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    A year later, Aradune and Rizlona are going to be getting PoR soon, so I updated the guide to be "Better".

    Instead of linking to Alla I added write ups for every task, mission, and raid. All the maps for the zones are better labeled. Rare mob entries are more informative. There is more detail on progression and all the raid loots are listed and have a summary page.

    (Shame a lot of the bugs and omissions I tracked down back then were just dismissed, but it is what it is)

    Also of note, if you get an odd menu hit Ctrl-F5 to force a full refresh. I reconfigured the nav bar javascript and it can duplicate stuff if you have an old version cached.
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    Real simple guide: Por=PoS
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  4. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    This part is no longer required:
    We were able to access Daosheen right out of the gate or possibly after the 3rd group mission, since everyone did the Skylance/Takish`Hiz Day 1 of launch for the Aura stuff (and group progression).

    is no longer required. You just need the enraged flesh charm.

    So for raid access to DK, you need:

    Complete the group potion for the Twisted Harmonic Chime. (This will have flagged you for all of the sub raids + Theater)

    Then talk to Emissary of Druzzil in WFP to get the shard.
    (always keeping the shard on you)

    Kill Daosheen and talk to the shrine of Druzil
    Kill Sullon Zek and talk to the shrine.
    Kill Suchun and talk to the shrine.
    You now have the fetters of Ro for Aro Event and 1/2 of DK flag.
    Kill and of the raid bosses in Theater (each drops 3 inspirations)
    Give any one inspiration page to Eodue the Pure to complete DK flag.

  5. Rasper Helpdesk The Original Helpdesk

    I've heard very conflicting things about this stuff. If the bones are no longer required, why was Mangler having such a hard time when they couldn't get the mini-boss in Devastation to spawn? And the dragons are no longer needed??
  6. Penelo Journeyman

    I feel like maybe Wyre is confusing what a general member of a raid would need vs. what someone who is requesting the raids need?

    With that being said if they removed the bones requirement I would be happy for that change. Not looking forward to fighting buggy scripting to get an item needed for progression.
  7. Wyre Wintermute I'm just a butterly dreaming I'm a man

    We didn't need to do them on Lockjaw. Definitely not for Daosheen, I might be mistaken with Sullon, but I'm pretty sure we skipped most/all of that. I do recall killing in Sverag for the big boss(es) and doing Titanathon cause he was there, but I don't remember specifically getting one of the other bosses to pop. I'll see if there's anything left in the old DKP records.

    Edit: I don't see anything tracking bones (which we tracked all flagging items) and the Progression guide (one not written by me) also does not include the Devastation raids, Sverag raids, nor the Skylance raids.
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    Maybe something changed between Lockjaw and Mangler. There was definitely an uproar on the Mangler discord over spawning of the bone mobs in Devastation with a bunch of guilds locked out of progression because of it.