Progression Server Poll Results: What's Next?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Aristo, Mar 27, 2015.

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  1. The Flash Lorekeeper

    I just wish this was moving a little faster.
  2. Vaclav Augur

    They said summer, hopefully early summer - expecting it before June 1 is folly.
  3. The Flash Lorekeeper

    Ya I know, just after dealing with the sony era of delay or ignore until they were ready I wish we had a timeline or something.

    April 1) this vote
    April 15) second vote for X
    May 1) Final vote
    May 15) Server prep, announcement on mmorpg boards, discuss in a twitch stream with devs
    June 1) Launch

  4. Dandy Augur

    So the vote for the unlock length is live? Guess I need to resub.
  5. TelinDarkforest Journeyman

    Bring back classic-era spell effects for a more accurate and nostalgic progression server :)

  6. Mullian New Member

    I would be interested in option one or two with server name Faydedar, Ragefire. I, for one, will not be around past Velious unless a new expansion is created. That's right, forget Luclin, Planes, and everything else and create an entirely new expansion. That, or I'll end up waiting for the next server.
  7. EQuizzle New Member

    I am super excited about these new servers.. I've waited for years.. I like the name Zlandicar or Ragefire for server names.. I hope the rules stay pretty much the same but maybe even slower..
  8. EQuizzle New Member

    And i agree.. bring back classic spell effects AND we need the classic interface.. exact the same
  9. EQuizzle New Member

    come on man.. i agree with you somewhat but PoP and luclin are not too bad.. past that is .. ehhh.. ill quit soon after as well
  10. Vonius New Member

    My vote

    Maximum Nostalgia
    Half Speed (Slowest)

    No Voting

    agree on what some people have been saying ..No defiant gear, classic spell effects
    i realize its a progression server not classic but as close to au naturel as possible early on in progression would get my sub
  11. The Badger Lord Augur

    I'm definitely more concerned with HUGE problems than small ones.

    I'm considering two things when I look at problems worth debating.

    1) How much does it affect the classic era and game experience

    2) How much work is it? Is it possible the devs will actually consider the feedback?

    So sure, a lot of things would be nice, and I would enjoy them too, but they are simply not going to happen this time around (according to Daybreak). So for me, original spell effects would violate both. For the interface, you can probably grab a custom old one, and I doubt the developers would bother with fixing that.

    If you guys played on Fippy, you know classic end game is a huge problem. Overcrowding, all content on lockdown, and boredom. Hence the solution, Kunark Fast-Track.

    I think this progression server is going to have even more players than Fippy, and its going to be a slower progression. The problems people saw on Fippy will amplify tremendously with 6 months of pure classic.

    The second biggest issue to me was class balance, which is something I think they could realisticly fix.

    I go into more depth on both issues in this post.
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  12. Mightofmike New Member

    My Vote would go to slowest to. Could be an option with Kunark fast-track, but the total length before the next expansions is comming should be the same.
  13. Darkerknight New Member

    I'm down for slowest progression or slowest with a fast-tracked Kunark, however the question I have is this:
    Daybreak, you just decreased your staff size significantly, are you prepared to have one of your remaining EQ team members be a full time GM for this new server for the next year? Because unless a rotation is established almost immediately, we are going to see 200+ people packed in Naggy's Lair and every other end game zone doing HT contests for mobs again.
  14. Weverley Augur

    I'm down with slowest progression too but i wouldn't mind if the hole and cazic-thule get open during classic.That way a bit more spaces to hunt.Something very important to me would be that anybody find griefing or exploiting get dealt with very quickly. After all they are a tiny minority.That would send a strong message to the rest of the server.Something that would be nice not sure if it's possible would be a bigger penalty when you died.If it takes like 1 hour of killing instead of a few kills to get back on track it would take longer for the majority to reach level 50 let alone to have tons of alts when kunark open.
  15. Mezrah Augur


    Both zones would have gear that is better than the era. I believe the revamped CT opened with Kunark, and some of the gear from the various events was better than anything else in kunark.
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  16. Numiko Augur

    might as well toss in the Warrens, Stonebrunt, Sol C and Jaggedpine as well!
  17. Nolrog Augur

    Ahhhh. You missed a Hmmmmm.
  18. Polpet Lorekeeper

    Slowest Version - No Vote - Please Disable RAF
    Ragefire is great
  19. Vmas_Kelx_Fippy New Member

    I vote also for the slowest version of the Server. And Yes no RAF would be fine.
  20. Tulgin Augur

    I think we need another poll to decide if the server should finish at a certain expansion.
    1. Kunark: 4 months
    2. Velious: 6 months
    3. Luclin: 6 months
    4. Planes of Power:
      1. Legacy of Ykesha: 4 weeks after PoP
      2. LDoN: 10 weeks after PoP
    That would be my vote, keep the server there. Time locked, no voting. If the server starts to die after 2 years of being on Planes of Power, so be it. Make a new one.
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