Progression PvP server? Will it happen?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Farzo, May 25, 2016.

  1. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    Yesterday in Shadeweaver's on Agnarr I saw two players with red names running around leveling. Will be interesting to see if that turns into a thing. Apparently the Priest of Discord flagging still works.
  2. s1ckness New Member

    you should read these forums before posting on them i guess,

    i have seen a few people on these forums post many reasons to why they should allow a pvp server and i support it . i didnt think there was a player base for this but even titanuk has posted many websites and discords of communitys that are interested ( i joined a few 2 see if it was real) and they are not just 10-15 man discords.

    i think it would be interesting to try something new like a pvp server and i feel a lot of people that have done the same TLP for years now would be interested also

    also the only people that can post on these forums are people paying monthly and stop acting like opening a pvp tlp server would just ruin the rest of everquest lol that is such a joke

    only a few people that came from pvp servers can really support it
  3. NinjutsuMMO Augur

    I've been looking for a new PvP server for years off and on, still holding my breathe...

    With the Agnarr server being time locked I actually saw insight into a potential PvP server that i had never thought of before.

    I like the Idea of working up to a particular level and then being able to log in from time to time to possibly PvP a little with friends rather than play catch-up on the Never Ending game aspect or 20 years of current content jam packed into 3 month variables.

    I know Project 1999 Red server did very well for years until they released Velious, a mainly complete raiding content expansion that drove the casual pvpers away because it forced them to raid in order to get the high end pvp gear which without left them unable to defend against anyone with it.

    In the end people come and people go from the game but when they do and try and return it's almost impossible to catch-up if you're missing 1,2,3,4,5 ect expansions worth of AA's, Gear, Clickies, and knowledge one needs about particular zones and mobs and game changes.

    I've talked to so many pvp enthusiasts over the years and there are many ways to implement new pvp servers but Alas i believe Daybreak lacks the creative drive to attempt anything unless it's been seen working by other visionaries.

    I am playing on Agnarr currently and will remain there hoping for a new PvP TLP which i would probably play up to PoP or level lock for some casual crushbone, kurns tower, Guk, Seb PvP...

    I will say, i think it's pretty embarrassing on Daybreaks part not to try a second pvp server with all the time they've had owning the rights to EQ1 and the thousands of internet posts about eq1 pvp in the last 10 years of people still looking for eq1 pvp other than the one and only server /Cringe...
  4. Wulfhere Augur

    Given all the complains of training and KSing on Agnarr in these forums, I'd say you already have your pvp progression server and all the grief that goes with it.
  5. s1ckness New Member

    i dont think you get compaints of KSing on a pvp server? you just kill them and take the mob
  6. Ginix Augur

    @DBG Just make an event based server that us players have to pay like $25 to get access to. Let it start at Kunark and only have it run for 2-3 months. Make sure its PvP w/ the ability to loot at least 1 item + coin. kthx

    Ohh yeah. Make sure its truebox ofc
  7. Soulfire Lorekeeper

    Make it happen.

    Time locked PvP server like Agnarr.

    Do it.
  8. Niskin Clockwork Arguer

    LOL, I should read the forums? If I could stop reading the forums I might actually get something done. That's cute though, I needed a laugh. Yes, you have seen a few people post reasons they should make a new PvP server. And if you had blinked you might have missed them. The Veteran's Board gets an occasional post from the Zek community on how if they had CS the server would flourish. Or the occasional post about how they should shut it down and give free transfers, or sometimes it's a fresh idea on how to fix the server. These (TLP) forums get more posts about it because TLP's are a better avenue for any new server. Still it's a drop in the bucket compared to posts about anything else.

    You are right that only paying members can post. That was another reason one of my suggestions involved getting subbing at least temporarily to show support. If you want it to look like more people who are willing to pay for EQ want to have PvP, then nothing works better than people who are paying for EQ saying they want PvP.

    So now let me be the one to tell you that you should read the forums. I've posted all over these TLP PvP threads. I've made several suggestions on how to get DBG to take you serious about a PvP Progression server. I'm not anti-PvP, I'm not crapping on what you want. I'm telling you that coming in here acting like EQ PvP is a no-brainer for DBG to rake in cash--and that they are stupid because they don't see it like you do--is dumb and won't work.

    Launching a server that fails could ruin the rest of Everquest for everyone. One alone probably wouldn't, but why take the chance when they know how to make money with what they have? If you want them to build it, don't tell them you will come, show them you are here now and that this will keep you longer.
  9. Poledo_EQ Elder

    You'd think, but what usually happens is they come back and kill you. Then you spend hours on that loop and get nothing done.
  10. ayoforYayoh Augur

    Is it weird that the pvp tug of war slowing down your progression is kind of what makes it fun?

    The 100m dash style of blue servers is cool and fun and all that but........

    what if i just want to harmtouch a gnome?
  11. Soulfire Lorekeeper

    Perfect...and thats how you create rivals and if you're mature adults you can laugh about it compliment each other's tactics after the fact and become frenemies.

    Or that slimball you never liked? Nps load up your alt and kill him/harass him and ruin his play time.
  12. Brawl Elder

    Yeah the same thing happens on blue servers, it's just more frustrating and usually involves needing a rez and xp loss.

    You realize this "usually come back and kill you" is all part of pvp right? It's not a /duel server. The majority of bluebies have such an uneducated and distorted perception of a pvp server that their comments are really quite frustrating to read.
  13. Poledo_EQ Elder

    Oh Harmtouching gnomes is highly recommended heh! I wasn't saying it's a bad thing per se, If that's what makes a pvp server fun for folks then more power to them.

    It wasn't my thing though, which is why I left Rallos back in the day after 8 months. I enjoyed some of the pvp but I also have this need for progression. I can fart around for a while, but if I get nothing done, then I get cranky.

    I am all for them making a pvp tlp. I just won't be on it, but I get the desire from those that want it.
  14. Magic Augur

    I like to see pvp server with half of zones marked as PVP and half not. Maybe all indoor zones and cityis - marked as blue, all indoor zones - pvp ? Or vice versa.
  15. Vashnoob Lorekeeper

    we need a list of people with red names, gonna turn my 6 inactive box into reds so i can hunt them
  16. phaeril Augur

    That's pretty much what I do with my group now. So you have my 8ish characters... two <Crimson Legion> (or something / all crimson, lol) people that aren't even within level range yet. Oh, I think I saw Moiky running around recently but that might have been my imagination.
  17. s1ckness New Member

    i would flag red at the end of PoP unless they make a tlp server
  18. Farzo New Member

    Damn this is an old post of mine.
    Lets do this ASAP.

    Red99 is terribad, just like me.

    DBG make a PvP server locked at PoP. It's time.

  19. Titanuk88 Elder

    rofl why are peoples post getting removed for supporting pvp? are you guides that scared a real GM will seen them ?
  20. Dawdle Augur

    Too many people would be doing things we are not to talk about for this to be fun anymore. Not that there wasn't a fair share of that back in the day but the truth is <comments have been censored to protect the innocent>.

    Will support this idea as long as every toon created is made a GM otherwise RIP Vallon and Tallon, those of us that were there will always remember.