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Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Protocol, Feb 14, 2021.

  1. Nolrog Augur

    I agree. Staying near max hasn't been that hard. RoS was a bit of a stretch, but I had anything important long before TBL dropped. Now I'm nearly maxed again. Even the boxes have everything that is important.
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  2. Happyfeet V91 New Member

    One of three things needs to happen so we don't get another stale TLP.

    FV ruleset chaotic evil server, very little GM interference unless you get caught blatantly warping or something. 60 man bot crews and AFK farming happen on every server 24 hours a day anyways.
    Quarm-like race server which unlocks each xpac a week per xpac after you clear it.
    i.e. Classic gets cleared - Kunark/Vel/Luclin open - Luclin cleared - 3 weeks later you get Pop/LoY/LDON - 2 weeks after those are clear you get GoD/Omens/DoN/DoDH/POR - 5 weeks after those are all dead you get TSS, etc.
    Double drops on all mobs, maybe triple on raid mobs.
    Fabled mobs 24/7 from the start.
    Feel free to add in FV rule set
    Unlocked xpacs are geared around level caps. 1 month minimum per xpac
    So you'd get Classic, 1 month later release Kunark/Vel/luclin, then 3 months later drop POP/etc, 2 months later drop GoD/omens/don/dodh/por, 4 months later drop TSS, etc.
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  3. FranktheBank Augur

    You are mostly correct on how taunt pulling works, it also factors in your faction with the mobs. But regardless, taunt pulling isnt really being targeted by this proposed change as much as far taunting is.

    I have LOS on 90% of mobs I taunt pull, with the exception of when I taunt a mob that's on the other side of a thin wall. The latter would be affected, which I would be upset at Zaide for, but it probably would be worth it to prevent far taunting.

    It mostly does now. With the range changes to taunt, you pretty much always get hit after you taunt while invis. And if you re-invis to trigger social aggro. This change is pretty unneeded.
  4. Discord Ocean of Tears Conservationist

    This would help with returning players immensely, especially if the echo chamber of reducing expansion timers to two months comes to pass. Especially with the 70's era being FOUR expansions long and the how the autogrant actually works based off level caps, not expansions. In my head one of the most prevalent factors to attrition is short term burnout that turns into feeling way too far behind when a player returns 6 months later. That's kind of the appeal to all the newer servers "a fresh start!" really just bringing that concept a little closer to everyone regardless of server.
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  5. a_librarian Augur

    This is pretty much a free way to spice up the same ole expansion eras. Just plant them mid way through an expansion if you want to split the difference. Like veksar, CT revamp, Chardok B would be neat unlocks for half way through Luclin. Maybe VP 2.0 should be half way through LDoN? Just position them where they're compelling to players instead of being long past that point.
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  6. Zinth Augur

    aw man Veksar were awesome back in the days :D so much undead goodness to slay and it went to a really high level too with dungeon bonus :D
  7. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

    Sometimes I feel like anyone on the forums that ever calls for nerfs or "fixes" to things that you could consider "clever use of game mechanics" doesn't really fully understand the underlying process that occurs when "clever use of game mechanics" things get fixed or changed. I'm guilty of the same thing in the past until I finally wised up and realized the consequences.

    You can name dozens of things that have been fixed over the years, and the same process occurs for nearly every single one of them. All you are REALLY doing is just widening the gap between the 3 types of players, the haves and have nots (in terms of knowledge) and the hackers. Then eventually gaping out the haves and are just left with players vs hackers, which in turn increases the incentive and amount of people who then turn to those hacks who wouldn't have otherwise.

    For the sake of argument, let's just put all things that have been fixed over the years in to the same category of "clever use of game mechanics". What generally happens is a small % of players figure out these tricks and utilize them to their benefit. Eventually, more and more people find out until the point where your average player knows. People then come crying and moaning to the forums begging for this to get fixed. Daybreak eventually does "fix" it. Why do I put the word fix in quotes? Well cause it really doesn't get fixed. All that happens is someone then finds out a workaround to that fix, a secondary way of doing the exact same "clever use of game mechanics" that was originally fixed. The process then restarts where its just a small % of players (the haves) who know until eventually over time everyone knows. Most of these things are stuff hackers can already do or work around through other means, but your non-hacking player can have fun finding and executing these things without feeling like a hacker has a huge advantage over them. Eventually things get fixed to the point where there is no known new trick to accomplish the same task, but more often than not a hacker can still cheat to achieve the same goal, which is when you are left with the players vs hackers.

    Lets take Z axis taunting for example. There was a point in EQ when very few people knew about Z axis taunting. Over time everyone found out to the point where your average player knew. Then comes the crying and moaning to the forums about plz fix Z axis taunting, so Daybreak fixes it. So what happens? Z axis taunting still exists, you literally can still do it. What exactly did the fix do? It took about 15 minutes before a very small % of players (the haves) realized they didn't fix the secondary way of using "clever use of game mechanics" to achieve the same goal. Did the hackers who use warp taunting/far taunting care? No, they continue using their programs as per usual. So the process just restarts. Eventually everyone will figure out this secondary way of Z axis taunting and come cry to the forums, it will then get fixed. They'll keep doing fixes until it reaches the point where there are no other clever means of non-hacking players to Z axis taunt, and all you will be left with is the hackers who then have a massive advantage over the player. Hackers LOVE when things get fixed, as the gap between them and the normal player increases.

    Another example is the fixes to Vex Thal that prevent you pulling bosses to the zone line. Pulling bosses to the zone line was a very cool "clever use of game mechanics" that at least took some skill. People came to the forums crying and moaning, and it gets fixed. So what really was the consequences of that fix? An increased incentive for people to hack. Now you have more and more guilds each new TLP play through since the fix that are resorting to having at least one person in their guild buy warp hacks and warp coth mages around the zone spending about an equal time cothing as it took to pull the bosses to the zone line anyway. So in reality, the only thing that the fix did was create an incentive for warping and create another huge gap between your player and the hackers.

    What would you have rather have in retrospect? Guilds who were willing to learn the boss pulls in VT, or an increasing number of guilds using hacks to achieve the same goal?

    This is the same process for nearly every fix to "clever use of game mechanics" that has happened across the TLP's. There are very few fixes that I can think of off the top of my head that a secondary way of doing the same thing didn't get found out fairly quick. Then eventually it gets fixed to the point where it just incentivizes more and more people to cheat.
  8. ashlandd New Member

    make more farm bot items no drop
  9. Zinth Augur

    sounds more to me that you are a huge whiner trying to slander someone else, who cares who loves what in the game? we all play games we love and we play them the way we like it and if it so bad why are you still hanging out in these forums?
  10. Karliv New Member

    Most of my experience with taunt pulling has been just around a corner - very beneficial to stop the mob casting on you immediately and breaking the 'taunt' mechanic.

    Agreed this doesn't make sense - are invis potions not instant and virtually free? So the taunt cast breaks invis - you just reinvis instantly, and unless very unlucky on server ticks, same as not breaking invis?
  11. AtabishiWoW Second best guild leader you'll ever have

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  12. Xeris Augur

    real talk, they should fix things that are actually broken like bard song clicks (from breath of harmony/powater lute). way too much time spent fixing things that aren't real problems: trick to use illusions to give helms graphics??? why was 1 minute of dev time spent on that.
  13. Rcbauer Augur

    Did you talk them into making the Rogue epic range useable just like it used to be?
  14. FranktheBank Augur

    Bishi is pretty universally incorrect here, except for the saying taunt changes did not affect far taunt - that part is correct.

    Especially on the yearly reroll TLPs, there are always people learning encounters and people learning certain tricks/clever use mechanics. Just the other night I saw a guild kill the "correct" mob for the khati sha arcanist event, which results in no loot, because they just didn't know. When my guild did VT on Agnarr, I personally had no idea about the geometry skip or pulling bosses out. The changes "leveled" the playing field (which I use loosely, because competing tlp is lmao).

    Z-axis taunting was 'fixed' in the case where I cant taunt comm1-2 from ssra basement anymore. I can still taunt through a floor/wall as long as the object between me and the mob isnt too thick. So yes I can taunt from slightly below/above a mob, but I have to be reasonably close.

    The argument that VT changes are making people warp to clear is pretty laughable.
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  15. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    I did not, I didn't want to deny anyone the joy of trying to get Dozekar tears.

    Side note: It's weird how many people seem to remember it being ranged usable considering patch notes would imply it was only this way for about 15 days and I doubt many of them got finished in that initial timeframe.

    September 19, 2000 7:00 am
    *New Epic Quests*

    We are pleased to announce that we have implemented new "Fiery Avenger"
    style quests for every class in the game (including paladins). The
    ultimate reward for each quest boasts a custom model with unique
    particle effects. We think that you will be pleased.

    Good luck to everyone on your quest.

    October 3, 2000 4:00 pm

    *Today's Patch*

    Today's patch consisted mostly of server-side changes, additions, and
    fixes regarding NPCs and quests. The only item of public note is that
    the Ragebringer can no longer be equipped in the ranged slot. A data
    entry error caused it to be initially allowed it to be equipped in that
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  16. Dahaman Augur

    Bobbybick of Allakazam forums?

    Any interest in updating the Allakazam progression page to list which expansion that the AAxp rate for a TLP (e.g. the sliding scale AA rate for low AAs) matches live servers? The XP rate data is accurate on those fourms (albeit it is not an automatic thing on the actual TLP server side). But, the AAxp rate data is missing. I have no idea which expansion it is. I heard SOD potentially (can now confirm it is now SOD) as well as HOT (cannot confirm yet).

    My memory might be conflating two random ideas (you and Allakazam). Apologies if so.
  17. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    The same, I however am no longer a volunteer admin so I cannot edit pages you would need to contact Gidono or one of the other (current) volunteer admins. It sounds like the data may not all be there yet though to even implement this, autogrant and AA catch-up mechanics also throw a wrench into the xp scaling but I don't know offhand by how much those values are even relevant or if the catchup mechanic is still in place now that autogrant exists.
  18. Dahaman Augur

    Thanks for the reply!

    I did a quick check in the past couple of months.

    A level 61 killing a treant spider in Plane of Nightmare gave (multiples) more AAxp on Xegony Bristlebane than it did on Coirnav (I thought I posted exact numbers before, but I cannot find it now). That is due to the bonus due to low AA count I'm almost certain.

    XP on Coirnav matches live servers. I'm just curious when AAxp will match up as well.

    EDIT: Found my data!

    Bristlebane level 61 (437 AAs assigned) killing a level 53 mob (PON spider) = 28.737% AA
    Coirnav level 61 (467 AAs assigned) killing a level 53 mob (PON spider) = 6.677% AA
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  19. Arctodus Elder

    Glad the devs listened to you Bobby. The monk changes will save so much time. Anywho, can you please request all races and classes to be selected at launch? They can opt out to not include the Drakkin race. I would like this option with increase XP and FV loot system. I think some dreams can come true.
  20. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    AA Catch up on a non auto-grant enabled character still works, at least it was on Phinigel, I tested this for pure curiosity and found it to be around 4x the regular AAXP rate, so very similar to Dahaman's data. If you Heroic upgrade as soon as that is available on TLP (CoTF expansion unlocked) that "low AA boost" is no longer active on the upgraded character due to the free AA that come with it, so it caps out somewhere before the 4000aa or so the Heroic upgrade gets you.

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