Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

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  1. Frags New Member

    I used to play on Sullon Zek also. If they could re-create a server like this again, I would play it without hesitation. However, the core of the game has changed so much, it just wouldn't be the same. With no Corpse runs, there would be no small wars over retrieving corpses. There would be no real danger from trying to train besides xp loss which can be rezzed, which would make it so the same person could chain train raids/groups with no risk besides needing a rezz later on. It would be what Zek was, a horribly boring failure.
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  2. Pictarous Augur

    1. New Member account on a PvP thread.

    2. They have. Its a resounding "No."

    3. All "PvP" servers, across EQ and EQ2 have failed miserably. MISERABLY.

    4. I was in Pandemonium on Zek. EQ PvP is a farce, the only reason to do it is to gank lowbies or block another guild. We could and did run other guilds off of Zek.

    The seventeen year old version of me had "fun" fearing people into Mobs in PoF. Other than that, it was either invis and levitate over a PC and 2 shot as a Wiz, or Fear Kite players into oblivion. Druid, Nec, Wiz, SK, and kind of Bards before their changes were the be all and end all of PvP. It wasn't balanced, or even particularly fun. The only thing really creative or (lol) "skillfull" about EQ PVP was devising ways to kill people out of level range.
  3. Pictarous Augur

    This. Its the nostalgia speaking unfortunately, because the game is so far gone from anything it resembled from the early 2000s. And that is fine. But wasting resources on a PVP TLP, or really any form of PVP server, is a bad idea. Try flagging with some friends and see how "riveting" EQ PvP is.
  4. Carlos Journeyman

    DBG can do the following : close Vulak, re-open with a pvp progression server. Advertise it like you did with Ragefire and see what happen >> $$$ <<. I would play on it.

    Another thing, if you don't want or don't like pvp get the hell out of here and shut up.
  5. Paradisic_parasite Elder

    I would definitely play on a pvp tlp server.
  6. GrugSA Augur


    Pretty much sums up every PvP server thread. I to would enjoy a PvP TLP, PvP is a much more enjoyable form of conflict resolution then what we currently have in wishy washy GM arbitration, public shaming/ostracization, DPS racing ect.
  7. Reval Augur

    I probably wouldn't play on a tlp pvp server. It's just too much of a time sink for me to consider. With that said though, god I know so many people that would.
  8. Paradisic_parasite Elder

    Ok seriously, make a tlp pvp server already. I'm starting to get really bored on Ragefire atm. I don't want to start on Phinny or whatever, thanks though.
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    A TLP PvP server is a great idea. Server rules:
    • No fewer than 6 boxes required (no upper limit).
    • M.-Q. and/or [Unmentioned 3rd Party Software] encouraged.
    • Full automation/botting encouraged.
    • No pickzone.
    • No instanced raids.
  10. oldkracow 9999 Is the Krono Account Limit

    So pretty much Ragefire + pvp ?
  11. AgentofChange Augur

    PvP wouldn't help solve conflicts it would just further exaggerate them. Besides why would I PvP when I can just drop 100 mobs on your head. It's why bards did so well on PvP servers and just shows how broken it is in EQ. EQ is quite simply not a fun PvP environment and even with the handful of players who claim they would play it it, the server itself would be wildly unsuccessful.
  12. LoyalBard New Member

    I thought DBG wanted to make money? After watching Deathtoll server die in EQ2, I'm convinced it'd cost them more money to open and operate a PVP server than they'd bring in playing on it.
  13. Flandersian Augur

    The only chance of a new PvP server would be if they continue with this event server idea and make one of those red. Focus your efforts there. I would play it. EQ PvP is fun for a little bit, but gets old. I think it would fit the temporary mold well.
  14. Gremin Augur

    I could get down with a 30 day discord server.
  15. Caster Lorekeeper

    So, this isn't remotely close to reality. Defiant and 12 Prophets had equal numbers throughout Kunark and the first three weeks of Velious. Prophets dominated Defiant in Kunark and opening Velious. Prophets then exploited the Warders by bridge killing in Sleepers 3 weeks into Velious, and the entire guild was disbanded, and the core was banned. If this hadn't happened, Defiant wouldn't have stood a chance for years to come - but way to completely fabricate history to support your errant point.
  16. James Augur

    I would come back for a fresh PvP but won't be coming back for anything less tbh
  17. DariyaVika Augur

    But they did choose to exploit, and they did get banned. Due to their reputation for training people as a pvp tactic, they didn't exactly have the sympathy of most of the server, which made it very difficult for them to recruit replacements and keep going. 12 Prophets didn't seem well set up to handle adversity, particularly when their xp groups started getting ganked with no retaliation.

    I was in <Dark Storm> before it became <Vexare>, and if we blasted a bunch of lighties out of Seb or Velks or wherever, Defiant would respond and come kill us with overwhelming force. We had old school members of 12 Prophets join our guild, the ones who didn't have toxic reputations anyways. They explained the complicated internal dynamics of their former guild. They understood the monster Defiant was growing into.
  18. Mashef Augur

    That would be a baller server right there. TLP PVP. Maybe 20 to 50 subs tops. But would it have exp penalties too?
  19. C3lowz Augur

    I'm sure we'll get it some day. The PvP community has always been rather small in comparison to normal play in EQ. Surely this would be a good fit for DBG right? Not as many people to worry about + they get their preferred way to play.

    Look at P99 for instance. Red(PvP) is always a lot smaller than Blue(PvE). Just a smaller community of players who prefer PvP and like it the way it is. Granted at the start it'll be a lolclusterfu*k, but in time the PvP progression server will stable with its core community.

    I honestly can't see a reason why they wouldn't do it, unless adding a new Progression server costs a lot of money and upkeep, but then again I have no idea about running games. Only playing them.
  20. Kutsuu Augur

    You're talking about the P99 BLUE server. P99 RED sits at 50-100 people. Please go back there and stay.