Proof:- Lockjaw & Ragefire vs Other Servers

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  1. Necromonious Augur

    It's not. I play on FV and it's never had a higher pop, not even close, compared to AB and Xegony and those other populous live servers. It's always been middle of the pack, or just above the middle. I've been playing a lot the past few weeks and it definitely hasn't gotten an influx of players necessary to make it show where it's at on that pic.

    Can't speak for TLP though
  2. Sheex Augur

    Reach much? Classic's appeal isn't "mostly" because of tradeable loot. It may appeal to some, but I'd argue it's a lot more about the classic zones and nostalgia. Also that same tradeable loot is also what's leading to some of the absolute worst aspects of TLP right now: ie, perma campers with everything on lockdown for krono/RMT'ing.

    No, most people don't want FV's ruleset....if they did there'd be a lot more than 1 FV. If anything playing on Rage has reminded me of how nice it is to not have to wait in an endless line, be gouged, or log in at 3am to try to camp an upgrade.
  3. Agrippa Augur

    I was going by the server status links shown in this thread...which show the two progression servers in classic era and Firiona Vie server well ahead of the rot servers. What were you reading?
  4. Sheex Augur

    You making assumptions about the desirability of the FV ruleset based on one tiny random snippet of a sever population list?

    Is pretty self explanatory. And I most definitely disagree.
  5. Silv Augur

    Fixed. :)
  6. Agrippa Augur

    I'm sure there are some cons to having tradable loot, but the pros far outweigh them. You don't think that these two newer progression servers will taper off as more and more rot is introduced? Firiona Vie has had a very active community and has thrived for as long as the server has been around. Why are more people playing there than on any of the rot servers? I guess I'm the only one that thinks that a server having a strong economy and that players having more options available to them is a good thing.
  7. Necromonious Augur

    It's not even correct, FV is not #1 population of live servers. I welcome you to log onto FV and check, compare to AB. Probably was a raid day for 2 guilds at once or something
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  8. Agrippa Augur

    Point taken. Though Firiona Vie has always been a populated server, I would have sworn that at least two or three rot servers were slightly ahead of it. I only checked the 100th to 105th tank classes and only on AB, but they currently almost double what FV had, yet FV still shows ahead. That said, I'd still be interested in a poll to see if people prefer tradable loot to all of the rot.
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  9. Sheex Augur

    Again, you're making up some trend based on an opinion when there are way too many factors to point at one thing. A correlation between what you call "rot" loot and population doesn't tell us much. PoP is cited as one of the best expansions among the players and on TLP, and yet there's rampant no drop loot everywhere in it. Contradiction?

    I find if interesting how many FV players proclaim the superiority of their system and how much better they think it is, when it's pretty obvious looking at the server numbers that the majority of the playerbase (10:1 or something to that effect) doesn't want it (aka, chose to play with the normal ruleset). That doesn't mean special rules have no merit, but when there are 10x as many of the normal ruleset servers, it's pretty safe to say what "most" players want in that case. Maybe the overwhelming majority on live are just masochists :).
  10. Necromonious Augur

    I prefer it, is why I've played there for 5-6yrs. However, it is not without its downsides:

    1. Economy is super inflated

    2. Less grouping, because there's no need to. On other servers you have to actually go do the quest chain and figure out the big bad boss encounter and kill it to get your upgrade. On FV you just hit up the bazaar and pick it up for 5k pp. Current raid gear is usually impossible to find or extremely out of reach expensive, but stuff like T3 group gear is as cheap as water flasks on FV. Sounds cool, until you're trying to find a group on FV...
  11. rick Augur

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