Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Farzo, May 25, 2016.

  1. Lovecrafts New Member

    If you want PvP, go find a shooter. History has shown that PvP is a total waste of time & resources for EQ , EQ2, and P99.
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  2. Hasty Blades Journeyman

    For those French speaking guests. Le NO!
  3. TowerDefense Augur

    Dear staff,

    I think a pvp server would be a bad idea (insert random story about pvp). So many people would be not interested (insert made up number about people who do not want to play pvp). Imho it would be a huge failure and take away from the already successful phinny.server.

    In conclusion, you should listen to me, because i make up statistics and argue my point with everyone regardless of its validity.
  4. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Dear staff,

    I think a pvp server would be a good idea (insert random story about pvp). So many people would be interested (insert made up number about people who do want to play pvp). Imho it would be a huge success and take away from the already successful phinny.server.

    In conclusion, you should listen to me, because i make up statistics and argue my point with everyone regardless of its validity.
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  5. Pictarous Augur

    When DBG listens to PVP requests, those servers die off hard.

    Also shout out to the influx of new member accounts, per usual for a PVP thread.
  6. Kompakt New Member

    make it happen!!!!
  7. Silentmassacre New Member

    The failure of pvp is in the SOFT player base. The game is ideal. Gear is difficult but gives you an advantage and makes it worth getting. The classes are unbalanced and some require skill, which offers a more rewarding kill in pvp when someone takes down a class who is easier to play. The political aspect is extremely exciting as unlike most games, you can have a character out right ostracized from a server for being toxic to all.

    That being said the biggest issue is the pusscake generation of WoW players. Red99 has people who legit don't play because of the forums? The big scary forums got ya worried? Jesus, soft as hell. PvP is about competition, kill or be killed, win at all costs. I do believe the instancing of mobs as is on phinny will allow balance to keep in place, with pvp for open world still remaining, it will stop one guild from overpowering all others as access to pixels will remain available and is something that should be considered. EQ2 pvp was awful, it was fast, incredibly unbalanced with no reason to have ever taken place and thats why it failed. I'd be happy with a 600-800 person server for EQ1 progression and since they still maintain a 30-40 person server with vulak and fippy, why not.
  8. Kahna Augur

    Insulting people who do not enjoy PvP is hardly going to encourage the Devs to listen to your point of view and attempt a PvP server. Infact it is likely to have the opposite effect. If the servers are a decent judge of PvP interest then roughly 10% of the EQ playing population enjoys PvP. If Ragefire was close to 5000, then you are looking at roughly 500 people, and that is day one, peak numbers. It would only go down hill from there. It's not a money maker for them, and not worth the developmental time, however limited that may be. The fact that people have been asking for years and haven't gotten it is telling. Likely the best PvPers can hope for is a discord-like server gets mixed into the seasonal servers they seem to be trying out.
  9. DariyaVika Augur

    TL/DR: as a former EQ PvPer, I wouldn't play on a pvp TLP.

    I played on Vallon Zek from 2000-2004, and I wouldn't play on a pvp progression server for a very simple reason: PvE gear creates an enormous difference in capabilities, and preventing other guilds from raiding high level zones is the only real pvp objective that you could come up with for EQ. So if you have instanced raiding content, then the best you could hope to do is to interrupt people from getting to their raid zone. For 1 on 1 and group pvp, it's going to be like the *PVP* servers from WoW, SWTOR, and other games with instanced group and raid content: gankers, who are largely going to consist of druids, wizards, necromancers, and shadow knights will go around disrupting "care bears" who are xping. And that's going to be pretty much it. PvP is going to be really fun for annoying people, but not much fun for anyone else.

    If you have non-instanced raid content then the guild that gets the most high levels the fastest is probably going to dominate the server for an extremely long time as long as they maintain recruitment to take the best players from lesser guilds. They'll always have better gear than their opposition because they control the access to the raid zones.

    On Vallon Zek, there was a guild called <12 Prophets> that dominated classic and most of kunark. When Velious opened they started trying to do some of that content, but ran into a wall because they really only had about 35 consistent max level toons, and maybe another 15-20 part-time people. A much bigger guild <Defiant>, spent the early weeks of Velious topping off their players to all hit 60 and farmed the hell out of Kunark raid targets. When they rolled into Velious a month later they roflstomped <12 Prophets> because they not only had equivalent gear, they also had way more people online at any given time. From late 2001 until mid-2004 when I quit the game <Defiant> were the lead dogs on the server, and the only other competition was a Euro guild that could hit raid targets when most of Defiant was offline. When we contested raid targets with the Euro guild on weekends, we monkey-stomped them. (I joined Defiant in late 2003)

    <Defiant> was mostly benevolent, in that they largely didn't interfere with 2nd tier guilds hitting 2nd tier targets, but I'm not sure if that's the same experience people had on the Tallon, Sullon, or Rallos Zek servers.
  10. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    EQ2 had a Progression PvP server.

    After a month or so, it was merged with the normal Progression server.

    Hm ....
  11. Kompakt New Member

    did you find the mistake?

    this isnt EQ2 :)

    on the other hand I could say"WoW had PvP servers and they were success!
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  12. Mashef Augur

    Another PVP request by what can only be presumed to be one guy with multiple accounts. This game made it 17 years without a PVP community, no need to fabricate one now.

    Yes the Zek servers were there but they were low population and were more or less something people did if their server went down.
  13. Eangel Elder

    Would play a Progression PVP server. I spoke with my wallet and canceled my all access for now. The irony here is that within the PVP server request threads, the non PVPers seem to be the most vocal and downright rude with their replies. The non pvp crowd( Lol, DPS racing mobs being a form of indirect player conflict) have three active servers? How dare PVPers ask for a server that is progression based?!
  14. Kahna Augur

    It's not that we are hostile to PvP players, it's just a pipe dream. You're not going to get one, and if you did you would be back on the forums within days complaining about the imbalances. The reason why the EQ2 PvP server died wasn't something inherently wrong with EQ2, it was the massive class imbalances that drove people away. Similar imbalances exist here in EQ1, and while they existed to some extent in the original PvP situations, changes that have been made over the years have exacerbated them. We found that out in PvE and it would only be worse in PvP. The game you want to play, the one you remember, doesn't exist anymore.

    I played on Sullon Zek. I know what EQ PvP was like, I know it's gone.
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  15. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    You are correct. But what I find with DBG is that they have a track record (when it comes to EQ and EQ2) if it doesn't work for one thing, they do the same for the other.

    We have a couple of threads about PvP server coming out, and they either get locked or just forgotten. People don't want it. PvP is broken. Just because it works well with P99, it isn't enough to warrant money spent from DBG to make a server for a few hundred people. *shrugs*

    Besides, you could do PvP anywhere in WoW. Just flag yourself and go at it. In that regard, how many flagged people are there in EQ? Not many if any. That tells me alot.
  16. Eangel Elder

    Flagging does not act the same as being on a PVP server. This actually segregates you from the rest of the server, so I don't think this is a fair assumption.

    There have been other PVP servers other than Red99 that have worked as well.

    I played on Sullon Zek as well on the good side and it was a blast.

    EQ2 pvp failed because Sony decided to not take out the huge bump in wep dam, specifically bow damage made melees ridiculous, so not a fair comparison either. The server that we want has been done on and has worked on quite a few servers.

    DBG, IMO, needs to either say this could be an option or NO this will never happen as they are the final say. IF they did this, I bet the posts would stop either way.
  17. Your_Ad_Here Augur

    Was asked here ... no answer:

    Was asked for here .. no answer:

    And here ... no answer:

    And here ... well you get it idea:

    And since they're opening a new TLP for a specific reason, and PvP has been asked for since December of 2015 .... don't see it happening.
  18. Queena_Brokenhearts Augur

    Well I think PVP progression servers have been asked for since the first progression server was created...

    At this point I'm starting to think they should just reboot Vulak and change that to a PVP progression server... It's not like you'd notice a change in server population!
  19. Pictarous Augur


    EQ players confronting the singular person behind the 15+ New Member accounts that pop up every time in a "PLZ DBG ADD A PVP SERVER, THIS TIME IT MIGHT WORK AFTER 17+ YEARS OF TRYING BECAUSE ONE TIME I HAD FUN IN THE PAST" thread
  20. Eangel Elder

    Right, I mean they got it correct after the first reg progression server and didn't bother making another... oh wait...

    Point stands, DBG should be able to answer the question on their own as to PVP progression server being a possibility.