Progression Server Poll Results: What's Next?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. Resistance New Member

    this is taking forever... let's get it going....
  2. McJer New Member

    So when is this happening? I just downloaded the game for the first time in 10 years.
  3. Zinth Augur

    some time this summer they said if you read the threads.
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  4. Glace Journeyman

    Name suggestion: Boomba
    My favorite East Freeport merchant as a newbie was that ogre named Boomba.
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  5. Exmortis_MT Lorekeeper

    "My name is Boomba and I sell pickles"
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  6. Osangar New Member

    Yup I agree. The hard cores will always make the server suck for everyone else because of their insatiable greed, and people will be complaining about expansion progression within 2 months. By month 5 every hardcore will be absolutely hated because they screw with people for something to do, or farm that rare for the 20th time and eff anyone else interested because that's all there is for them. I think a 2.5->3.5 month lockout between expansions would be perfect.
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  7. Moebius8 Lorekeeper

    If a locked server ever did appear I would want it to go to at least Ykesha and preferably ldon. LOK gave us a ton of ui improvements like maps and shared bank you will probably want back, and ldon provides a safety valve for the average player and the raids are notoriously difficult for that crowd.
    the hardcores would cry about ldon however having a nice bolt hole to jump into when the mood strikes is a good idea imo.
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  8. The Badger Lord Augur

  9. Bolten_DA Augur

    Ya, that is one option. The first 3-4 xpacs in my opinion are the best EQ has to offer. Its a shame that they need to be rushed because of the lack of servers/instancing. Kunark will be no different raid wise. Everything will be locked down and planes cleared. Velious raiding gets a little more spread out raid wise for some guilds. If they don't mind being farming an xpac behind or getting scrap mobs. It has been that way for every progression server type of EQ for a long time.

    The sever will still be fun and I look forward to rolling one of them bad mofo ogre warriors! Its just a little disappointing to this point on the raiding end.
  10. Polekn Augur

    I did not expect much from this vote since it was offered to people who are not planning to play there anyway and there was a direct conflict of interests - current live players would not want new server to be popular and attract their guildies which would result in raid attendance hits. And options offered in poll were lacking, none of them appealed to me.

    I suspect that most people excited about longer unlocks do not realize that they are not going to play the game as it was back in 1999. Players are now immensely more powerful, if it was a goal for me to get those 5-10% of level in a grind night back then, I would get 10 times more on new server. Scaling back exp rate is not a solution, you can kill much faster, mobs can't kill you unless someone bring a huge train. Basically create a new character on any live server and see for yourself. It will not be that private server and not even Alkabor (RIP) experience.

    I hope they open 2 servers, one with very fast unlocks (2 months max) another with slower or locked, it should not matter which since that second server will die after few months of classic anyway.

    P.S. I am also PMing this to Aristo and CCing Obama.
  11. McJer New Member

    I havent played since 2002, could you explain to me what you mean by most of this? Did they make starting characters more powerful? Are corpse runs and Xp loss on death still a thing? Is it still hard to make money and equip yourself? Do you still regen mana and health at an abysmal rate? Would they not scale back the patching of all of this back to the old days?
  12. Polekn Augur

    There are no corpse runs anymore. If you die you respawn at bind point with full gear. You lose a few mob kill worth of experience, it is rarely worth it to run and rez your corpse.
    There were a few rounds of global changes in mob attack and player AC effects, as a result player of any class scan take much more beating than it was back then.
    All spells were changed around OOW era and spells at lvls 1-60 are significantly more powerful than they used to be. Melee got new abilities. Casters got new spells.
    Monks do not need any weapons to do a lot of damage anymore, fists do about as much damage as the best available weapons.
    Back then you did not even have sense of direction until you skilled up sense heading, it would take long time to get first few skillups. Now you get maxed sense heading and maps on lvl 1.
    Pretty much every raid target is groupable, few mages can kill everything by chain summoning pets. Pets hit hard and tank well, even compared to beefed up players.

    The list can go on and on.

    On top of that imagine rampant hacking in open world because there is no instances for hackers to hide. The top guild or two will train and KS you just for giggles to keep you out of content. I played on both rounds on progression servers, combine had faster unlocks and it helped somewhat because top guilds had to exp/move to new content sooner. On fippy with 3+ months unlock timers it was much worse. I can't imagine the level of animosity on new server with longer unlocks.
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  13. Frenzic Augur

    Another week with no new poll or posting. Friday appears to be the designated day when we get to hear from the elusive Daybreak staff member. Don't let us down, you hard workers :)
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  14. McJer New Member

    I dont want to play the game you just described. Will they not roll back the game to what it was in 1999?
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  15. Osangar New Member

    I don't think they can. My understanding is they no longer have that code.
  16. Osangar New Member

    I heard the stories on Fippy. I didn't learn about Fippy until SoL was already unlocked, but heard stories of the TL and Citi douchbagery. The hacking, the training, the ks'ing. Obviously not every person in those guilds were ****** bags, but the ****** bags of the server were in those guilds....

    I am not looking forward to it on the new server.
  17. Shadriel New Member

    Been trying to keep up with this thread, but 28 pages of whining, complaints, crazy theories and rash suggestions is just a bit more than I'm willing to slog through at this point.

    Moving on - my latest 2cp on what I've seen of this thread so far:

    I absolutely love the idea of a new progression server that proceeds thru all of the expansions at a slow pace.However, I do find some of the concerns raised here... well... concerning.

    I did create a character and try out the first prog server that came out - but was disappointed with it and went back to my own server pretty quickly. Why was I disappointed? IIRC - it moved too quickly and it felt like there was just no keeping up. I do indeed want to stop and smell the roses... or ogre dirt, froglok slime, elf trees and whatnot, as it were. Does that mean I want a return to the very beginning and EXACTLY the way it was? Not hardly - a lot of things COMPLETELY SUCKED with the original game, and/or the first few years/expansions of it. There are also a lot of great changes that were made in various patches thru out the game. While some nerfs were terrible - some advances made things a lot better (like /autofire and /melody - no its not a good idea to get rid of those). That being said: I would agree that if the server is just easy mode, I would not be happy with it. I don't want unwarranted xp bonuses or dumbed down mobs/events - but I would not want to lose some of the great advances that were made to the game either. Some of those (now intrinsic) changes reduce the risk of carpal tunnel issues, and hey - you may chuckle and shrug that off because your hand works just fine, but reality is: nobody wants to get that, especially from their favorite pastime, and the old game as it was definitely helped create tendon problems in many peoples hands. There is such a thing as reasonable level of difficulty, and reasonable levels of reality too. Maybe I like it a little rough here, too, boys, but you can go too far with that - after all, its a GAME, not actual reality - so don't get carried away with that pursuit of realism in a game thing.

    I do want the old world feel, I do want things to be tough and take a real strategy, communication and cooperation again. I do not want to be able to just leroy or zerg everything and win. I want to need a real group again and see the old raids in their full, terrifying glory. Just please stop going on and on about how "perfect and flawless" it was in the beginning - because I know it was not - you are not fooling me one bit. I've been here since 2004, I remember a lot of things the way they were, and some of it was total crap. Most of the patch changes they made (that weren't nerfs), were made at the request of the player base to correct real game issues, fix bugs and relieve some major player frustrations - and those changes shouldn't be undone. There is a reason the player community complained enough about them that the devs eventually patched a fix or change into the game. Like /autofire, /melody - the combine all option recently added for tradeskills. The bazaar is awesome - lots of people hate being salesmen, (I would rather have a hole in my foot than have to sit in EC tunnel hawking my wares all day, instead of playing the game). Some of you may like doing that, but many of us don't; you can sit in the bazaar (or general) and do it too - you already do now, don't deny it. Leaving out the bazaar from Luclin would be ridiculous. Speaking of the bazaar: Weightlessness in the bazaar? Hide all traders to reduce lag? Nice changes. Can we go back to the old bazaar zone tho? it was much simpler to navigate... How about stopped buff timers? That lagpile was there before they added that feature, so don't think not having it again will get rid of it - the lagpile is just far more productive now and I don't want to lose that either. Yes, I know the zones are later additions, but just saying, they were made much better by that change. No deaths from falling in PoK - I remember having to rez a dozen people a day (at least) that the PoK elevator, or just lag in the stairwells, killed - including myself. Rested med - I remember making my group wait 10 or 20 minutes for my mana to regen (cleric) - that wasn't fun, it sucked, was a waste of time - nobody chatted then - that was afk time 100% of always. Losing your pet if you zoned? Losing temp items if you got disconnected for 5 minutes? Wasn't the Raid Window itself not added until Velious or Luclin or something? The new guild window and tools. Losing your gear with your corpse - I don't miss all that clicking to reequip on every rez, but I will admit I do miss being able to store temp things on my corpse: however, I prefer the way it is now. The Loot All button on corpses. HoTT - extended targets window - hotbarS (multiple), audio triggers, other player mana on group window - the list goes on. I do not, in any way, miss not having these changes, and countless others - they are a good thing and I wouldn't want to play the game again without them there. I know some UI parts came as part of an expansion, but as they are not a part of actual game content (zones/quests/npc's/lore) - and were rewards just for owning the expansion - I don't see a reason for players not to have access to them. For that matter - its probably a ridiculous task to be asking of the devs, at this point, to try to remove all these things just to "make it hard like it was" - sifting thru all those oceans of code to remove patched changes on intrinsic game play to that degree would just be stupid hard on them. Besides it would probably break my UI again - please don't break my UI again. Please =/

    I wouldn't mind if they undid some nerfs tho... Cleric CH... Ranger AE headshots... just sayin... Make my day there, devs - please :D

    Back on the topic thats been brought up by others about the progression servers having sup'd up xp modes - that doesn't sound like a good thing. Sure I like a good PL, but it has its time and place - a progression server does not seem like the time nor place for a free PL from the devs themselves. I agree the xp should be more normalized: I wouldn't want to take a group out to City of Mist for some XP at 40, only to be 50 and needing a new zone within an hour - that'd kill the fun of having the group to hang out with in the first place. At the same time, I always found the idea of "hell levels" - just for the sake of making players waste more time on leveling - a bit silly. Guess it makes more groups necessary, but still...

    I don't care if defiant armor stays. Its not that awesome guys... And, most importantly, it has no clickies.

    I don't care if splitpaw or blackburrow or crushbone keep their revamps or not. I would not mind having old neriak forest back, the new one is just stupid (tho better than the first remake) - but thats not very important either. Old or revamped - its not like there are not other zones to go to, and the originals weren't anything particularly hot and special anyway. I don't get why this one is an issue.

    I would prefer items follow the Firiona Vie server protocols, too, and not all be No Trade - thats an annoying pain in the tush on regular servers. As others mentioned - this also allows the possibility of eventually merging into FV once its caught up with the rest of the game.

    I still agree the old raid events should be instanced.
  18. Shadriel New Member

    I think the people have a point in the idea of making multiple new progression servers at the launch - 2 for this line, 1 for locked at Velious, 1 for locked at level 65 content, maybe a 3rd locked at level 75 content? There seems to be a request and market for it, so why not put it out there and just require paid subs for access to them - sounds like a reasonable plan to me and it looks like that'd make a lot of people happy with what they are claiming to want. With my love of alts, I'd prolly have a toon or two on every one for whatever my mood at the moment was. However... Following this train of thought a bit further... I'll say the bad word: WoW - I had locked toons at 60, 70 & 80 that I played specifically to the content at those levels and loved doing it (until PandaLand ruined that game...) With guilds that ran those levels and contents specifically just to enjoy it and relive the era's. So I would imagine there is a great deal of honest interest in that very same type of thing here - make it happen and you'll reap the reward for it. If you don't get this tho, guys - whats stopping you from picking a server and getting together to make your own guild, lock your toons at the level/era you want - and running off together to go thru that content? I am honestly baffled as to why thats not already happening - WoW players do it... why don't EQ players? Easy enough to lock a toons level in EQ just by turning on full AA xp... Don't tell me those WoW players have better organization skills than we do... o_O
  19. Bolten_DA Augur

    We are just getting audited. Daybreak wants to see how long people are willing to sock something in prep for the new server raiding!
  20. DefenseEQ Augur

    If devs are indeed working on a new server for us their work is going unacknowledged because the community is getting zero updates on the new server.
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