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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Dahaman Augur

    Do you happen to recall the expansion this happened for Phingel?

    The best I have found out from the forums is (potentially) HoT as the next expansion that might flip this switch. Coirnav does not have this catch up mechanic at SoD expansion.
  2. Aegir Augur

    If not earlier, I think we started to experience it quite noticeably in Underfoot, which is next expac after SoD. You could TA people for Repo with low AAs and they would get a quite a big amount of AA compared to Capped players.

    However, most seem to forget using Fellowship Shared experience, which becomes available at The Buried Sea. It's a wonderful tool to catch your alts - and friends up while you're camping something with your main.
  3. Karreck Somebody

    So the argument Atabishi (Slayer of Navy Seals) has is that people are going to cheat anyway, so don't stop them from cheating now or else they will cheat in a different way.
  4. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I can't recall when it was first around on Phinny, it was definitely there during CoTF as that was when I tested a level 65 alt I had after hearing some say the bonus went way for Heroic characters before I Heroic upgraded it.
  5. sieger Augur

    I've been in two big TLP zerg guilds that primarily did open world (on Lockjaw and Agnarr) and I agree with this wholeheartedly. AoC was created in specific response to all the drama on RF/LJ and what was going on with open world raiding on those servers. Now that literally any guild can pop a DZ once a week, I think also having significant amounts of raid content available every day in open world creates massive gearflation and really distorts the early EQ feel. Back in the real eras in question no one was raiding these targets 7 days a week because they didn't spawn that often. This much more limited selection of open world targets meant guilds were often doing things that often go untouched on modern TLP. For example guild efforts to farm Hate/Fear planar, guild efforts to farm Halls of Testing and WToV. Even Kelorek'dar and Wuoshi were prized targets in these eras because of the limited amount of gear up opportunities available. The original "fast spawn times" of open world TLP mobs was afaik intended to alleviate issues on servers with no-AoC, I think there's a good argument to revert these timers back to "original live EQ" spawn timers for those mobs.
  6. Zinth Augur

    but remember the gearflation is nullified by the much shorter schedule in each expansion, so instead of 12 months you are only there for 3-4 months... so the loot should be 3-4x faster too... and then add in all the "way more" raiders compared to how few was actually there back on live...

    all those people "all wanna raid" and aren't spread out over 44 servers, they are on ONE (or two) servers, so accounting for that, more loot isn't a bad idea... even with the "more loot" it's still quite hard to get a guild fully geared... I think we calculated it to 9 FULL sets of armor in RoS (might have been EoK... I am getting older) on phinny before next expansion opened up.

    So 6x the loot to even gear a full raid and alt loot wasn't even mentioned.
    Still afraid of "too much" loot?
  7. sieger Augur

    I'm not sure why you bring up RoS and EoK loot (expansions I just did on Selo), that's like 17 expansions past what we're talking about and not germane to the discussion.

    I think just AoC alone, even if you got rid of open world (which I wouldn't want to see) create more gear on a server in 12 weeks than you saw in the entire run of Classic EQ, or in-Era Kunark etc. Most people in Classic and Kunark if they were lucky had a couple raid items, maybe if they were cutting edge they had farmed up most of a Planar armor set (which is only "quasi" raid armor.) Even in Velious where raiders started to get really geared out, most of them were wearing like sets of HoT or Arena quest armor in many slots (which kind of like Planar in Classic is only "quasi" raid gear.) I was in a 24/7 open world guild on Agnarr but I knew a lot of people in the AoC only guilds. There were Warriors on that server who never killed an open world Velious mob who had 4 Vulak items. That would be by far the best equipped Warrior on any real server back in Velious.
  8. Zinth Augur

    to illustrate that speeding up servers + chucking 10x more raiders on than what was usually on a server doesn't mean that pumping in more loot is BAD and it was in "recent memory" so I had the numbers from it = easy instead of having to go back 5 years in Phinnys history to pull out the numbers.

    the problem is the same from expansion 1 to expansion "newest" if if you think it is "germane" or not.
  9. FranktheBank Augur

    Those aren't really relevant expacs though, as least in the scheme of TLPers. Tbh most of the gear levels in expacs are fine. Some notable exceptions are SoD, CoTF, RoS and TBL.
  10. Zinth Augur

    for Phinny (a TLP which pretty much mothered the RULES of your precious TLP's) it DID matter...
    CoTF was like loot pinata...
  11. Protocol Augur

    Classic dragons had a 7 day respawn. AoCs let guilds raid them every 7 days. Every guild on modern TLPs is getting as much loot as top guilds did in 99 on a week for week basis. If they split we double, triple, quadruple etc this number.

    OW classic mobs spawn 7x as frequently as classic raid content. Meaning top guilds on modern TLP are potentially killing Nagafen 7 times before they do their 2-4 weekly Nagafen kills. Compared to let’s say FoH which killed Nagafen once a week.

    Classic was current content for 12 months. On TLP it lasts for 3 months. If we assume the avg top guild 3 splits their classic DZs it means that they kill about 126 Nagafens during classic. An actual classic guild would have gotten 52.

    This is before we factor in having 20 pickzones, 1/3 or less respawn timer on planar armor mobs, access to all planes within days of launch etc.

    Top guilds on modern TLPs generate more than double the loot in 3 months than classic top guilds did in 12.
  12. FranktheBank Augur

    What did matter? What part of you responding to?

    For Selo, the furthest ever progressed TLP and the most gear starved TLP, I would agree that RoS in particular was bad for gearing, but that still does not make it relevant to this thread.
  13. Zinth Augur

    if you followed the thread you would know where we began? talking about gearflation etc. which was the post I replied to... so "it makes it RELEVANT" ... you might not be "interested" ... doesn't make it any LESS relevant when we talk gearflation... no matter WHICH expansion of a TLP it is...
    And yes Selo is a little "further ahead" by a couple months... but Phinny is OLDER than Selo... Phinny was the FIRST to get truebox... Phinny was the FIRST to get AoC's... Selo's was merely a clone with slightly altered rules but basically just a Phinny sped up a little.

    When you "speed up" a server, you also need to account for shorter time to farm each expansion, here by increasing "gearflation" to accomodate for that. So my replies started with Siegers post... You should read his post... it includes and I quote "I think also having significant amounts of raid content available every day in open world creates massive gearflation and really distorts the early EQ feel" and I replied to him... hence RELEVANCE... even if you aren't interested
  14. Rage Lorekeeper

    You responded to a post about lowering the frequency of OW raid content to talk about RoS, an expansion that has zero OW raid content. Its completely irrelevant to the discussion. RoS was also an easy expansion to gear up in because of all the TS raid gear, I was full raid geared leaving RoS on Selo on 1 month unlocks including several Phlogiston pieces. I'm assuming anyone on Phinny with decent RA was easily able to do the same with 3 month unlocks.
  15. FranktheBank Augur

    I know where the discussion began and you are talking about something literally 3-5+ years away for everyone besides like... miragul. Again, not relevant. The Selo vs Phinny argument isnt relevant either. Selo is further along and has a much bigger gear deficient. We understand RoS gearing. We also understand how irrelevant RoS is to the whole of this discussion.
  16. Zinth Augur

    I mentioned "RoS" as "an example" it is a general problem in MANY of the expansions... simple..
  17. Rage Lorekeeper

    Can you give an example where lack of gear was a big issue from expansions where OW content was relevant though?
  18. Zinth Augur

    not like anyone were swimming in kunark armors like cobalt etc... ;-) example enough?
  19. Rage Lorekeeper

    Are you actually trying to argue that gearing up in Kunark is hard and that makes the content challenging? The only hard part of Kunark is getting VP keyed and that is a tedium issue, nothing to do with gear.

    The first expansion you can reasonably argue lack of gear as an issue is SoF imo. 1-75 content is easy and getting enough gear was just never an issue. SoF was the first expansion designed to last a full year on live and it has a noticeable change in terms of gear inflation, difficulty and time sinks. I guess technically SoF has OW raid stuff if you include mobs like Octa, the gear is equal to 2 expansion old raid gear though so not relevant outside of gearing boxes etc.

    In general I would say SoF, SoD, HoT, TDS and EoK were expansions where getting a lot of raid gear was difficult on Selo. SoD it depends if you include OMM gear which was plentiful for us due to overseer.
  20. Karliv New Member

    Curious what you perceived the gear level problem to be in SoD? Is it unreasonably high, or?

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