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  1. Heratcleitus New Member

    I played EQ ages ago when Kunark had just launched, and played until 2005 until moving on. What memories :)

    Anyway, I see Mischief is currently in Kunark. Is it easy enough to catch up with the server players? Is that even a thing? Can I play at a pace comfortable to me on these progression servers? I work and have a family and don't want to feel rushed.
  2. Herf Augur

    If you don't want to feel rushed you might consider Agnarr. It's permanently locked at PoP/Ykesha/LDoN. It is lower population, but everyone who's there wants to be there, and it's a friendly server. Buffs are free at PoK soulbinder and with a Temp and Dmg Shields you can lvl pretty rapidly.
  3. Gnothappening Augur

    Mischief is in Velious and in three weeks will be in Luclin. It will then be in Luclin for two months and move to PoP for three, LDoN for one, and GoD for two. Can you catch up? Maybe. The important part is just getting your levels out of the way. Raid gear drops like candy and can be traded so you have a great chance to gear up.

    As for whether you will feel rushed, probably. Especially at first. Levels > AA > all. However, once you get the levels, you can do all of your raids you want each week in a few hours.
  4. Lejaun Augur

    Yes, you can catch up to people without too much trouble. Still plenty of people leveling up. As mentioned, Mischief is in Velious, not Kunark. Luclin will be opening in October.

    The big advantage of Luclin to you is that there will be a ton of beasts created. This in turn means other people playing other classes as alts will take that time to level up as well, knowing there will be plenty of lower level characters to group up with.

    Also, the level cap doesn't go up to 65 until Planes of Power, so you have some time to get up to 60.
  5. Heratcleitus New Member

    Thanks everyone! I jumped in on Mischief with a Iksar Monk :)

    One question, though. I did create a human from Freeport to see if the EC tunnel was still the hangout area for sales, but didn't see anyone there. I expected to see the familiar sales spam. Is that not the place for business anymore?
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  6. Kahna Augur

    You are probably in a pick. Level 1 toons are auto sent to the pick in EC, level to 2 and you will zone into main pick of EC. Or just type /pick.
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