Progression Server Poll Results: What's Next?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. Dalinsia New Member

  2. NireVZ Elder

    I play a different game then what you play Barton, just because you know nothing about PvP doesn't mean its not balanced in one form or fashion or have the right to bash what i have to say for your own ineptitude at being able to compete.
    Your not so friendly-neighborhood rogue.
  3. Barton Augur

    I'm sorry, I did not bash you personally or in any way, I referred to no one in particular. I merely stated that a vote on making the new tlp server pvp and not pve would fail utterly imo, also you don't know me and as such have no idea as to if I know nothing of pvp or how adept I am at it. I define balance as any 1 class having an equal chance against any other 1 class, that is balanced EQ pvp is not balanced ill restate the is not good part as it is not fair but reiterate the part about it never having been either.

    Ta, your (well not your neighborhood ) adjacent friendly druid
  4. NireVZ Elder

    well eq pvp is more balanced then it has ever been, druids of all are one of the top two most powerful next to enchanters. just fyi bet you didn't know that either.
  5. NireVZ Elder

    I think that instead of making a new server you should fix some of the servers that are having issues such as zek, We are unable to use any area effect type abilities at all with other people or by yourself because that hit your mercenary and the ai is too stupid to stand far enough back so that it isn't hit by these said abilities.
    We have a few hundred players here all paying the same as everyone else for the same game but only able to use half of what everyone else can use. Simple fix make aoe type abilities not hit group mates or raid members. Bam problem solved and all of zek would rejoice and cheers the support team but we can't even get any administrators to even comment on this let alone acknowledge that zek still exsists and while it is not a thriving metropolis as some other servers. There is a substantial population that deserves to be taken notice of .
  6. Tachyon Augur

    AOE has always been something you have to take account for on a PvP server. It's PvP, not PvP when I want it to be. Is Zek so lame now that people can't even deal with simple game mechanics?
  7. Fallfyres Augur


    No. Please no. No Krono. No SC purchases at least until after GoD. No votes for next date to open. Decide now. Just rip open the expansions at whatever the agreed upon time and welcome all the players that want to be there back with open arms. There will be friction between raiders and casuals; unless Daybreak does something before the release related to spawn times;loot access or instancing, there will be friction.

    I'm happy its coming. I am enjoying the anticipation. But I do NOT want a rehash of exactly what was presented to the community with the last two. Learn from those releases and do this Progression a few ideas better. Thanks for this.
  8. Fallfyres Augur


    Orrrrr a good many of those who are on that alternative type server will come back to the real thing. *Nods.
  9. Dontee Elder

    SLOW, no Kronos, bring back corpse runs, etc

    There is a reason P*** has 1200+ every day
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  10. Noblesquire Journeyman

    Just looking back at these old posts... Well now we have Agnarr... Finally!
  11. Ilshade Elder

    Great Idea!

    Will it be Free BOX or No BOX

    If you want slow then also add the rule set of something like only 5 levels max gain per 24 hrs.

    Also make it you have to create a brand new account to log in to the server - no legacy accounts

    FIX the damn bard in HHK that can be charmed and used as a Power Leveling tool. Infact make everything in HHK none charmable to avoid exploits.

    Change the code to first person to do damage owns the mob until either is dead

    Charge more money for the server - like 25$ per month or 2 Krono sub per month - and ADD A GM THAT ACTUALLY DOES SHIAT ON THE SERVER

    some ideas :)
  12. RiplyAnklebiter Journeyman

    ^^^ This, or at the very least NO KRONO!!
  13. jeskola Augur

    while I am not a fan of Krono and do not use them, I am tired of seeing this. Krono were invented as a way to keep the company afloat (yes this is a for-profit business with a payroll to meet and everything). Without Krono, EQ would have likely sunset by now.
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  14. Ilshade Elder


    Make Low Guk a open PVP zone

    Faint Death fails % goes up with each mob added - so after 3 mobs you have a 30% failure to FD and so on - this would help alot with Trains and Training people - most groups can handle 3-4 mobs - after that the person should not be able to FD and die because of too many mobs pulled - basically it forces them to learn to pull better and learn their class or would also help with stopping people from training others.

    Starting bags sold buy DBG - make the bag bank only like when ragefire first came out. At least for the first 2 weeks
  15. Tinytinker Augur

    No thank you. Super slow, [six month] releases are too long and corpse runs don't work well for people with fulltime jobs and families.
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