Proposal: Loyalty Exp + Rares + Faction bonus Next Week

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Brontus, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Goburs Journeyman

    Get back on track here! rares, exp, named etc...
  2. BadPallyGuildLeader Augur

    WOW aint ssheit :D

    Everything that is questionable in EQ came from WOW. Everything that is good w/ EQ still....came from EQ orginally.
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  3. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Eh... I doubt WoW introducing a classic server is going to even cause a blip on the EQ population radar. Those who play EQ do so primarily because it is the antithesis of what WoW is, and Classic WoW was that at its most divergent.
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  4. Brontus Elder

    No, I am not saying that. Don't put words in my mouth. My own loyalty to EverQuest is not the question here. The fact is that many MMO players were played both EQ and WoW. Many current EQ players will be tempted to leave and play WoW again. That's a fact as you will soon discover next week.

    I don't want a hand out at all. Stop looking at the glass being half empty. I put forth a serious proposal that in my opinion would be a brilliant marketing strategy. The fact is that it's a competitive MMO market whether you like it or not. Think Pepsi vs. Coke, Burger King vs. MacDonalds. Welcome to marketing 101.

    How noble of you!

    Why is it when people post suggestions on these forums, grumpy people like you seem to come out of the woodwork to play forumquest to put them down?

    Taking your logic to it's ultimate conclusion, Daybreak Games should cancel all further exp/rare/bonuses until further notice because clearly they are no longer necessary or needed because of wonderfully loyal people like yourself who will play anyways.

    While we're at it lets cancel Halloween and Christmas!

    Many companies have customer appreciation promotions and sales. These days there is precious little news about EQ. The introduction of WoW Classic is a great opportunity to put EQ on the map again and gain some press coverage for a week.
  5. Brontus Elder

    False. WoW Classic was created by hardcore EQ players. WoW Classic is as close to EQ as any MMO has ever gotten.
  6. phattoni Augur

    wow classic actually held my attention for a few years, eq hasnt held a sub from me for more than a month for years. once wow classic comes out, i expect eq population to drop quite a bit. you can put all the bonuses you want, games stale and boring, hasnt been exciting for years. ill be glad to say good bye to this game and the people that play it, the community died, it isnt the community it was 10 years ago, even wow has a better community than eq does atm.

    if it wasnt for tlps i wouldnt even sub to this game. havent been caught up on live in years, the expansions were boring and slapped together, with stupid things like essence of the dragon blocking content.

    wow classic is far superior to what eq currently is.

    everquest is just a cash grab now, tlps are a joke. there hasnt been any love for this game in years, its a job to the devs and that is all.

    outside of tlp there is no grouping in the lower end, you solo from level 1-80(soon to be 85), then buy krono to pay for a pl to play the game.

    wow just doesnt have the problems that eq has, when a quest is broken, its fixed, and quite quickly too, in eq there are some quests that have been bugged for years and still arent fixed, despite people putting in numerous bug reports.

    wow was superior to eq in many aspects, thats why so many top guilds left for wow. they were tired of the broken content(TRC, Plane of Time, Tunat.), stuff that should be fixed immediately but isnt. game breaking bugs.

    wow was the best game on the market at the time and the subs showed it. bugs were fixed, people were happy.

    im not sure ive ever even ran into a quest in wow that didnt work 100%, run into it in eq ALLLLL the time. file a bug report, patch comes out, no notes about the bug, log in after patch to discover its still bugged.

    small dev team??? give me a break.
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  7. Ellarache New Member

    they won't give you , they Don't care about pleasing you man , if you'r still here after 20 years , they could make all gnomes pinks and ogres blondes , you'd still play the game .

    they only care about botters since 1 botter = 15 player like you , at least for their wallet ( maybe more since it also encourages the krono sales !! )
  8. MelediWeaver Journeyman

    Ohh..wait... is making gnomes pink an option??
  9. Mazame Augur

    It was even better when you used them to trade quest items / no trade items. :)
  10. divirgmar Journeyman

    Maybe not enough time, but how about this?
    Gm events

    no seriously.

    Zonewide, multiple, repeated (for our Euro and Oceanic friends) GM events
    If uber raiding guilds show up, they get instanced,
    If level ranges are too broad, they get sorted and instanced.
    GM's also have massive and unique loot tables that are NOT illusion potions or Ornaments; but instead are UBER ARTIFACTS- and rinky-dink, one of a kind, stupid, unlimited charge, clickies.

    plus stat food thats not timeless energy drink or decadent jum jum cake- optional.

    Pirates invading Erudin through TDS? making their way to Eruds crossing and qeynos? why not.

    Sea monster- always rumored to exist in Lake rathe suddenly come to life? why not- bonus Arena championships near by.

    Sleeper crossed zones and wreaked havoc when woken, what would happen when a fabled Quarm broke through the ether? and trounced through the ethernere and had to be pushed back through time? (15sec time trials? muahahahaha)

    bring back crazylegs in new OT
    a Giant worm n droga, blocking off tunnels as it passes slowly, forcing players down the tunnels, all those bunched players.

  11. Sobmre Augur

    none of this will happen,

    Dbg doesn't care that much and they don't have the man power to do any of it.
  12. Conq Augur

    I had no idea W o W was releasing or when until I read this post. I don't care about it either way. Good advertising for them tho.

  13. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    LOL, now that was a laugh. Feel free to keep lying to yourself though.

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