Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Farzo, May 25, 2016.

  1. Tunare Lorekeeper

    Still no
  2. Caster Lorekeeper

    What are you even talking about? You completely fabricated the history of Vallon Zek to justify why there shouldn't be a PvP progression server in this thread. Now you're talking about 12 Prophets reputation and that they "didn't seem set up to handle adversity" - and that apparently makes up for a complete lie?

    Dark Storm was nothing and Vexare was a joke, Mindbomb is rolling his eyes at you right now. In the first three weeks of Velious, 12 Prophets cleared everything but Vulak and was in to Sleepers - Defiant took 3 months to get there - 2.1 of those months without any competition because 12 Prophets was banned.

    Anyway - your justification for not having a PvP progression server is as bad as your revisionist history.
  3. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Wow; why people post things they just made up (as if they were there when it happened and they knew) is beyond me, and I'm talking about basic stuff that can be checked:

    So, reality check:

    1. There haven't been any red / PvP servers with 'healthy' (by more or less commercial standards) populations in a long time.

    2. If you think RZ, SZ, VZ and TZ were all ghost towns back when they were running, you obviously never popped in. They weren't the highest population servers, but were competitive in terms of the size of their respective playerbases. I was mostly an RZ player, and we had plenty of people when the servers merged.

    And some opinion:

    There's lots of stuff wrong with EQ, and if you think it's no fun dealing with it on a blue server, you wouldn't believe how much it can suck on a red server.

    That said, I'd resubscribe for PvP TLP; I love EQ, even the current version, but can't be bothered to continue caring about it without the freedom to interact with the rest of the playerbase--directly--using the game's chief mechanic.

    Last, an idea:

    Purple server? Fix the /guildwar command (I've whined about this before, and I think even blue players have fond memories of guildwar) and let the people who want PvP form guilds and keep each other in a constant state of /guildwar.
  4. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Hate to rain on your raining on other peoples' parade, but PoD flagging is broken.
  5. Strawberry Augur

    PVP in EQ was not much more than simply griefing. There wasn't really anything more to it. Nothing in the game actually supported PVP.
  6. bodes Augur

    Rallos Zek, Sullon Zek, and Tallon Zek thrived for years with large communities of active PVPers. Did you manage to play this game all that time without knowing they existed? Or did you play there and get smooshed and run back to blue servers to find your safe space, lol?
  7. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    Pretty silly statement. RZ was a tiny minority of PvPers, most of the people played there because they found the notion of not being able to PvP interfered with their sense of immersion.

    TZ, VZ had their own thing going on. Even SZ was more complicated than that.
  8. Adumbral Journeyman

    I would play 100 % .... would prefer Rallos rules but even if not that i would still be there i seam to remember that one of the all time MMORGP events happened on a pvp server THE SLEEPER KILL be nice for them to at least give us a trial run of 3 months to see if it would work
  9. Flandersian Augur

    I'm telling you guys. A new PvP server will never happen. BUT, I think there is a chance for a Quarm Event type server. Put all of the pvp community behind that and it has a slim chance.
  10. MoveFastRZ Bloodsaber

    They let empty servers run (Trak, Vulak). This has been mentioned many times. They can throw the PvP community a bone. Sure, PvP servers may lead to drama, but Zek has been conveniently ignored for years now, proving that it's possible to just let the problem solve--or not solve--itself.

    Honestly, I don't think it would be good for very long, but it would bring a lot of people back for a little while, for a last hurrah before admitting that EQ isn't really part of their gaming lives anymore. I think in terms of subscription bumps, it would probably do pretty well compared to some of the other blue servers with special rulesets they've tried in the past.
  11. LilKurse New Member

    Still no pvp progression server?
  12. Marek-EQ Lorekeeper

    Lol, some necromancy at work it seems. Anyways, no announcements as to a PVP TLP.
  13. AgentofChange Augur

    Nope, and never will be
  14. Wanderling New Member

    What about now?
  15. Zanarnar Augur

    >>> AgentofChange, Jan 25, 2017

    so its been a YEAR since the last post in this thread.. why necro it? clearly there is very low interest in a PVP progression server. *shakes head*
  16. Wanderling New Member

    Why such hostility to someone else's proclivities? Is my wondering if this has had any additional speculation thrown it's way since last year harming you in some way? Are you really THAT troubled by the inquiry?

    There are some people in the real world who act as you do.
  17. Kaivandar New Member

    I gave up the blue life and went red in TSS and pvp'd hard on RZ for about 7 years. When I came back to EQ to play on TLP, is was very nostalgic, but being blue it seemed like I was only able to play half of the game.

    There are depths to EQ, layers of intricacy that players will never experience without an open world pvp lifestyle.

    Always watching your back.. checking the zone to see if any friends or foe have zoned in.. deciding how best to prepare a defense for the imminent attack.. item clicking to target a corpse to figure out where the other players in the zone might be.. all kinds of little things that mattered in red, that blue completely misses out on.

    I would totally go for a red TLP.
  18. Bobbybick Only Banned Twice

    Considering how "hands-off" Daybreak is regarding ingame interaction policing and the amount of policing a new pvp server would require to not be a total garbage fire, I doubt this is even a possibility.

    You can see their stance on interest in PvP as well with the neglect Zek has seen. And what happens when 3rd party programs are the norm, not the exception, to be expected from every single potential opponent.
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  19. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I hope a TLP PvP server would include Krono loot. You can loot one Krono from each foe you kill.
  20. Wanderling New Member

    Oh. Yes, that is pretty sad (3rd party programs being the norm). I guess I'll have to just have those memories and let that be enough. My fear is exactly what Kaivandar said, though: I'll try blue but will probably always be thinking, "This isn't EQ..."
    I mean, and I know it's subjective, but what's the point of getting stronger gear if it doesn't help you kill/stave off other players?

    Ah well. That 3rd party program thing (hacking, in my eyes) is a real downer. =/ Ah well.

    Hey, Kaivandar, remember camping stuff and then hitting "/" enter and seeing someone else enter the zone? And then that cortisol-fueled sinking feeling when you realized they were coming for you? Good times.