

    What I am thinking here is an TBL arrow and a TBL AA that reduces the consumption of this arrow by 50%. Then a ToV arrow and a ToV AA that reduces the use of the TBL Arrow by 70% and the ToV arrow by 50%. Then a CoV arrow and a CoV AA that reduces the CoV arrow use by 50%, ToV by 70% and TBL by 90%. Next expansion, the TBL arrow become endless.
  3. CazRaX Lorekeeper

    Poison Arrows is a nuke now and not a DoT, they changed it a while back and made it a nuke (62k at top end) that does about the damage that the DoT would have done.
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  4. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    You need to present these kinds of things well in advance of Beta. They've already made all the decisions as to where player power is coming from well in advance to players seeing the new content.

    Right now is exactly when to seek changes.
  5. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    1. Ditch Arbor Stalker's Enrichment and add it's effect to Strength of the Arbor Stalker (Protection of the Arbor Stalker) or Frostroar of the Predator (Protection of the Arbor Stalker).

    2. Change Jolting kicks to be an Arrow ability instead of a kick, able to be cast from a 200 range.

    3. Change Blizzard of Blades and Focused Blizzard of Blades to be an Arrow ability instead of a slashing, able to be cast from a 200 range.

    4. Change Reflexive Rimespurs to be an Arrow ability instead of slashing, able to be cast at a 200 range. Change the Heal Over Time effect to a 15k mana recovery ability. It's on a 10 minute recast time, it's prefect for this kind of ability.

    5. Lower the mana cost of Summer's Sleet by about 500.

    6. Revamp Mistral Boon and Pyroclastic Boon. Make the charges cast Restless Wind and Pyroclastic Ash, as well as the other two timers Frigid Wind and Skyfire Ash from out of our spell books when Summer's Sleet is cast - in the way Composite Fusillade casts Summer's Sleet out of our spell book.

    7. Remove the the inability to cast Stealthy Shot when on agro.

    8. Double the damage of Heartsunder.
  6. Maedhros High King

    I think some of your ideas for changes are centered around the concept that rangers are archery from extreme range only, where the reality right now is that outside of Pureshot, melee and in fact 2hands no mercy is almost certainly the top sustained dps format. So where now you have to run close to kick while doing archery, the suggestions youre making mean that you would instead have to back out while meleeing to do an archery attack /boggle.
  7. Derka Power Ranger

    I read their suggestions as just increasing the distance at which our melee abilities fire. We can use them now while bowing, but it just takes a little finesse to find the sweet spot. Sometimes that sweet spot can get moved the slightest and they won't work.
  8. Fintank Augur

    1. Agreed, if it gets separated it needs to have it's reuse/duration both chopped down. The main thing is to bring a disc constantly getting upgraded out of uselessness. Rangers don't need a power increase out of the blue which is what this would be with a change of only severing the timer.

    2. Why? We don't need new arrows, we get bow upgrades every year to accomplish an Archery DPS increase. The only reason to get new arrows is for flavor. Again, we don't need a random power increase.

    3. I think the whole EQ world is for this one, I wish they'd stop making random group buff spells not MGB capable :(

    4. Why? It's existed forever and there's no need for this. I'm all for adding another ADPS tool to the class but it needs to be new. We also don't need more Melee Crit Chance in raids, it's too abundant and high as it stands already.

    5. BP's are designed to do a max DMG capability according to Ngreth. Making ours affect the group would effectively decrease our personal DPS while adding no additional DPS to the raid/group. As the DMG total would remain the same then be divided to 6 people.

    6. Why? Encroaching on other class capabilities is bad. Even if 1 of our 2 parent classes have it. I don't see the need or a logical reason for this outside of "cause I want it".

    7. Our mana costs are fine. We're not going to see a decrease to them as they've been steadily upgraded by % for many many years. Convert idea is interesting but would need to be largely kept in check. I think following the Dark Absorption AA model would be an overall net increase for us and not be near the realm of OP at all. IE 1-3% of actual mana usage comes from Endurance per spell.

    8. We're defensively fine. Roaring Blades line is borderline way over the top as it stands. Essentially permanent 15% mitigation with Ro's buff on as well. Our activated defensives fill gaps just fine as is, although Protection needs a large bump to the Absorb cap or large reduction to it's reuse timer.

    9. Agreed, this is also probably coming as well. I know Lay on Hands works for TT now so this might already be in the works for some patch down the road.

    2. The only way this would work out is if they flagged it as a physical resist type spell like Heart Sunder or Ferocious Kick. Or if they made the base damage mod of it super low around Strike of the Archer proc power levels. Otherwise it would be a relatively large power boost that is over the top.

    3. Same as above statement. The cooldowns are way too quick on these 2 for them to be modded archery hits. Especially this one since it's 4 strikes. Not to mention guaranteed crits.

    4. I like this, I think it's very reasonable. I know the same thing or at least very similar was brought up in Beta as well. Perhaps in multiple betas at this point lol.

    5. Random and not needed.

    6. I think this is neat, I like it. At the very least I think they should do a large boost to the Boon buff so that's it's worth casting on CD alongside Summer's. The flat damage bonuses being as small as they are is silly to me.

    7. Another large power increase that is not needed. It's a niche ability that is nice when it works, it'd have to have a more lengthy CD or hefty mana cost to justify removing the limiter on it.

    8. Please let this line die, it's too fickle. It has a place as is and that's where it should stay. Another niche use spell that doesn't need any drastic changes.

    These are my thoughts on the ideas. I see no reason to repost my same thoughts and ideas for change year after year without a single peep from developers. When other classes get dialogue and even some changes each year, even if they are sometimes small. An answer or reply is at the very least something and we don't even get that. We have 1 actual issue that is very easily solved that has existed since TBM. 5 expansions later and we have nothing, not even empty words. The current way that Rangers are "auto-upgraded" each expansion has been relatively excellent aside from the mana issue. The class is in a good consistent spot DPS wise. We do not need any random power increases on top of our normal upgrades. Like it or not our current Ranger class capability is in a fantastic spot and needs no change. I have no desire to become the next flavor of the month where anyone half awake can come dominate other classes. We are very competitive but not absolute which is how it should be.
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  9. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    Maybe for stealty shot to work the ranger could be say under 50 % aggro on the mob ?
  10. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    This is why we cant have nice things. To many nay sayers. And not enough promoting the positives. Thus, we get ingnored every year. Post your positives, but dont detract from others posts. Nothing will ever get changed.
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  11. Metanis Bad Company

    I'm just curious if they even intend to make any class improvements at all. With the exception of AA consolidation and necro revamp there is zero indications that they plan to do anything past cookie cutter upgrades.
  12. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    TIL we still have class forums, i guess this is where threads go to die.
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  13. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I don't want to spam wall a reply to Fin's post.

    We're a Ranged class. We should be able to use the skill that triggers our synergy AA from Bow range. The ability (jolt kick) should be changed or synergy should be moved elsewhere. Focused Blizzard of Blades is all we get in side stepping expansions for a decent spell/disc. We should be able to use it from range, in all situations.

    I forget to add in my previous post Stealthy Shot would need at a minimum a 1 min reuse time were the agro restriction removed. Again, we receive some crappy crap in side stepping expacs for spells and discs. Would be nice to have something matter.
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  14. Szilent Augur

    bow range is 30', Jolt Kicks range is 50'

    next wish?
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  15. Maedhros High King

    Thats just the thing though, outside of the couple minutes of Pureshot, rangers best dps option is melee until Pureshot refreshes. The changes you proposed would make it harder to do your optimal dps since you want to fire synergy from bow range when 75% of the time you should be meleeing.
    You can call rangers a ranged class, but that doesn't make it so. Rangers are a versatile class that is forced to use archery at points and melee at points to apply optimal dps.
    I do not like the way ranger synergy fires either, I doubt many people really do, but your idea is just reversing the circumstance that it is inconvenient to use from archery to melee.
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  16. WeezFv Lorekeeper

    Sorry for the late reply, but just feels like our END is pretty much under utilized. /shrug I personally have never used Relax, ever lol. Still think there should be a nice mix of mana and end use.
  17. Schadenfreude Augur

    Rangers have tons of Endurance and virtually nothing to spend it on. All requests for anything that would use this neglected resource have been ignored going back a good few years.
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  18. Kurage_of_Luclin Augur

    So why not have min bow distance be 15 '. But really why do we have Min bow distance? Legolas shot orcs in the face at point blank. And he shot an "Oilefant " up close tripple head shot. Lets not forget the mountain troll throat shot.

    Also agree with Maedhros , rangers both melee and bow dps. The melee burn and bow burn disc should be on seperate timmers but only one allowed to be used at a time.
  19. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    Oh god, you're going to drudge up all the "real life archery experts" that don't understand the difference between planet earth and Norrath.
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  20. Tarvas Augur

    I don't want to be an exclusive ranged class. Having to mix it up now is nice. What would be good which I think has been said elsewhere is making our arrow spells endurance spells so that we can at least do something while waiting for mana to regen.
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